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Tom Bosley, Mr. C on Happy Days, Dies at 83

Tom Bosley

Tom Bosley, who played the gruff but lovable Mr. C on Happy Days, and whose stable demeanor made him one of TV's ultimate father figures, has died. He was 83.

Bosley had been battling lung cancer but died of heart failure at his home in Palm Springs, Calif., early Tuesday, his agent, Sheryl Abrams,
told TVGuide.com.

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Bosley's Happy Days character, Howard Cunningham, was constantly distracted from... read more

Survivor's Tyrone: Holly "Had Issues, I Think, with Black Folks"


Survivor: Nicaragua's Tyrone Davis wants to clarify that no, he wasn't voted home because of the chicken. The Los Angeles fire captain, 42, found himself in a debate after the commingling of the older and younger tribes when he argued against killing one of his new tribe's birds. (The show suggested that when it was time to eat, he ate more than his share — which he... read more

Chilean Miners’ Rescue: Inspiring TV

Mario Sepulveda, Sebastian Pinera

The most inspirational thing on TV this week was on the news, for a change.

The rescue of 33 Chilean miners, first trapped underground more than two months ago, kept viewers transfixed throughout the night and most of Wednesday after the first was brought to the surface Tuesday. Coverage of the miners' gleeful reunions with loved ones dominated... read more

Kanye West Abandons Hate for "SNL and the Whole Cast"

Kanye West, Saturday Night Live

Kanye West's Saturday Night Live appearance had everything — a pristine all-white set, 30 dancers, and one of West's most brilliant, emotive performances. But one thing was missing: A verse in his first song, "Power" dissing the entire show.

The original version of the song includes the line... read more

Which Returning Shows Have Never Jumped the Shark?


With so many of our favorite shows returning for fall, we want to know: Which have never jumped the shark?

Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off

Is Smallville flying high in its tenth season? Has NCIS kept its edge through the Tony and Ziva... read more

In Focus: Talking $#*! — and Dodging Doo-Doo — with William Shatner

William Shatner

William Shatner seems perfectly happy to be where he is.         

At the moment, that's starring in CBS' new Twitter-based sitcom, $#*! My Dad Says, in which he plays the irascible but ultimately decent — and maybe lonely — lead character.

But it's also sitting in a futuristic treehouse-like structure, set in the middle of San Diego's Comic-Con, where he's doing interviews about the show and his life. And he's expressing no regrets.

See pictures of William Shatner through the years

"I'm a firm believer you get what you're supposed to be getting and you're doing what you're supposed to be doing," says Shatner, 79. "If you're really not supposed to be doing what you're doing, it becomes — it becomes so reprehensible that you've got to get out of it.

"How many times do people say, 'I've got to get out of it?' Or 'I'm retiring'? I don't even understand that concept. Retiring from what? ... read more

Did Entourage Have Too Many Special Guest Stars?


Entourage's season finale featured almost as much star wattage as the MTV VMAs, airing at the same time as Sunday's episode. Eminem, Minka Kelly, Ryan Howard, Drew Brees, Mark Cuban and Christina Aguilera all stopped in to help set up the series for its final season.

Eminem thrives at VMAs ... then leaves

But as Jump the Shark fans well know, guest stars can be a sign of strength or weakness. read more

VMAs: Who Took the High Road? Kanye West or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift

If you thought MTV might confront the Kanye vs. Taylor elephant in the auditorium at Sunday's VMAs, you were probably disappointed.

Who rocked the VMAs white — not red — carpet?

But Kanye West and Taylor Swift still faced off at MTV's Video Music Awards Sunday — never sharing a stage — with their performances. And opinions were intensely split about who was better.

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TVGuide.com Editorial: Kanye and Taylor Swift Should Make Out

Kanye West and Taylor Swift

We're sure MTV would love to include some kind of stunning make-up session between Kanye West and Taylor Swift at Sunday's VMAs. Maybe it could involve Justin Bieber, whose presence makes everything just a little funnier. Or Lady Gaga, who sprinkles shock everywhere she goes.

Check out the most memorable VMA moments

But it would be impossible to top last year's "I'ma let you finish" moment, unless the VMAs include the one thing that would actually be surprising:

read more

8 Great TV Quitters

Amanda Bynes, Steve Carell

It's been a great week for quitters. Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater went out big by quitting over his plane's intercom, grabbing some beers, and sliding down the emergency chute. Then a young woman's quitting via dry erase board made the online rounds, though she turned out to be an actress named Elyse Porterfield (whose name also sounds too good to be true). In honor of these disgruntled employees, real and fake, we salute eight of TV's greatest quitters — real, fake, and both.

8. Amanda Bynes: The All That and Amanda Show star announced in June that she was retiring from acting at the age of 24. A month later she changed her mind and announced her... read more

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