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NCIS Episode Recap: "Short Fuse"

The "Short Fuse" episode of NCIS presents a terrible quandary for series historians. For whoever is counting the all-time number of head slaps that Mark Harmon gives Michael Weatherly — and we know you're out there — does Gibbs slapping DiNozzo's cardboard standup count, or not? Debate.

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NCIS Exclusive: The Unit's Abby Brammell Reports for Duty

The Unit star Abby Brammell has been enlisted to guest-star in an upcoming episode of NCIS, has learned exclusively.

NCIS: How will Gibbs' past affect the rest of the team?

In an episode titled "Short Fuse," Brammell, 31, will play a bomb tech who becomes linked to a homicide. During the investigation, the NCIS team will have to dig into her character's very guarded personal life more

Looking Forward to New Journeys

We wrapped shooting in April. We then had two-and-a-half months off. We actors go our separate ways to discover ourselves in different roles.Michael Irby headed off to New Orleans to shoot a jazz movie featuring Wynton Marsalis. Demore Barnes went back home to Canada and worked on his own film project. Abby Brammell traveled to Bangkok, where her tattooed blues-singing husband was making his acting premiere in a Sylvester Stallone movie.I returned to Dallas to start a home-renovation project. My aunt Virginia currently lives in the atomic ranch-style house as I go back and forth to L.A. I'm moving in another aunt who has a disabled daughter by the end of the year and wanted to make the home wheelchair accessible — ramps, wider doors, a new bathroom — so I find a contractor who says they can knock the job out in three weeks. In my mind I tack on a couple of extra weeks, thinking I'll still have plenty of time to sit on a beach in Tahiti during the remaining hiatus and " more


The Unit Season 3
The Unit Season 2

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Year Title Description
2013 Jobs Movie, Actor - Laurene Jobs
2010 NCIS: Short Fuse
Season 8, Episode 3
Episode, Actor - Sgt. Heather Dempsey
2009 Medium: Baby Fever
Season 6, Episode 5
Episode, Actor - Dana Carlow
2006 The Unit TV Show Series, Actor - Tiffy Gerhardt
2002 Push, Nevada: Jim's Domain
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode, Actor - Darlene Prufrock

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Daydream Believer

I've been traveling the last week and a half from L.A. to Dallas to Atlanta and back. Still working off little sleep, I find myself daydreaming. I used to walk and talk in my sleep when I was a child. Would wake up and find myself out of my bed, down the stairs in the living room on my rocking horse, or other places. I've done it a couple of times as an adult, had conversations with friends on the phone that I don't recall and waking up in a different room. I wake up slightly disconnected for the rest of the day. Having roamed while asleep, I then dream while I'm awake. I associate travel with dreaming. Fall into a reverie on trains and planes. When I come to, I'm in another city, another time zone, and sometimes feeling that no time or space has passed at all.I was in Atlanta last Tuesday when CBS aired The Unit's double-header evening of "Sub-Conscious" and "Johnny B Good." "Sub-Conscious," written by Daniel Voll, explores the dreams of unit wife Kim Brown (played by Audrey Marie ... read more

Between Takes

In The Unit episode "Bait," which airs Nov. 28, Jonas is bound and thrown into a room with a bag over his head, and his captors are about to draw his last blood. He proves himself to be Houdini, however, by persuading them that he's more valuable to them alive than dead. Houdini, master of illusion and escape — we never know who's the rabbit and who's the fox. Jonas manipulates his captors to have them videotape him with their terms of release. As he reads their demands, he secretly signals to his comrades back home. He pulls more than one rascally rabbit out of his hat in order to escape, only to be captured and returned, bound and tortured. Meanwhile, Washington suits aren't interested in negotiations, so Colonel Ryan has to perform his own sleight of hand — before our Houdini runs out of rabbits.On the home front, Colonel Ryan's wife, Charlotte, who was shot at the end of last season's finale, is now hooked on pain meds. Driving under the influence, she wrecks another w... read more

The Unit So if last week had me...

The UnitSo if last week had me leaning towards naming Mack the best character on the show, last night definitely sealed the deal. The guy’s quickly entering Jack Bauer territory: He had like six lines, tops; gave off that maybe-homicidal-maybe-not vibe; and while the rest of the team was in sunny L.A. cakewalking through a kidnapping, he was getting the bejesus beat out of him by some nut job named “Mongoose.” Max Martini could run away with the show if they let him — and, by the way, they should let him, because I’m caring much more about the Mack-Tiffy-Colonel Tom story line than about the military stuff. Does that make me less of a man? Ten bucks says no, but I am a sucker for fresh, original characters, and that’s exactly what Max, Abby Brammell read more

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