Boris Karloff



Year Title Description
2013 The Bay Area Harry Houdini and Bob Wilkins Halloween Special TV Show Series, Appearing
2010 How the Grinch Stole Christmas TV Show Series, Voice - Narrator/The Grinch
2008 Midnight Monster Hop: The Terror Episode, Actor
2008 Bio Classics: Boris Karloff Episode, Subject (person only)
2008 Cinema Insomnia: The Terror Episode, Actor - Baron Victor Frederick Von Leppe
2008 The Veil TV Show Series, Host
2006 Cinema Insomnia: Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome Episode, Actor - Gruesome
2000 Great Entertainers: Boris Karloff: The Gentle Monster Episode, Subject (person only)
1989 Transylvania Twist Movie, Actor - Himself
1971 The Incredible Invasion Movie, Actor - Prof. John Meyer
1968 The Fear Chamber Movie, Actor
1968 House Of Evil Movie, Actor - Mathias Morteval
1968 The Crimson Cult Movie, Actor - Prof. Marshe
1968 Targets Movie, Actor - Byron Orlok
1968 The Snake People Movie, Actor - Dr. Carl Van Boulder/Damballah
1967 The Sorcerers Movie, Actor - Professor Monserrat
1967 Cauldron Of Blood Movie, Actor - Franz Badulescu
1967 I Spy: Mainly on the Plains
Season 2, Episode 22
Episode, Actor - Don Ernesto
1967 The Venetian Affair Movie, Actor - Dr. Pierre Vaugiroud
1967 Mad Monster Party? Movie, Actor - Baron Boris von Frankenstein
1966 The Daydreamer Movie, Actor - The Rat
1966 Ghost In The Invisible Bikini Movie, Actor - The Corpse
1966 The Wild Wild West: The Night of the Golden Cobra
Season 2, Episode 2
Episode, Actor - Maharajah Singh
1965 Die, Monster, Die! Movie, Actor - Nahum Witley
1964 Bikini Beach Movie, Actor - Himself
1964 The Comedy Of Horrors Movie, Actor - Amos Hinchley
1963 The Terror Movie, Actor - Baron Von Leppe
1963 Black Sabbath Movie, Actor - Gorca
1963 The Raven Movie, Actor - Dr. Scarabus
1962 Route 66: Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing
Season 3, Episode 6
Episode, Actor - Himself
1960 Thriller TV Show Series, Host
1958 The Haunted Strangler Movie, Actor - James Rankin
1958 Frankenstein 1970 Movie, Actor - Baron Victor von Frankenstein
1958 Corridors Of Blood Movie, Actor - Dr. Thomas Bolton
1957 Voodoo Island Movie, Actor - Dr. Phillip Knight
1954 Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Movie, Actor - Dr. Henry Jekyll
1953 Monster Of The Island Movie, Actor - Don Gaetano
1953 Colonel March Investigates Movie, Actor - Col. March
1953 Colonel March TV Show Series, Actor - Colonel March
1953 The Hindu Movie, Actor - General Pollegar
1952 The Black Castle Movie, Actor - Dr. Meissen
1951 The Strange Door Movie, Actor - Voltan
1949 Starring Boris Karloff TV Show Series, Host
1949 Abbott And Costello Meet The Killer, Boris Karloff Movie, Actor - Swami Talpur
1948 Tap Roots Movie, Actor - Tishomingo
1947 Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome Movie, Actor - Gruesome
1947 Lured Movie, Actor - Artist
1947 Unconquered Movie, Actor - Guyasuta
1947 The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Movie, Actor - Dr. Hugo Hollingshead
1946 Bedlam Movie, Actor - Master Sims
1945 Isle Of The Dead Movie, Actor - Gen. Nikolas Pherides
1945 The Body Snatcher Movie, Actor - John Gray
1944 House Of Frankenstein Movie, Actor - Dr. Gustav Niemann
1944 The Climax Movie, Actor - Dr. Hohner
1942 The Boogie Man Will Get You Movie, Actor - Prof. Nathaniel Billings
