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Wed Feb 21 7:00am
Teen Titans Go!Truth, Justice, and What?; Beast Man TOON

The source of Titan humor is revealed; Beast Boy becomes angry and aggressive.

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Wed Feb 21 7:30am
Teen Titans Go!Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp; Oil Drums TOON

Robin tries to teach finances to the Titans; Cyborg can't find the remote.

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Wed Feb 21 8:00am
Teen Titans Go!Dreams; Grandma Voice TOON

The Titans' dream worlds are revealed; Cyborg is possessed by a Grandma Voice and it annoys the Titans.

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Wed Feb 21 11:00am
Teen Titans Go!Orangins; Jinxed TOON

The gang tell stories about their origins, but they're not exactly telling the truth; Robin plays a game of jinx, but disobeys the rules and loses his voice.

Wed Feb 21 11:30am
Teen Titans Go!Brain Percentages; Bl4z3 TOON

Beast Boy uses more of his brain to find hidden images in a puzzle; the gang become hackers to stop computer pirates.

Wed Feb 21 12:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Boys vs. Girls; Body Adventure TOON

Boys and girls compete to find out which is the better sex; Cyborg falls ill and Robin shrinks to cell-size to help.

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Wed Feb 21 1:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Road Trip; The Best Robin TOON

Cyborg takes the team on a road trip; a team of Robins fight Brother Blood.

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Wed Feb 21 2:00pm
Ultimate Spider-ManFreaky(Season 1, Episode 10) DISXD

Spider-Man and Wolverine must overcome their clashing styles to battle Mesmero and Sabretooth.

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Wed Feb 21 4:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Operation Tin Man; Nean TOON

Gizmo and Cyborg play pranks on each other; Raven is cursed and must be nice while Starfire is about to marry a pot of chili.

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Wed Feb 21 4:30pm
Teen Titans Go!The Hive Five; More of the Same TOON

The gang take a day off from the Titans; the gang try to break a cycle of bad years by learning New Year's traditions.

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Wed Feb 21 5:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Finally a Lesson; Arms Race With Legs TOON

The gang learn a valuable lesson from Robin; Lady Legasus battles the League of Legs after her teammates turn evil.

Wed Feb 21 5:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Obinray; Wally T TOON

The Titans speak Pig Latin to keep Robin from eavesdropping; the gang meet their biggest fan.

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Wed Feb 21 11:00pm
Ultimate Spider-ManField Trip(Season 1, Episode 9) DISXD

Spider-Man and his fellow teen superheroes help Thor fight to save Asgard from being taken over by Thor's evil brother Loki.

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Thu Feb 22 7:00am
Teen Titans Go!Video Game References; Cool School TOON

The Titans play video games for training purposes; the gang go to Cool School to become immune to Rose's insults.

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Thu Feb 22 7:30am
Teen Titans Go!Kicking a Ball & Pretending to Be Hurt; Head Fruit TOON

The magic of soccer is discovered by the Titans; Beast Boy takes up gardening.

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Thu Feb 22 8:00am
Ultimate Spider-ManVenom(Season 1, Episode 4) DISXD

Spider-Man battles Venom, the latest creation of Doctor Octopus.

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Thu Feb 22 8:00am
Teen Titans Go!Mr. Butt; Man Person TOON

Starfire is set up by Blackfire and the Titans work to make Blackfire a better sister; Beast Boy replaces body parts with robotic limbs, thinking it makes him more manly.

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Thu Feb 22 10:30am
Teen Titans Go!Pirates; I See You TOON

Aqualad and Raven fall for each other and Beast Boy is not happy; Starfire joins Robin on a stakeout while Cyborg and Beast Boy discover Raven's secret.

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Thu Feb 22 11:00am
Teen Titans Go!Career Day; Ones and Zeros TOON

Robin forces the other Titans to forget their dreams and find regular, boring jobs; the Titans build an AI robot so it will create a pizza that's never been made before.

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Thu Feb 22 11:30am
Teen Titans Go!Lication; Hot Salad Water TOON

The gang use a money-making app, but quickly realize the dangers of a shareconomy; the gang become British after drinking tea and Robin tries to intervene.

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Thu Feb 22 12:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Mouth Hole; Hot Garbage TOON

Robin wants to learn to whistle; garbage plagues the Titans.

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Thu Feb 22 1:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Robin Backwards; Crazy Day TOON

A Bizzaro Robin arrives in Jump City; the other Titans drive Raven crazy.

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Thu Feb 22 2:00pm
Ultimate Spider-ManStrange Days(Season 1, Episode 13) DISXD

A mystical slumber falls upon everyone in New York City, so Spider-Man and Iron Fist seek help from Dr. Strange, a master of the mystic arts.

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Thu Feb 22 3:30pm
The MiddleThe Quarry(Season 2, Episode 4) FREFM

Axl is suspended for truancy, and Mike makes him work in the quarry during the suspension to teach him a lesson. But the plan backfires when Axl likes the job and wants to quit school to work at the quarry full time. Meanwhile, Sue's cross-country team is (more…)

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