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Fri Sep 30 8:20pm
Catfish: The TV Show MTV

A reality series examining the relationships of couples who met online and have never seen each other face-to-face.

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Sat Oct 1 1:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowCatfish: The Untold Stories, Part 8(Season 5, Episode 22) MTV

Catfish stories from the people who experienced them.

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Sat Oct 1 2:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowParis & Tara(Season 5, Episode 11) MTV

A woman asks for help determining who's been catfishing her for four years.

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Sat Oct 1 3:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowThad & Sara(Season 4, Episode 18) MTV

A man who sought refuge from his troubled marriage through an online relationship has doubts about his potential paramour due to her strange tales of seizures and kidnappings.

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Sat Oct 1 4:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowCandic & Titus(Season 5, Episode 16) MTV

A married woman who's been trading intimate messages with a man she met online wants to come clean to her husband, but first learn who the paramour really is.

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Sat Oct 1 5:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowTiana & James MTV

A woman moves across the country to be with the object of her online affection. He, however, is more elusive than ever.

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Sat Oct 1 6:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowLucas & Many(Season 5, Episode 13) MTV

A former Playboy model discovers that her online boyfriend is fake and may be catfishing other women, too.

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Sat Oct 1 7:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowDevan & Rylan(Season 4, Episode 22) MTV

A shy guy fears his online love may not be marriage material due to her suspicious behavior.

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Sat Oct 1 8:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowCatherine & Graham(Season 5, Episode 19) MTV

A Long Island gal contemplates moving to Tennessee to be with a country boy she met online.

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Mon Oct 3 6:00am
Catfish: The TV ShowKya & Alyx(Season 1, Episode 6) MTV

A woman admits she misrepresented herself in an online relationship.

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Mon Oct 3 7:00am
Catfish: The TV ShowRico & Ja'Mari(Season 1, Episode 11) MTV

A man's online relationship with a male model makes him reconsider moving to England to care for his ill mother.

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Mon Oct 3 8:00am
Catfish: The TV ShowSteven & Samm(Season 4, Episode 11) MTV

A young man plans to move to California after high-school graduation to be near his online love. His mother is skeptical of the situation, however, and asks Nev and Max to investigate.

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Mon Oct 3 9:00am
Catfish: The TV ShowJesse & Brian(Season 2, Episode 8) MTV

A woman who was stood up by a man she met online wonders why he now wants to live with her.

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Mon Oct 3 10:00am
Catfish: The TV ShowCourtney & Isaak(Season 4, Episode 2) MTV

A woman tries to rebuff a relentless guy she met online; and is helped by former Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf.

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Mon Oct 3 11:00am
Catfish: The TV ShowMichael & Chanelle(Season 5, Episode 6) MTV

A guy asks for help when his online love vanishes.

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Tue Oct 4 11:00am
Catfish: The TV ShowAndrea, Alex & Andrea(Season 5, Episode 18) MTV

Fans of YouTube celebrity Andrea Russett ask for help in nabbing a potential stalker who's impersonating Andrea's family online.

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Tue Oct 4 12:10pm
Catfish: The TV ShowSolana & Elijah(Season 3, Episode 7) MTV

A woman's relationship stalls because of an online affair.

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Tue Oct 4 1:20pm
Catfish: The TV ShowTyreme & Tomorrow(Season 5, Episode 9) MTV

A guy's ready to uproot his life to be with a gal he met online.

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Tue Oct 4 2:30pm
Catfish: The TV ShowAndria & David(Season 4, Episode 19) MTV

A woman wants to meet her online beau, with whom she's been involved for 10 years.

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Tue Oct 4 3:40pm
Catfish: The TV ShowBrendan & McKenna(Season 5, Episode 4) MTV

Karrueche Tran helps track down the truth when a guy wonders whether his online love is real.

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Tue Oct 4 4:50pm
Catfish: The TV ShowMiranda & Cameryn(Season 3, Episode 8) MTV

A woman searches for answers about a man she met online.

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Tue Oct 4 6:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowBrittany & Bryon(Season 4, Episode 23) MTV

A single mom wants to know whether the Marine she fell for online is everything he claims to be.

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Tue Oct 4 7:00pm
Catfish: The TV ShowAndrew & Zac(Season 5, Episode 21) MTV

A guy who thought he found a perfect match on Tinder asks for help after a text from a friend fills him with doubt.

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Wed Oct 5 2:30pm
Catfish: The TV ShowDejay, Malik & Josiah(Season 5, Episode 1) MTV

A love triangle is unreeled in the Season 5 premiere.

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