1941 The Devil Commands Movie, Actor - Dr. Julian Blair
1940 The Fatal Hour Movie, Actor - James Lee Wong
1940 Black Friday Movie, Actor - Dr. Ernest Sovac
1940 You'll Find Out Movie, Actor - Judge Mainwaring
1940 The Man With Nine Lives Movie, Actor - Dr. Leon Kravaal
1940 Devil's Island Movie, Actor - Dr. Charles Gaudet
1940 Before I Hang Movie, Actor - Dr. John Garth
1940 The Ape Movie, Actor - Dr. Bernard Adrian
1940 Doomed To Die Movie, Actor - James Lee Wong
1940 British Intelligence Movie, Actor - Valdar
1939 Tower Of London Movie, Actor - Mord, the Executioner
1939 The Mystery Of Mr. Wong Movie, Actor - James Lee Wong
1939 Mr. Wong In Chinatown Movie, Actor - James Lee Wong
1939 Son Of Frankenstein Movie, Actor - The Monster
1939 The Man They Could Not Hang Movie, Actor - Dr. Henryk Savaard
1938 The Invisible Menace Movie, Actor - Jevries
1938 Mr. Wong, Detective Movie, Actor - James Lee Wong
1937 Night Key Movie, Actor - Dave Mallory
1937 Juggernaut Movie, Actor - Dr. Sartorius
1937 West Of Shanghai Movie, Actor - Gen. Wu Yen Fang
1936 Charlie Chan At The Opera Movie, Actor - Gravelle
1936 The Walking Dead Movie, Actor - John Ellman
1936 The Invisible Ray Movie, Actor - Dr. Janos Rukh
1936 The Man Who Lived Again Movie, Actor - Dr. Laurience
1935 Bride Of Frankenstein Movie, Actor - The Monster
1935 The Black Room Movie, Actor - Baron Gregor de Berghmann/Anton de Berghmann
1935 The Raven Movie, Actor - Edmond Bateman
1934 Gift Of Gab Movie, Actor - Their Self
1934 The House Of Rothschild Movie, Actor - Count Ledrantz
1934 The Lost Patrol Movie, Actor - Sanders
1934 The Black Cat Movie, Actor - Hjalmar Poelzig
1933 The Ghoul Movie, Actor - Prof. Morlant
1932 Business And Pleasure Movie, Actor - Sheikh
1932 Scarface Movie, Actor - Gaffney
1932 The Mummy Movie, Actor - Im-Ho-Tep/Ardeth Bey
1932 The Miracle Man Movie, Actor - Nikko
1932 The Old Dark House Movie, Actor - Morgan
1932 Alias The Doctor Movie, Actor - Autopsy Surgeon
1932 The Mask Of Fu Manchu Movie, Actor - Dr. Fu Manchu
1932 Night World Movie, Actor - "Happy" MacDonald
1932 Behind The Mask Movie, Actor - Henderson
1931 The Mad Genius Movie, Actor - Fedor's Father
1931 Five Star Final Movie, Actor - "Reverend" Vernon Isopod
1931 The Guilty Generation Movie, Actor - Tony Ricca
1931 Frankenstein Movie, Actor - the Monster
1931 Pardon Us Movie, Actor
1931 Smart Money Movie, Actor - Sport Williams
1931 Tonight Or Never Movie, Actor - The Waiter
1931 The Yellow Ticket Movie, Actor - Orderly
1931 Graft Movie, Actor - Joe Terry
1931 The Criminal Code Movie, Actor - Ned Galloway
1931 The Public Defender Movie, Actor - Professor
1931 Young Donovan's Kid Movie, Actor - Cokey Joe
1931 Cracked Nuts Movie, Actor
1931 I Like Your Nerve Movie, Actor - Luigi
1930 Mother's Cry Movie, Actor
1930 The Bad One Movie, Actor - Guard
1930 The Utah Kid Movie, Actor - Baxter
1930 The Sea Bat Movie, Actor - Corsican
1929 The Unholy Night Movie, Actor - Abdoul
1929 Behind That Curtain Movie, Actor - Sudanese Servant
1927 Two Arabian Knights Movie, Actor - Purser
New Condensed Classics: Episode Episode, Actor
Biography: Boris Karloff: The Gentle Monster Episode, Subject (person only)
Attack of the Killer B's: The Terror Episode, Actor - Baron Victor Frederick Von Leppe
The Lost Patrol TV Show Series, Actor - Sanders


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