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Fri Jul 21 7:20pm
Star TrekWho Mourns for Adonais?(Season 2, Episode 2) BBC

The Enterprise encounters the Greek god Apollo (Michael Forest) who desires the crew to remain on his planet and worship him. Also, he wishes to take a crewman (Leslie Parrish) for his wife. Lt. Kyle: John Winston. McCoy: DeForest Kelley. Scotty: James Doo (more…)

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Fri Jul 21 9:40pm
Star TrekMirror, Mirror(Season 2, Episode 4) BBC

A transporter malfunction sends Kirk, Scotty, Uhura and McCoy to a parallel universe, where assassination, fear and treachery rule the Enterprise (and Spock has a beard). Marlena: Barbara Luna. Tharn: Vic Perrin. Lt. Kyle: John Winston. Scott: James Doohan (more…)

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Fri Jul 21 10:50pm
Star TrekThe Doomsday Machine(Season 2, Episode 6) BBC

While on a mission to investigate the mass destruction of entire planetary systems, Kirk encounters a crippled starship, its desperate captain (William Windom) and an unstoppable, planet-eating machine. Elliot: John Copage. Washburn: Richard Compton. Lt. K (more…)

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Fri Jul 28 8:30pm
Star TrekThe Immunity Syndrome(Season 2, Episode 18) BBC

The Enterprise becomes an antibody to penetrate an energy-draining invader resembling a giant amoeba that has annihilated a star system---and is about to reproduce. Lt. Kyle: John Winston. Kirk: William Shatner. Spock: Leonard Nimoy. McCoy: DeForest Kelley (more…)

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