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Sun Oct 30 8:24am
The Golden GirlsBig Daddy's Little Lady(Season 2, Episode 6) TVLAND

Blanche's dad (David Wayne) arrives with a surprise: he's remarrying. And an even bigger surprise is his fiancée (Sondra Currie). Rue McClanahan, Beatrice Arthur, Betty White. Sophia: Estelle Getty.

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Mon Oct 31 7:00am
Mad About YouThe Cockatoo(Season 5, Episode 18) FXX

Jamie suspects there's a plot to undermine her boss; a cockatoo perches in the Buchmans' apartment. Troy: Patrick Bristow. Vladimir: Elya Baskin. Judy: Deborah Theaker. Store Owner: Fred Sanders. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Mon Oct 31 7:30am
Mad About YouThe Touching Game(Season 5, Episode 19) FXX

Jamie's size makes her more of a hindrance than a help at Paul's cousin's coffeehouse; Paul and Ira erroneously assume a large woman is pregnant. Renee: Kevin Ross. David: Sam Lloyd. Jared: Christian Clemenson.

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Tue Nov 1 7:00am
Mad About YouDry Run(Season 5, Episode 20) FXX

A past incident between Jamie and Sylvia resurfaces and holds up Paul's film; the Buchmans' birthing coach kicks them out of class for not doing their homework. Sylvia: Cynthia Harris. Debbie: Robin Bartlett.

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Tue Nov 1 7:30am
Mad About YouGuardianhood(Season 5, Episode 21) FXX

Friends and family deny the Buchmans' request to be guardian for their child; an 18-year-old finds Jamie "awesome." Ursula: Lisa Kudrow. Bobby: Seth Green. Fran: Leila Kenzle. Joan: Suzie Plakson. Debbie: Robin Bartlett. Oscar: Joe Alfasa.

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Wed Nov 2 7:00am
Mad About YouThe Feud(Season 5, Episode 22) FXX

Jamie tries to make peace when her mother and Paul's mom each thinks her gift of a crib is superior to the other's. Theresa: Carol Burnett. Sylvia: Cynthia Harris. Marvin: Jeff Garlin. Burt: Louis Zorich. Ira: John Pankow. Jeff: Leon W. Grant.

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Wed Nov 2 7:30am
Mad About YouThe Birth(Season 5, Episode 23) FXX

Part 1 of two. As Jamie's due date approaches, she has several false alarms, including one at a film festival, where filmmaker Michael Moore praises Paul's movie "Buchman." Alan: Eric Stoltz. Aunt Ida: Estelle Getty. Sheila: Mo Gaffney. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Thu Nov 3 7:00am
Mad About YouThe Birth(Season 5, Episode 24) FXX

Conclusion. Hospital patient Bruce Willis gives birthing tips as he leads Paul on a furtive route to the maternity ward. Theresa: Carol Burnett. Gus: Carroll O'Connor. Sheila: Mo Gaffney. Joan: Suzie Plakson. Debbie: Robin Bartlett. Paul: Paul Reiser.

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Thu Nov 3 7:30am
Mad About YouComing Home(Season 6, Episode 1) FXX

The Buchmans come to question their infant-care abilities after arriving home with their new baby girl. Fortunately, Jamie's mom (Carol Burnett) pitches in. Paul: Paul Reiser. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Burt: Louis Zorich. Ira: John Pankow.

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Thu Nov 3 5:30pm
FriendsThe One with Phoebe's Uterus(Season 4, Episode 11) TBS

In lieu of a gift, newlyweds Frank Jr. and Alice (Giovanni Ribisi, Debra Jo Rupp) ask Phoebe to be a surrogate mother for their child; Ross breaks an unwritten rule at the museum. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow. Phoebe Sr.: Teri Garr. Ross: David Schwimmer.

