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Fri Feb 5 11:00pm
How I Met Your MotherThe Over-Correction WGNA

Barney's developing relationship with Patrice leaves Robin questioning his motives, while Marshall's widowed mother gets back into the dating pool, but he thinks she may be swimming with a shark.

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Fri Feb 5 11:30pm
How I Met Your MotherBand or DJ? WGNA

Despite having already popped the question, Robin insists that Barney seek her father's permission before the couple can announce their engagement. Meanwhile, a conflicted Ted throws himself into the planning of the their wedding.

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Sun Feb 7 8:00am
How I Met Your MotherBenefits FX

Robin and Ted become "friends with benefits," finding it helps them get along better in the apartment; reality stars Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Kendra Wilkinson and Kim Kardashian taunt Marshall from the pages of magazines.

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Sun Feb 7 8:30am
How I Met Your MotherThree Days of Snow FX

A blizzard hits the city as Lily is returning from a trip to Seattle, threatening an airport-reunion ritual between her and Marshall. Meanwhile, Ted and Barney plan to meet two women at MacLaren's, but Carl wants to close early, so the guys volunteer to wa (more…)

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Sun Feb 7 9:00am
How I Met Your MotherThe Possimpible FX

Robin has only four days to find a job or she'll be deported, and Barney steps in to help by producing her video résumé.

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Sun Feb 7 9:30am
How I Met Your MotherThe Stinsons FX

When Barney inexplicably leaves MacLaren's, the gang thinks he has a girlfriend. Loretta: Frances Conroy. Margaret: Brooke D'Orsay.

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Sun Feb 7 10:00am
How I Met Your MotherEverything Must Go WGNA

Britney Spears returns as Abby, who is now dating Barney, and the pair, realizing how much they currently dislike Ted, decide to flaunt their romance in front of him at the bar. Barney, however, goes a bit overboard and does something impulsive. Cafe Guy: (more…)

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Sun Feb 7 10:30am
How I Met Your MotherHow Your Mother Met Me WGNA

Recalling what has been going with Ted's future wife over the past eight years before Robin and Barney's wedding weekend.

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Sun Feb 7 11:00am
How I Met Your MotherNo Tomorrow WGNA

Ted decides to live life like Barney on St. Patrick's Day, which probably involves activities that would make a saint blush. Ashlee: Vanessa Minnillo. Mary: Arielle Vandenberg. Stephanie: Mieko Hillman. Bouncer: Terrell Lee.

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Sun Feb 7 11:30am
How I Met Your MotherThe Yips WGNA

Barney's timing couldn't be worse---he loses his mojo just as he gets an invite to a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show party. Model cameos include Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks and Alessandra Ambrosio.

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Sun Feb 7 12:00pm
How I Met Your MotherThe Ashtray WGNA

Ted gets a weird and surprising call from the Captain, which launches the gang into a series of recollections about the last perplexing encounter they had with him.

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Sun Feb 7 12:30pm
How I Met Your MotherWeekend at Barney's WGNA

Barney's legendary relationship playbook, which Robin thought was destroyed, rears its head when Ted and Jeanette break up and Barney decides to use his chick manual to help Ted find a new girlfriend.

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Sun Feb 7 1:00pm
How I Met Your MotherThe Bro Mitzvah WGNA

Barney's bachelor party has the gang pulling out all the stops in an effort to make it legendary.

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Sun Feb 7 1:30pm
How I Met Your MotherLucky Penny WGNA

Ted misses a flight to Chicago for a job interview, and while he and Robin wait for news of an alternate flight, they recall through flashbacks the sequence of events that caused the mishap, in an effort to find the person responsible. Phyllis: Meredith Sc (more…)

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Sun Feb 7 2:00pm
How I Met Your MotherStuff WGNA

Robin is uneasy with Ted keeping gifts from past lovers in the apartment, so the two of them ask the gang to vote on whether the objects should stay or go. Meanwhile, Lily expects everyone to attend a play she's in. Floppy-Haired Guy: Jason Lopez.

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Sun Feb 7 2:30pm
How I Met Your MotherThe Playbook WGNA

Barney and Robin break up, and Barney gets serious about dating again by consulting his "playbook" containing all of his greatest techniques.

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Sun Feb 7 3:00pm
How I Met Your MotherThe Bracket WGNA

Barney tries to find the mystery woman who's out to ruin his reputation, and he uses the basketball tournament-bracket template to eliminate 64 suspects, all of whom have reasons to hate him. Mark: Chris Tallman. Holly: Maite Schwartz. Meg: April Bowlby. A (more…)

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Sun Feb 7 3:30pm
How I Met Your MotherThe Chain of Screaming WGNA

When Marshall is verbally berated by his boss, he questions whether the decision to work for a big corporate law firm was the best career move. Ferguson: Jordan Black. Arthur: Bob Odenkirk. Bilson: Bryan Callen. Blauman: Taran Killam.

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Sun Feb 7 4:00pm
How I Met Your MotherMonday Night Football WGNA

The gang feel obligated to attend a funeral being held while the Super Bowl is being played, and they vow to avoid hearing anything about the game so they can all watch it the next night. Emmitt Smith has a cameo. Doug: Nicholas Roget-King. Producer: Moniq (more…)

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Sun Feb 7 4:30pm
How I Met Your MotherIntervention WGNA

Ted learns his friends ditched plans for an intervention for his engagement to Stella, but he insists they go through with it anyway.

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Sun Feb 7 5:00pm
How I Met Your MotherShowdown WGNA

Barney, who has always wanted to meet Bob Barker, has his wish fulfilled when he appears on “The Price Is Right.” Bob Barker and Rich Fields appear as themselves. Wendy: Charlene Amoia. Young Barney: Tanner Maguire.

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Sun Feb 7 5:30pm
How I Met Your MotherTed Mosby, Architect WGNA

Robin and Ted have their first fight after she tells him his architect work stories are boring. Then, believing Ted may be cheating to get back at her, Robin goes to find him.

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Sun Feb 7 6:00pm
How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Everyone Else WGNA

Ted's new girlfriend is jealous when she realizes the story of how they met isn't as exciting as the story of how Ted met his friends, prompting Barney to rank her high on his “Crazy Scale.”

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Sun Feb 7 6:30pm
How I Met Your MotherSplitsville WGNA

Robin has a problem pulling the trigger on breaking up with Nick, so Barney steps in to help out, while new parents Lily and Marshall look for a way to schedule some private time for themselves.

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