Let's Talk House! House Wants to Play Doctor

House will have to deal with having a camera (and his Wannabes) in his face. Peter Jacobson and Hugh Laurie by Greg Gayne/Fox

After last week's visit to the CIA, House is back at Princeton-Plainsboro, and while he no longer has Generic Guy on the team (thanks to his complete freak-out and borderline illegal behavior), there is one new face around: Dr. Samira Terzi (Michael Michele). House already tried luring her into bed with his crude yet oddly charming banter; how is he going to handle her as one of the team hopefuls? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, the POTW is being followed by a documentary crew, which should spice things up a bit. See you after the episode! read more

"Out of Time"

What an odd start — the episode just sort of launched in with no explanation. How did Jack and the gang know to be at that particular spot at that particular moment? I suppose there was some kind of alien device that let them know that a plane from 1953 had slipped through a "transcendental portal," a door in time and space, and was arriving in Cardiff. The three guests offer a peek into a different way of life, and for some of the Torchwooders, they offer lessons into their own character as well.Captain Jack attempts to give the time transplants new names and new identities, and Ianto takes them on a shopping trip, showing them the wonders of packaged foods, laddy mags, DVDs and waterproof mascara. The plane's pilot, Diane Holmes, is puzzled by the "Smoking Kills" warning on a package of smokes (she buys them anyway).For Diane and the young Emma Cowell, the change in time, though difficult at first, sort of sticks, but for John Ellis, the notion is too much. All he wants is to... read more

"Whatever It Takes"

The CIA requested a House call. Hugh Laurie and Chad Willet by Paul Drinkwater/NBC/Fox

It took a little while to warm up, but once this episode got going, it had some of the juiciest stuff we've seen so far this season — hilariously bawdy dialogue, bizarre ailments and intense personal drama.The primary POTW was a drag-racer who, after winning a race, passes out in front of her personal pit crew, aka her dad, and a reporter. As House and the Wannabes start talking through what might be wrong with her, a veritable man in black comes looking for House.As he walks away with the doc, I loved the smug look on "Big Love" (Edi Gathegi), and Number 13 (Olivia Wilde) totally checking out the government man. House himself doesn't quite believe the CIA credentials and is convinced that wherever he's headed, there's going to be a lap-dance involved. House doesn't believe that he's actually been courted by the CIA until he sees the cushy black helicopter waiting for them on the roof. During the flight, House's cell phone rings — and it's Salt-N-Pepa's "Whatta Man" (hilar... read more

Let's Talk House! The Company Comes Calling

House encounters a lovely fellow doc on his CIA mission. Michael Michele by Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

House is not exactly what you'd call a company man, so why would the ultimate Company — the CIA — come calling? Must be because of his one-of-a-kind diagnostic skills and winning charm (or maybe just the first). Looking forward to seeing him sparring with the lovely and talented Michael Michele — could House finally have met his match? We'll see! read more

"Random Shoes"

Call me sappy, call me gullible, but I thought this was perhaps the best episode of Torchwood yet. It was both funny (I love the alien-fan-boy stuff about the young Eugene; the David Bowie "Starman" montage was especially good) and touching (the ending in particular). But I'm getting ahead of myself.Eugene Jones — an amateur alien collector with a wicked crush on Gwen — wakes up in the middle of a road and discovers the Torchwood team fussing over his dead body. He's been hit by a car and is most positively deceased. But he's somehow still there, and so he catches a ride in the Torchwoodmobile as an invisible passenger. Eugene recounts his life story as a series of disappointments and anticipations. It all started when he was a schoolboy, having just flubbed an interschool math competition and driven off his dad in the process. A sympathetic teacher offers to show the despondent Eugene his collection of curiosities, including a sort of glass eye that "fell out of the sky"... read more

"Mirror, Mirror"

And today's loser was... no one. All the Wannabes were spared for at least one more week. Anne Dudek, Peter Jacobson, Andy Comeau and Kal Penn by Adam Taylor/Fox

