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VIDEO: How Bizarre

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How Bizarre
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Length: 22:00
Aired: 6/17/2014

Drew's excited for the last days of the Hollingsworth campaign but his charm gets him more than he bargained for. watch

VIDEO: How Bizarre [HD]

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How Bizarre [HD]
Paid | Amazon Instant Video
Length: 22:00
Aired: 6/17/2014

Drew's excited for the last days of the Hollingsworth campaign but his charm gets him more than he bargained for. watch

VIDEO: Unbelievable

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Length: 43:00
Aired: 3/11/2014

Becky files a DTV report and uncovers a video of Zoë and two unidentifiable guys. After her investigation leads her to make a false accusation, Becky sets out to make things right. watch


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Year Title Description
2007 Tell Me You Love Me TV Show Series, Actor - Isabella
2003 Wild Card TV Show Series, Actor - Hannah
2002 Degrassi TV Show Series, Actor - Clare Edwards
Murder in the Hamptons TV Show Series, Actor - Alexa Ammon
Harriet the Spy TV Show Series, Actor - Beth Ellen

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Exclusive Video: Watch Jake and Claire's Tense Reunion On Degrassi: Nowhere to Run

It's awkward enough when your mom marries the dad of one of your high school classmates, but what about when that classmate is your ex-boyfriend?

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In this exclusive clip from the upcoming Degrassi: Nowhere to Run special, Claire (Aislinn Paul) is reunited with Jake (Justin Kelly) at their parents' wedding — and he's looking to reconnect.

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Episode 9 Recap: "Separation Anxiety"

The couples we've been following so closely went through some changes this week, mostly by their own choosing.Rita is separating from Dan, and it upsets Katie's world. Katie is freaked out that this could be the answer to her marital problems. Even though she is surprised that Katie is surprised at her actions, Rita has proven that having a baby is not a good solution to save a marriage.Unsatisfied with redoing the patio every year, Katie makes changes by seeking a job interview, going clothes shopping and getting a makeup makeover (with "Love Crush" blush). It not only shows Katie asserting herself and elevating her self-esteem but using avoidance tactics and being somewhat irresponsible by dropping her family responsibilities and ditching therapy.Dave, now stranded, goes mano a mano with Dr. May, which was probably the most open and in touch we've seen him yet. He loves Katie but resents her and wants to know if their feelings can come back. We later learn that Dr. May was stumped... read more

Episode 8 Recap: "Baby Love"

Becoming a sexual person is a memorable part of growing up, but how many can say that it started when watching the movie Swimfan? Isabella can. She is becoming a young woman, exploring the changes in her body and poses questions about them to her mother. As someone who now wants to avoid talking about sex in therapy, Katie seemed to respond sensitively and was comfortable telling Isabella it's OK to touch herself.Dr. May is two minutes late for their session and Katie is ready to bolt. But therapy must be working because the tables have turned. Dave is now the one who wants to stay and talk. I'm not clear on Katie's about-face regarding therapy. She is probably getting closer to the heart of her problem and is afraid to go there. With Dr. May firing direct questions about orgasms and sexual positions (he likes Katie on top, she prefers the opposite), Katie is out of her comfort zone. I don't think her revelation of wanting to raise another baby will ease the pain — it will only... read more

Episode 4 Recap: "I'm Not in Love"

Was anyone surprised when David said he wanted to join Katie in her therapy session? I've been anticipating this moment and it was worth the wait. The elephant in the room isn't initially addressed when Dr. May asks about their anniversary. David loved the steak and the TiVo, but Katie mentions her disappointment with the purple teddy and that he never made a move on her after she showered. David previously stated he didn't want to be blamed and erupts when (rightly?) assuming Katie is doing just that. An awkward silence ends with his angry outburst about how buying household necessities and reading bedtime stories are not sexy. He might be a financial provider but resents nourishing his family. Katie's response: "Our entire life… that's what you just trashed."The thought of Katie at the Hair Fairy checking for nit infestation is another turn-off to David. While pumping gas, he stares at the scantily clad ladies on a billboard for America's Next Top Model. Isabella's doctor tel... read more

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