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Sun Jul 31 10:00am
The Bad Seed TCM

Maxwell Anderson's play about a mother (Best Actress nominee Nancy Kelly) who suspects her seemingly perfect little 8-year-old daughter (Best Supporting Actress nominee Patty McCormack) is a ruthless killer. Kelly, McCormack, Henry Jones and Eileen Heckart (more…)

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Fri Aug 5 10:00am
The Andy Griffith ShowBarney Hosts a Summit Meeting(Season 8, Episode 21) TVLAND

Barney (Don Knotts) returns to Mayberry to arrange accommodations for a summit meeting between U.S. and Russian diplomats, but he can't find a suitable house. This was Knotts' last appearance on the series. Dewhurst: Richard X. Slattery. Vasilievich: Ben A (more…)

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Sat Aug 6 7:15am
The RiflemanThe Money Gun(Season 1, Episode 33) AMC

Fearing exposure, an embezzler turns to a gunman for protection. Jackford: Bert Freed. Manning: William Phipps. King: John Dehner. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Mark: Johnny Crawford.

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Sat Aug 6 7:45am
The RiflemanA Matter of Faith(Season 1, Episode 34) AMC

A construction boss tries to prevent his restless employees from being lured to another job. Epps: Royal Dano. Mathers: Parley Baer. Evans: Bing Russell. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Mark: Johnny Crawford.

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Sat Aug 6 8:15am
The RiflemanBlood Brothers(Season 1, Episode 35) AMC

Lucas shields a wounded man from three thugs who demand custody. Doc: Rhys Williams. Harley: Ian Murray. Jethroe: Richard Devon. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Mark: Johnny Crawford.

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Sat Aug 6 8:45am
The RiflemanStranger at Night(Season 1, Episode 36) AMC

Mark discovers a murder and starts a search for the killer. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Quarles: Thomas Gomez. Mark: Johnny Crawford. Carson: Jack Hogan. Sweeney: Bill Quinn.

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Sat Aug 6 9:15am
The RiflemanThe Raid(Season 1, Episode 37) AMC

Marshal Sam Buckhart spearheads a rescue mission when Mark is captured by Apaches. Chaqua: Michael Forest. Mark: Johnny Crawford. Micah: Paul Fix. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Artak: Pat Hogan. Hattie: Hope Summers.

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Sat Aug 6 9:45am
The RiflemanOutlaw's Inheritance(Season 1, Episode 38) AMC

Lucas is left a large sum of money by a dead outlaw, and he's asked to resign as town representative. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Dave Stafford: William Bishop. Mark: Johnny Crawford. Samuel Britton: Bartlett Robinson.

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Sat Aug 6 8:00pm
Red River TCM

Howard Hawks' first Western was this classic about a stubborn, hard-bitten Texas rancher trying to make a man out of his foster son on a 5000-head cattle drive along the Chisholm Trail. Features a climactic knock-down, drag-out fistfight between the father (more…)

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Mon Aug 8 1:00am
Reckless TCM

A romantic triangle develops among a showgirl, a producer and a playboy heir.

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Fri Aug 12 8:00pm
Lucky Star TCM

A selfless, injured WWI veteran falls for a free-spirited farm girl who is being romanced by a duplicitous cad.

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Sat Aug 13 6:00am
The RiflemanBoomerang(Season 1, Episode 39) AMC

A banker becomes the target of a vengeful youth. Sam: Dabbs Greer. Tim: Lee Kinsolving. Hamilton: Harlan Warde. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Mark: Johnny Crawford.

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Sat Aug 13 6:30am
The RiflemanThe Patsy(Season 2, Episode 1) AMC

A trio of outlaws uses barber Sam Barrows as a pawn in a plot to get rid of Lucas and Micah. Hobbs: John Anderson. Marvin: Steve Marlo. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Micah: Paul Fix. Jeff: Don Grady.

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Sat Aug 13 7:00am
The RiflemanBloodlines(Season 2, Episode 2) AMC

Murderous Daniel Malakie blazes a bloody path to Lucas and Micah, whom he blames for the death of one of his sons. Jud: Warren Oates. Stump: John Durren. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Micah: Paul Fix. Ben: Christopher Dark.

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Sat Aug 13 7:30am
The RiflemanThe Blowout(Season 2, Episode 3) AMC

Three outlaws aiming for a showdown with a dying gunfighter (John Dehner) ride into North Fork. Ben Waller: Hugh Sanders. Lucas: Chuck Connors.

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Sat Aug 13 8:00am
The RiflemanObituary(Season 2, Episode 4) AMC

Alexander Scourby appears as a newspaperman bent on writing about Lucas. Elinor: Joanna Moore. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Billings: Chris Alcaide. Mark: Johnny Crawford. Billy: Byron Hutton. Micah: Paul Fix.

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Sat Aug 13 8:30am
The RiflemanTension(Season 2, Episode 5) AMC

Mark is puzzled by Lucas' strange reaction to threats from a family. Gavin: Jack Elam. Ezra: Robert H. Harris. Clemmie: Dean Stanton. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Mark: Johnny Crawford. Sid: Greg Walcott. Toby: Jeff Connors. Mary: Sydna Scott. Micah: Paul Fix.

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Sat Aug 13 9:00am
The RiflemanEddie's Daughter(Season 2, Episode 6) AMC

Lucas tries to find out why Lil Halstead has become the target of outlaws. Eddie: John Harmon. Blanch: Peter Whitney. Finley: Ray Teal. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Micah: Paul Fix.

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Sat Aug 13 10:00am
The RiflemanThe Ordeal(Season 2, Episode 8) AMC

Lucas and Mark struggle to reach safety after their wagon breaks down in the desert. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Mark: Johnny Crawford. Cowboy: Hank Stohl.

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Sat Aug 13 10:30am
The RiflemanThe Spiked Rifle(Season 2, Episode 9) AMC

Lucas is pressed into service as a bank guard when the man hired fails to arrive. Harlan Warde. Stark: Richard Devon. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Mark: Johnny Crawford. Lance: Jack Lambert. Kelso: Baynes Barron.

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