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Wed Apr 26 10:00pm
The MiddleThe Show Must Go On(Season 7, Episode 24) HALMRK

In the seventh-season finale, Frankie's determined to ensure Brick can sing at his middle-school graduation after his performance is cut; and Sue feels conflicted after learning she needs to be at Dollywood on the same day as Brick's ceremony. Meanwhile, A (more…)

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Thu Apr 27 7:00am
Teen Titans Go!Accept the Next Proposition You Hear(Season 3, Episode 8) TOON

Robin stops giving orders to make the Titans independent, but his plan backfires.

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Thu Apr 27 7:30am
Teen Titans Go!Arms Race With Legs; I'm the Sauce TOON

Lady Legasus battles the League of Legs after her teammates turn evil; the gang play rainy day games to make rain clouds go away.

Thu Apr 27 8:00am
Teen Titans Go!Truth, Justice, and What?; Beast Man TOON

The source of Titan humor is revealed; Beast Boy becomes angry and aggressive.

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Thu Apr 27 8:30am
Teen Titans Go!Rocks and Water; Multiple Trick Pony TOON

Raven and Beast Boy's exes are dating; Robin has multiple tricks.

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Thu Apr 27 4:00pm
Teen Titans Go!The Overbite; Dignity of Teeth TOON

Raven teaches the gang to dance, but they get captured by the Dance Demon; Beast Boy gets money from the Tooth Fairy, so the Titans knock out their own teeth to get money of their own.

Thu Apr 27 4:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Riding the Dragon; Leg Day TOON

The gang play a fantasy adventure game and are transported inside; the Titans do leg workouts to get stronger.

Thu Apr 27 5:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Who's Laughing Now; History Lesson TOON

Beast Boy joins a group of bears while searching for his spirit animal; Robin tries to teach history lessons, but the gang put their own spin on his stories.

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Thu Apr 27 6:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Oregon Trail; Squash & Stretch TOON

The gang head west on the Oregon Trail; the Titans learn about cartoon violence to get revenge on a squirrel that steals their snacks.

Fri Apr 28 7:00am
Teen Titans Go!Spice Game; Finally a Lesson TOON

The gang spice up their food; the gang learn a valuable lesson from Robin.

Fri Apr 28 7:30am
Teen Titans Go!Bottle Episode; Croissant TOON

The Titans are trapped in a giant bottle; a cocoon mysteriously appears in the Titans' living room and Beast Boy goes missing.

Fri Apr 28 8:00am
Teen Titans Go!Hose Water; Yearbook Madness TOON

Cyborg and Starfire find a baby bird; Beast Boy and Cyborg make a yearbook for the Titans.

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Fri Apr 28 8:30am
Teen Titans Go!Smile Bones; Real Boy Adventures TOON

Cyborg and Beast Boy teach the Titans to wolf down their food; Cyborg discovers what it's like to be human.

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Fri Apr 28 4:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Oh Yeah!; A Cat's Fancy TOON

Cyborg teaches the Titans about real wrestling; Robin becomes a cat to make Starfire love him.

Fri Apr 28 4:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Snuggle Time; Pyramid Scheme TOON

The Titans become villains when another crime interrupts their relaxation time; Beast Boy makes lots of money due to a pyramid scheme and convinces the other Titans to join in.

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Fri Apr 28 6:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Employee of the Month Redux; Hand ZombieNew TOON

While the other Titans are trying to stop a cow-stealing UFO, Beast Boy gets a job to buy a moped; Starfire kisses Robin's hand and he vows to never wash it again.

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Fri Apr 28 6:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Easter Creeps; Employee of the Month Redux TOON

The Tooth Fairy takes over Easter; Beast Boy gets a job so he can buy a moped.

Sat Apr 29 6:00am
Teen Titans Go!Kicking a Ball & Pretending to Be Hurt; Head Fruit TOON

The magic of soccer is discovered by the Titans; Beast Boy takes up gardening.

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Sat Apr 29 9:00am
Teen Titans Go!Employee of the Month Redux; Hand Zombie TOON

While the other Titans are trying to stop a cow-stealing UFO, Beast Boy gets a job to buy a moped; Starfire kisses Robin's hand and he vows to never wash it again.

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Sat Apr 29 9:30am
Teen Titans Go!Easter Creeps; Master Detective TOON

The Tooth Fairy takes over Easter; Robin becomes a detective and investigates animals that live outside Titans Tower.

Sat Apr 29 10:00am
Teen Titans Go!The Gold Standard; Titan Saving Time TOON

Beast Boy becomes obsessed with gold after he wishes to become a leprechaun; the gang investigate Daylight Savings Time.

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Sat Apr 29 10:30am
Teen Titans Go!Permanent Record; Movie Night TOON

The gang go back to school and learn about science and grammar; the gang host a movie night, but don't know who should choose the movie.

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Sat Apr 29 11:00am
Teen Titans Go!Teen Titans Go: BBRAE TOON

Beast Boy writes a song for Raven and goes on tour.

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Sat Apr 29 11:30am
Teen Titans Go!The Streak: Part 1; The Streak: Part 2 TOON

Robin tries to stop 52 crimes in a year; Robin's crime-fighting streak falters when Kid Flash surfaces.

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