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  • Birth Place: Creston, British Columbia, Canada
  • Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 06/14/1979, Gemini
  • Profession: Actor
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Episode 8: "The Exchange"

This may have been the worst breakup I’ve ever had. I began this blog with the hopes that Traveler would survive the bad decisions of network executives and continue to have a great story line. And although its great story line continued, it did not survive the network ax.... I hate ending relationships with no closure. I was left hoping that ABC had extended the episode to 75 minutes, and then the 11 o'clock news came on. What happened?The episode seemed rushed and unfulfilled. We were shown so much in one hour, but the content wasn't nearly as entertaining as the other seven episodes. There were also more commercials tonight than any other Wednesday before. Usually we get two to three bathroom/snack breaks, but tonight we could have finished laundry and taken out the dog.First, the Trio known as Jay, Tyler and Will, escape the FBI. Will (Aaron Stanford) was shot, Marlow (Viola Davis) was pulled off the case and Kim (Pascale Hutton)was arrested. Then, we get to carpool with more

Episode 7: "The Reunion"

On Sunday while vactioning, I was informed by a stranger that Traveler had been cancelled. I freaked out. He then looked at me and said, “Didn’t you say you worked for TV Guide?” I was a bit embarrassed. I go out of town for one week and my whole world changes!Apparently ABC has let the actors' contracts lapse. Basically this means the show will not return, but ABC will air its finale next week. And since this is my blog, I am just going to say it: The ABC executives who made this decision are ignorant. There are many different forms of ignorance, but in this case it's simply blind stupidity. Does that make sense? I made it up and I like it.For more details, check out Traveler writer/producer David DiGilio’s blog. He explains it much better and nicer than I do. I just don’t get it. I’ve previewed a few of the new pilots that will air this fall and it doesn’t look good for the networks. Why let a great show like Traveler go? Of course, it wasn't a more

June 27th, 2007: The Trader

There were some new characters introduced. All of which were either thrown through a window, tied up or shot. It was awesome! I tried to follow attentively, but ABC's local news interrupted the show many times to inform me that a major thunderstorm was headed my way. So, I apologize in advance if I missed anything really important and worth mentioning. Now, on to the blog....Tyler Fog (Logan Marshall-Green) used to take a backseat to Jay (Matthew Bomer). I’ll repeat: used to. Tyler not only went against his best friend, but he also confronted his father. Tyler knew his father had betrayed him. He had proof dating back to the day he was financially cut off. But he wanted to ask him in person. I wanted to jump through the television screen and beat the crap out of Carlton Fog (William Sadler). Who sacrifices his son for money? Or as Carlton Fog puts it: security for his family. Minus one. We are beginning to lack sidekicks and wingmen on this show. Tyler stepped up and took more


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Year Title Description
2012 Arctic Air TV Show Series, Actor - Krista Gunnarson
2010 Cats And Dogs Movie, Actor - Jackie [Voice]
2007 Traveler TV Show Series, Actor - Kimberly
2006 The Singles Table TV Show Series, Actor - Georgia
2005 Fantastic Four Movie, Actor - Night Cub Girlfriend

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June 20, 2007: Never Let It Get Personal

And the award for best episode in summer television goes to: Traveler, June 20, 2007. Take that reality television!“Holy s---.” That’s all I kept thinking through this entire episode. It was all about Traveler (do we like "Traveler" or should I call him "Will"? I can't make up my mind). We had fights, deaths, explosions and even a little humor. First, there was the key. Was that guy Benedict supposed to be Benjamin Franklin? The actors here in Philadelphia look much more convincing. But who am I to judge? He helped Jay and Tyler, so he’s cool with me. The key led us to a lot of information about our friend Traveler (Aaron Stanford). In fact, it led us to about ten different Traveler aliases. Along with a gun, money and extra information regarding Traveler’s mission (the checks).The Porter made a nice cameo. He shot Traveler with a tracking device last week, but it didn’t last. The device was cut out of Traveler’s leg and disposed of along the roads... read more

The 4400 scoop, please!

Question: The 4400 scoop, please!

Answer: Casting scoop! Traveler's Pascale Hutton has been cast as Abigail Hunnicott, the new nerdy girl at NTAC and a potential love interest for Marco. Smallville fans will remember Hutton as the woman Clark met in the Phantom Zone last season.

read more

June 13, 2007: The Out

I don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with our favorite backstabbing friend, Will Traveler (Aaron Stanford). Or is it Daniel Taft? Either way, we now know that “Traveler” (that will be his alias in this blog until further notice) was supposed to let the bomb go off while Jay and Tyler were still in the building, but his conscience got the best of him and he coaxed the roller-skating stunt to save them. And that was just the preview for next week!Backtracking to the beginning, the Porter (Billy Mayo) returned and he is not a nice guy. Sure, he’s saved Jay and Tyler’s lives a few times, but he also shot a guy at point-blank rage with no hesitation. That freaked me out a little. I’m still on the fence about him. I know he wants Traveler — whom he shot in the leg — but he's also keeping an eye on Jay and Tyler. Does he care if they live or die? He didn’t try to save them from the explosion on the boat, but then again, the guy who set ... read more

June 6, 2007: New Haven

Will (Aaron Stanford) is alive. I think we all knew the well-done corpse left behind in the Drexler was not him. Not only did he survive the blast, he also had time to grab a few rare paintings before he skipped out. I figured the bombing was meant to be a distraction in order to steal artwork. I’m hoping the Feds eventually figure it out. I don’t think the bombing will be considered a terrorist attack once priceless artwork is thrown into the equation, but if I’m not mistaken, the prized artwork was a part of the U.S. president’s personal collection.Once again Kim (Pascale Hutton) was the heroine of the episode. I knew the pictures were gone once she bumped into that man. The pickpocket scheme was so well executed. It shows that Kim has been followed and watched all along. Whoever set up Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler has thought everything through. Right down to storage boxes in an ex-girlfriend’s basement. How crazy was it that the floor plans to the Drexl... read more

May 30, 2007: The Retreat

I almost missed the second episode! I was so confused — and that’s saying something — look who I work for! I thought it was just going to be a repeat of the pilot episode, but we got lucky. Jay and Tyler were on for two full hours. And I’m glad they repeated the pilot, because my memory needed to be refreshed.If ABC cancels this show, my heart will be broken. So far, it has me skipping beats. I am not just saying that because I write this blog. I mean it — this show is really entertaining. So much happened in the second episode. Most of the important information came from the flashbacks. I knew Carlton Fog (William Sadler) was not a good person. He seemed like a jerk from the start and his creepy-bald friend proved me right. But the flashbacks are what really worry me. Will Traveler (Aaron Stanford) knew him. He referred to him as “Carlton” instead of simply saying “Tyler’s Dad” or “Mr. Fog”. And he had supposedly never m... read more

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