This episode of House was kind of an exposition on the season's main players thus far, done in an interesting way.The POTW was a mugging victim who started having some kind of fit during his attack. Fortunately one of the kids stealing his wallet has a conscience and calls an ambulance for him. But the guy has lost his ID, and as we'll see, that's kind of an issue.Back at Princeton-Plainsboro, Cuddy interrupts one of House's medical story-telling sessions with the Wannabes to walk Foreman in and tell House that he's back on the team and will be her eyes and ears from here on out. Which leads "Cut Throat Bitch" to ask, "Does this mean there's one less slot for us?" At least she stays true to form!The POTW, meanwhile, says his name is Martin, and he seems to have a whole host of bizarro symptoms, none of which make sense together. More so than usual. Foreman's diagnosis is Munchausen Syndrome — he thinks the guy is making it up. But House's take is a little more subtle: He thinks... read more

Let’s Talk House! How Will the Doc Deal with His Prodigal Pupil?

Hmmm... how shall I torture you today? Kal Penn and Hugh Laurie by Adam Taylor/Fox

Yes, folks, Foreman is back, and with that all is right again in Houseland — or is it? The other original Ducklings have all made their way back to Princeton-Plainsboro, in their various capacities, and now House’s onetime star pupil is going to return to the fold. Of course, House won’t be happy about it, given all the drama surrounding Foreman’s decision to leave at the end of last season, but then, when is House happy? Meanwhile, the Wannabes continue their quest to become the next Cameron, Chase and Foreman themselves. What dastardly deeds can House have in store for them this week? We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. See you after the episode! read more

"They Keep Killing Suzie"

Somehow I feel like we should have known we hadn't seen the last of Suzie Costello (Indira Varma) — sure, she died, in dramatic, irrefutable fashion. But come on, this is Torchwood, where things are not always (nor usually) as they seem. The onetime No. 2 to Captain Jack, who went bonkers in the first episode after getting a little carried away with the "resurrection gauntlet," was put in cold storage along with all of Torchwood's other dirty little secrets. But when a string of murders links back to her, she becomes the victim — or beneficiary, depending on how you look at it — of the very piece of equipment that landed her there in the first place.It all begins with the gang arriving at the scene of a gruesome double murder. The unfortunate couple were stabbed to death in their bed, with the word Torchwood smeared — in their own blood — above their heads. The sassy detective on the scene blames Jack for their deaths, and after the team learn that in addit... read more

A Special Halloween-Flavored House

The Mormon could take no more. Hugh Laurie and Edi Gathegi by Adam Taylor/Fox

Episode Recap: "Guardian Angels"What a weird way to introduce this week's medical mystery. For a minute there I thought maybe Bones had run long or something — our POTW, Irene, was seemingly attacked by the corpses at the funeral parlor where she's an aesthetician. It was definitely a spooky start. Cut to the Wannabes waiting in the empty classroom for House. A phone rings — a phone none of them had ever noticed there before — and lo and behold, it's Charlie, uh, I mean House, with an assignment for his "Angels." He even has his own Bosley, in the form of Carmen Argenziano, who had a great episode tonight — which is fortunate, since we will see him no more, alas. When House turned from workplace Survivor to The Bachelor, there was no rose (or peony, actually) for the old fella. But at least he made the most of it, offering up keen medical insights and the kind of creative leaps usually reserved for House himself — which turns out to be exactly his problem. H... read more

Let's Talk House! House's Quest Continues

Alas, poor interns! Andy Comeau and Olivia Wilde by Adam Taylor/Fox

On the last episode of House, we saw the good doctor exploring the boundaries of life and death — by sticking a knife in a light socket to see what it felt like to have a near-death experience. This week, the mortality question lingers, with a patient who claims to see dead people. So of course, what is House to do? Why, send some of his remaining intern hopefuls to investigate her claim, of course! Should be interesting to see how this one plays out. My full write-up after the episode... read more

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