Tue Jul 7 4:30pm
The Adventures of Robin Hood TCM

Epic swashbuckler about the regal outlaw hero and loyal-to-King-Richard defender of the realm who, with the help of his merry men of Sherwood Forest, takes on usurping traitor Prince John and his mutinous minions. A Best Picture nominee, the film won Oscar (more…)

Tue Jul 7 8:00pm
The Garden of Allah TCM

A beautiful woman meets a runaway monk, who must choose between pursuing his religious loyalties and running away with the lady he's in love with.

Sat Jul 18 6:00am
Captain Blood TCM

Swashbuckling saga about a 17th-century Irish doctor who's unjustly charged with treason and sent to Jamaica, where he's sold into slavery, but when pirates attack the island, he and fellow prisoners escape, commandeer a Spanish galleon and set sail on the (more…)

Sat Jul 18 10:00pm
The Last Hurrah TCM

Edwin O'Connor's story of a political boss seeking re-election as mayor. Spencer Tracy, Jeffrey Hunter, Dianne Foster, Pat O'Brien, Basil Rathbone, Donald Crisp, James Gleason, John Carradine, Ricardo Cortez. A grand entertainment and piece of Americana. J (more…)