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Tue Feb 9 6:30am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestToby's First Snow; Blazing Skaters DISNEY

Peck and Toby turn Nice and Friendly Corners into Nice and Snowy Corners; Abigail asks Peck to be her partner in the Silver Skates Ice Jamboree competition.

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Tue Feb 9 11:00am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestHorseshoe Peck; Callie's Gold Nugget DISNEY

Peck wins at horseshoes and becomes a bad sport; Peck and Toby accidentally lose Callie's gold nugget and resort to telling lies to cover up their mistake.

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Wed Feb 10 6:30am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestSparky Runs Wild; Milkshake Shakedown DISNEY

Sparky runs off to play with a team of wild horses and gets captured by horse rustlers; Ella teaches Toby how to make milkshakes.

Wed Feb 10 11:00am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestPeck and Toby's Big Yarn; My Fair Stinky DISNEY

Toby and Peck accidentally unravel a blanket that Callie is knitting and then try to repair the damage by knitting a new one themselves; Priscilla gives Farmer Stinky a makeover and turns him into a proper gentleman.

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Thu Feb 11 6:30am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestPeck's Darling Clementine; Lasso Come Home DISNEY

Peck's beloved mule comes to his rescue; Callie teaches Toby how to rope.

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Thu Feb 11 11:00am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestHike to Wish Mountain; Rhymin' Rodeo DISNEY

Peck goes the wrong way on a hike up Wish Mountain and gets the townsfolk in trouble; Callie helps Mr. Dillo overcome stage fright so he can read a poem at the Rhymin' Rodeo bonfire.

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Sat Feb 13 3:30pm
License to Wed ABCFAM

A newly engaged couple must take an outlandish marriage-preparation course from a creepy clergyman.

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Sun Feb 14 8:50am
Because I Said So MAX

A tale about an overprotective mother whose plan to find the perfect man for her youngest daughter backfires.

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Sun Feb 14 1:00pm
License to Wed ABCFAM

A newly engaged couple must take an outlandish marriage-preparation course from a creepy clergyman.

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Tue Feb 16 6:30am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestPeck Gets Fooled; Doc's Runaway Balloon DISNEY

An outlaw escapes jail and leaves Peck locked up in his place; a hot air balloon ride at a county fair turns dangerous for Toby when a windstorm sends it on a crash course with the Ferris wheel.

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Tue Feb 16 11:00am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestToby the Cowsitter; Callie's Blue Jay Blues DISNEY

Toby learns about responsibility when he starts a cowsitting business; Callie tries to stop a pair of blue jays from stealing Farmer Stinky's crops.

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Wed Feb 17 6:30am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestQuiltin' Time; When Dirty Turned Purty DISNEY

Callie helps make a quilt for Gov. Groundhog on Founder's Day; Dirty Dan falls in some water and comes out Clean Dan, and vows to leave his digging days behind him.

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Wed Feb 17 11:00am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestStagecoach Stand-Ins; Gold Mine Mix-Up DISNEY

Peck and Toby volunteer to drive the stagecoach when the driver has an accident; Uncle Bun learns an important lesson about paying attention when others are talking.

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Thu Feb 18 11:00am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestThe Pie Thief; Fool for Gold DISNEY

Callie and Peck hunt a pie thief when all of the pies meant for a baking competition get eaten; Uncle Bun mistakes fool's gold for the real thing.

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Mon Feb 22 11:00am
Sheriff Callie's Wild WestSparky's Lucky Day; Peck's Bent Beak DISNEY

Sparky loses his confidence right before a barrel race, so Callie gives him a lucky scarf; the townsfolk try to avoid a scary-looking wolf, not realizing he's actually the dentist who has come to fix Peck's beak.

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  • Birth Name: Amanda Leigh Moore
  • Birth Place: Nashua, New Hampshire, United States
  • Birthday: April 10, 1984, Aries
  • Profession: Actor, Singer

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