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Fri Nov 4 7:00am
Mad About YouLetters to Mabel(Season 6, Episode 2) FXX

Jamie's private letter for the baby spawns some intra-family scribings, one of which proves embarrassing when the private aspect of the missive is missed. Joan: Suzie Plakson. Debbie: Robin Bartlett. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Fri Nov 4 7:30am
Mad About YouSpeed Baby(Season 6, Episode 3) FXX

A crying Mabel prompts late-night calls alerting all Buchmans, even though doctors have told Paul and Jamie they're overreacting. Kekitch: Markus Redmond. Cabbie: Jeff Cahill. Joan: Suzie Plakson. Debbie: Robin Bartlett.

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Mon Nov 7 7:00am
Mad About YouUncle Phil and the Coupons(Season 6, Episode 4) FXX

Uncle Phil (Mel Brooks) is arrested for overuse of coupons; Mabel interviews for preschool; Jamie and Ira keep a secret from Paul. Mrs. Paris: Anne-Marie Johnson. Colossal Lawyer: Robert Curtis-Brown. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Mon Nov 7 7:30am
Mad About YouMoody Blues(Season 6, Episode 5) FXX

Jamie's postpartum depression affects an amateur production directed by Paul and starring his parents. Mrs. Sass: Florence Stanley. Roberta: Sydney Bennett. Sylvia: Cynthia Harris.

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Tue Nov 8 7:00am
Mad About YouThe Magic Pants(Season 6, Episode 6) FXX

On their first night out since Mabel, Jamie "spot checks" their babysitter while Paul tries to return a magician's pants. Arly: Lili Taylor. Ursula: Lisa Kudrow. Nat: Hank Azaria. Security Guard: Earl Billings.

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Tue Nov 8 7:30am
Mad About YouLe Sex Show(Season 6, Episode 7) FXX

The Buchmans' first lovemaking since Mabel's birth is great, until they analyze it with their therapist (Mo Gaffney). Pizza Slice: Lewis Black. Joan: Suzie Plakson. Debbie: Robin Bartlett. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser.

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Tue Nov 8 6:30pm
SeinfeldThe Tape(Season 3, Episode 8) TBS

George is hot for a potential baldness remedy, and for Elaine after she plays a joke on Jerry. Delivery Boy: Ping Wu. Repairman: John Apicella. Elaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Kramer: Michael Richards.

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Wed Nov 9 7:00am
Mad About YouThe New Friend(Season 6, Episode 8) FXX

At a WNBA game, Ira makes a play for Rebecca Lobo instead of Jamie and Paul's neighbor, his unofficial date. Meanwhile, a compliment goes to Paul's head; and Jamie cares for four kids at once. Ira: John Pankow.

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Wed Nov 9 7:30am
Mad About YouThe Conversation(Season 6, Episode 9) FXX

The Buchmans try to teach Mabel how to go to sleep on her own by not responding to her crying for set intervals of time. But it turns out to be an excruciating struggle. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser.

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Thu Nov 10 7:00am
Mad About YouBreastfeeding(Season 6, Episode 10) FXX

Jamie reacts poorly to meeting her mother's gentleman friend, and rejects bottle feeding for Mabel. Patrick: John Michael Higgins. Theresa: Carol Burnett. Marvin: Jeff Garlin. Fran: Leila Kenzle. Ira: John Pankow.

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Thu Nov 10 7:30am
Mad About YouGood Old Reliable Nathan(Season 6, Episode 11) FXX

Paul lectures at a film class taught by a professor (Nathan Lane) who was once Jamie's teacher, but not only in the classroom. Cheryl: Melinda McGraw. Ernest: Jack Hallet. Nat: Hank Azaria. Ira: John Pankow.

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Fri Nov 11 7:00am
Mad About YouSeparate Planes(Season 6, Episode 12) FXX

Paul and Jamie fly separately to L.A., he with Mabel, she with new parents and their infant. Lindsay: Rita Wilson. Muriel: Alison Martin. Irwin: Dean Cameron. Earl: Rick Overton. First Class Attendant: JoNell Kennedy. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Fri Nov 11 7:30am
Mad About YouCheating on Sheila(Season 6, Episode 13) FXX

The Buchmans consider changing therapists after meeting a new one at the home of their current shrink, Sheila (Mo Gaffney). No. 10: Eileen Brennan. Sylvia: Cynthia Harris. Burt: Louis Zorich. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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