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VIDEO: Thrice in a Lifetime

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Thrice in a Lifetime
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Length: 48:02
Aired: 5/2/1986

J.R. promises Sue Ellen he'll never take her for granted again and is surprised and confused at her impulsive actions. Jack disagrees with Clayton and Ray when they decide to hire an older cowboy, Ben Stivers, to supervise the horse-breeding and racing chores. Tony agrees to having Donna and Ray adopt him but the adoption is denied because of Ray's record. watch

VIDEO: Thrice in a Lifetime

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Thrice in a Lifetime
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Length: 48:00
Aired: 5/2/1986

J.R. promises Sue Ellen he'll never take her for granted again and is surprised and confused at her impulsive actions. watch

VIDEO: J.R. Rising

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J.R. Rising
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Length: 48:00
Aired: 4/4/1986

Matt finds emeralds, the adoption of Tony hits a snag, J.R. goads Kenderson into giving Sue Ellen an ultimatum, the Marinos deal can now go ahead, and a vengeful Angelica arrives. Clayton and Ray encourage Jack to stay in Dallas and discuss a joint venture with him. Cliff is determined to forma new patnership with the cartel, Mark, and Pam. watch


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Year Title Description
2000 Dark Days Movie, Producer
2000 Dark Days Movie, Director
2000 Dark Days Movie, Cinematographer
1995 Victim Of Desire Movie, Actor - Peter Starky
1995 Beastmaster 3 Movie, Actor - Dar

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Watercooler: It's Not So Good to Be the Queen in V's Finale

Oh mama!

The Visitors sure turned it out for their finale last night and if this is the final time we see 'em, at least they made it a bloodbath to remember. Not to spoil it for anyone who DVR'd the episode — which is most likely the series finale — we'll just say the powers-that-be seemed to have doused the hour in those sort of "whoaaa" moments that would have earned the reboot a lot more buzz had they been spread out over the relatively uneventful second season. Multiple deaths, the long-awaited look at the Vs without their skin, the arrival of original-recipe hunk Marc Singer as the leader of another anti-V group, and a botched Fifth Column plan of attack that may have cost mankind everything... read more

V's Elizabeth Mitchell: Going Dark Will Come Back to Bite Erica in the Finale

As ABC's alien-invasion drama V prepares for a showdown between humans and Visitors, Elizabeth Mitchell tells that her character's ruthless and cold decisions as leader of the Fifth Column during Season 2 could be her undoing in the finale.

Watch full episodes of V in our Online Video Guide

The 40-year-old Lost alum dishes on the season ender, which includes a faux kidnapping and an appearance by an original V freedom fighter. Perhaps more importantly, Mitchell also addresses the potential for a third-season renewal and discusses whether or not fans will be satisfied with what the show delivers should it not return.

Erica has been turning very dark and ruthless this season. How much is that going to get her in trouble in the season finale?
Elizabeth Mitchell:
Quite a lot. It's going to come back to... read more

Matt's Picks: March 14-17

Inside the Actors Studio (Monday, 7/6c, Bravo)
Even in those moments when it succumbs to fawning self-parody, there's something about James Lipton's craft/career-focused Q&A's that I find irresistibly endearing. (May have something to do with my nostalgia for what Bravo was like before all of those heinous Real Housewives took over the network.) This week, this marginalized show — notice how it airs outside prime-time parameters — welcomes its first-ever graduate from the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. Said successful alum being Bradley Cooper, beloved by TV fans for his work on Alias but now busy with a film career including The Hangover, Wedding Crashers and the new Limitless opposite Robert De Niro.

read more

V Pulls Back the (Lizard) Layers in Season 2

When ABC's V returns for its second season, the days of sitting around waiting for the Visitors to get the upper hand are over. Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and the ragtag group of resistance fighters called the Fifth Column are on the offensive. 

Season 1 followed FBI agent Evans, often the moral compass of the Fifth Column. The group, however, was small, and their journey was slow and arduous. Because of the ethical lines Erica refused to cross, she often kept the group from waging the war that should've begun in Season1.

Jane Badler returns to V as a new, "more mature" Diana

When Season 2 kicks off (Tuesday, 9/8c), the series will dive right into the action with the introduction of... read more

Keck's Exclusives First Look: V Brings Back an Old Fave

First Jane Badler, and now Marc Singer! The '80s hunk, who played the original V's strapping lizard slayer Mike Donovan, will appear in the season finale of ABC's updated V as all-new freedom fighter Lars Tremont.

"It was an inevitability," says the confident star, now 62. "You have to include the personalities who started this dynamic. As V grows, it becomes like a big, hungry animal needing nourishment to grow more and more muscle." Whatever you say, Marc, although I might have gone with a reptilian analogy... read more

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