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Exclusive: Michael J. Fox on His Return to Series Television

In his own words, the TV icon opens up about why he's turning his real life into a family sitcom, The Michael J. Fox Show.

I started to think about doing my own show as a result of my guest-starring roles on Boston Legal, Rescue Me and The Good Wife. I was feeling good that viewers accepted my characters and could distinguish them from me, for whatever brief amount of time. And then it just clicked with me that acting is what I do. It's what I like to do. So I'd better have a really good reason for not doing it.

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VIDEO: Goodbye & Good Luck

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Goodbye & Good Luck
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Length: 06:16:32
Aired: 11/16/2007

A suspect from Sara's past returns, causing her to question her future as a CSI. watch

VIDEO: Goodbye and Good Luck [HD]

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Goodbye and Good Luck [HD]
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 11/16/2007

A suspect from Sara's past returns, causing her to question her future as a CSI. watch


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Easy A: There's A Higher Power
The Michael J. Fox Show: Thanksgiving
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Year Title Description
2013 The Michael J. Fox Show TV Show Series, Actor - Eve Henry
2010 Easy A Movie, Actor - Eighth Grade Olive
2004 Long Shot Movie, Actor - Colleen O'Brian
2004 Garfield Movie, Actor - Little Girl
2003 Joan of Arcadia: The Fire and the Wood
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode, Actor - Little Girl/God

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Valerie Bertinelli's Sitcom Gets New Cast Members

Just days after word that Valerie Bertinelli will star in a new TBS sitcom, Anjelah Johnson and Juliette Goglia have been added to the cast.The as-yet-untitled pilot "centers on newly separated Claire (Bertinelli), who is raising two teens while running a lumber business," The Hollywood Reporter says. Johnson will be playing a ditzy cashier and Goglia will play Claire's daughter, Kelsey. What do you think the new Valerie Bertinelli show should be called, given that she's a single mom running a... lumber business? Let the suggestions begin. — Erin FoxRelated• Valerie Bertinelli to Get Talk Show read more

CSI's Sara Sidles Off into the Sunset

On last week’s episode of CSI, in the crossover stunt featuring Without a Trace’s Jack Malone, Sara Sidle was shown as visibly shaken at an especially unsettling crime scene, walking away as if she’d had enough. Her psychological unease and emotional exhaustion had been well established even before last season’s cliff-hanger that left her trapped under a car in the desert, as fans wondered all summer if TV’s top procedural was going to kill off one of its own. Thankfully, CSI (as usual) took the high road, and this story reaches its destination tonight.Unless you’ve been in solitary the last few months, you know that tonight’s heavily promoted (and for once, worth the hype) episode marks Sara Sidle’s, and Jorja Fox’s, departure from the series. Without going into the specifics (which would be wrong), let me just say this is a terrific farewell: melancholy, creepy and, most important, providing a dignified exit for an important character w... read more

November 26, 2006: The Miracle Song

It's always a treat when we get answers to questions that have been baffling our minds. But in the true Desperate Housewives tradition, questions still remain unanswered, so our head-scratching never truly comes to an end. Alma is alive and has been in hiding and in cahoots with Gloria (Dixie Carter) all this time. But where has she been? Has she been hiding because Orson was the one who killed Monique or did Mike? Since Mike still has amnesia, he doesn't even know (although Monique's blood was on Mike's wrench — uh-oh). When I saw Valerie Mahaffey listed with tonight's guest stars in the opening credits, I figured it was because she'd be seen in only flashbacks. When Gloria called that mystery person on her cell phone and said "meet me on the corner in an hour," my smart roommate Jason yelled: "I bet it's Alma!" I liked Susan sneaking into Orson's office and finding the evidence that he was in a mental hospital for psychological depression when he was younger. Plus, Susan hear... read more

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