Top 12 Guys

The truth is I wasnt really buying the hype about how talented this group of contestants was But tonights American Idol went a long way to convincing me The Top 12 guys did an impressive job not all were major league performances but a few totally hit it out of the park The theme was 60s songs which I thought was sort of a questionable call on the part of the producers but most of the boys handled their assignments well It was also fun to see the judges harassing and teasing each other finally it feels like Idol Including Ryan being back to his old form hes already stirring up trouble with Simon and man-handling the contestants Its nice to see that some things never changeBut of course it was all about the singers tonight starting withDavid Hernandez In the Midnight Hour Good for him for wanting to prove Simon wrong I thought his vocals were darn good except for the very end but his performance skills could definitely use some work 151 read more

Hollywood Week

Woohoo At long last Hollywood week has arrived I know that they keep saying that this is the most talented American Idol group yet dont they say that every year but I really hadnt seen much evidence of it Come to think of it Im still not sure I believe that but at least there were more than a few high points tonightHollywood week had a different tactic this year On the first day some of the hopefuls were sent through automatically and those who werent had to come back and sing again the next day a capella in a do-or-die situation It sort of reminded me of dancing for your life on So You Think You Can Dance It was nice to have it mixed up a bit but the truth is I kind of missed some of the classic elements like the group performance Even though I know that was painful for a lot of folks I always really enjoyed itIt was good to see some familiar faces from the past twenty-two four weeks of auditions and to see some of them get the bo read more

The Best of the Rest Auditions

Behold the real competition is finally in sight Next week American Idol will cease its endless auditions and instead focus on the 164 singers who actually earned golden tickets Hollywood week is finally nearly upon usBut first we had to endure one more night of audition footage albeit the best of the rest Some were amusing in an awful way remember Luke Reeder of the ear-flap hat the cartoon-character outfit and the flailing arms Others struck a sweeter note like Chikezie Eze who sang All the Woman I Need Chikezie auditioned last year too but Randy wasnt feeling him This time around he impressed everyone with his passion power and clear toneOther bestsAmy Davis who sang Blue Bayou when this stunner walked in Randy said Nice shoes but somehow I dont think it was her shoes he was looking at Her voice was pretty enough but not particularly memorable JoAnne Borgella who sang I Love You you had to like this Jersey girl a read more

"Don't Ever Change"

It's me again, that pesky Erin Fox, in for Nina. Tonight's episode starts out at a Hasidic Jewish wedding, where a lovely bride (Roz) and her bearded groom (Yonatan) are being hoisted up high in chairs during the Horah dance. The bride suddenly doesn't look so hot, and falls off the chair into the stunned crowd. Cut to opening credits. This teaser was quick and dirty...hmmm, no misdirects or anything. What do they think they're up to?House and Wilson meet up at an elevator where House busts Wilson's balls about dating CTB. House insists Wilson doesn't go for her type because he likes "needy" women. Wilson surprises House by saying they've been together for four months already. After House scrapes his jaw off the ground, he joins his team who are discussing possible ailments of the collapsing bride. House's end theory is that at 38, she married out of desperation, and basically wanted to off herself. Thirteen is way more convinced that she has endometriosis in her bladder and orders ... read more

Atlanta Auditions

Tonights American Idol auditions were in Hotlanta Mr Seacrests hometown so I guess it shouldnt have come as a surprise that we got to meet his mom and dad Pretty cute Id say though his dad did look a little like he was running for public office then again its Super Tuesday so maybe I just have politics on the brain We also now know how they stretched out the audition portion of this season by creating montages of Paula being wishy-washy Oy Tomorrow night is the best of the rest of the auditions yawn But You know what that means dont you kids It means that next week were going to HollywoodOnly a couple of good singers really stood out for me tonight Alexandrea Lushinton whose My Funny Valentine had a haunting sound that was way beyond her 16 years and whose 93-year-old great grandmother stole my heart when she said Dont let me cry because theyre taking pictures and Amanda Overmyer the rock roll nurse who started singing Mean read more


Hey guys! Erin Fox in for Nina again this week... So, Nina is a ginormous Giants' fan, as is my husband (I am vicariously), so they are still blanketed by an insane euphoria that can only come from kicking Tom Brady's butt. I however, am on the couch, ready to blog about the special post-Super Bowl episode of House.This week's teaser was one of the more unique and interesting ones in ages... an arctic repair man is trying to fix energy windmills in the middle of a blizzard. One blade flies off and slices the guy's femoral artery open. Enter the slow-mo savior, Cate, played by Mira Sorvino. She glues up the artery (no, seriously, she uses glue) but then starts to have pains of her own. Then she hurls into the snow and asks for help... but who will help her in the middle of no where?Enter House, looking for his beloved cable only to have Cuddy tell him that now patients have to pay for their cable. Appalled, House barely listens as Cuddy tells him about a psychiatrist (Cate) who needs... read more


OK so is it just me or are the auditions just dragging on eternally at this point I mean Ive always enjoyed them but now Im ready for the real singing to start Alas next Tuesdays episode will mean yet another location for American Idol Atlanta this time Hopefully the auditions wont be too painful and Hollywood week will make it all worthwhileI did kind of like the Miami Vice music and opening credits though Im not sure who Ryan thought he was channeling in those sunglasses Don Johnson circa 1984 he is not He wasnt the only one sporting some odd duds The first day Randy was wearing some blindingly shiny red-patent shoes which may have actually been topped on the second day by his equally shiny purple embroidered shirt And Paula was seriously busting out of her clothes Mustve been awfully hot in Miami for her to wear so little out in public much less on camera Even Simon commented on it Thats a very short dress Paula very sluttyHas anyone e read more

"It's a Wonderful Lie"

Hey Everyone! Erin Fox here, subbing for Nina the next few weeks. So be gentle with me... don't be like House.So, we begin tonight's episode with a mother ("Maggie," played by West Wing's Janel Moloney) holding her daughter's safety rope as she climbs an indoor rock wall. In a classic misdirect, the daughter's ("Jane") leg cramps up, and we think she's got the illness of the week. But oh no! It's her mom, Maggie, who is revealed as the POTW when her hands suddenly become paralyzed (dropping poor Jane). The most disturbing part about the opening is not that Jane plummeted to the ground and broke her arm, but that there was a lamely placed flying reindeer and Santa's sleigh in the shot to let us know that it's the Christmas episode.Back at PPTH, the surviving job candidates discuss Maggie's case as House enters, ripping down the festive decorations and the doctor's Christmas spirit to boot. Kutner denies putting up the decorations but then betrays himself by then asking to do a secret... read more

Omaha Auditions

Amid all the cornfields and comforting Midwestern vistas who knew Nebraska would be a hotbed for some of the freakiest freaks weve seen on American Idol yet this year And I dont mean necessarily the freaks with costumes and gimmicks though there were a few of those as well Im talking bona fide weirdos folks who are just plain odd Like Sarah Whitaker the goth former pro wrestler with the creepy laugh who sang something akin to Tiny Tims version of Living in the Sunlight Loving in the Moonlight only her voice was even more twangy than a ukulele Or how about Johnny Escamilla who said Pretty much Im one of the weirdest guys youd ever meet then proceeded to sing and sort of flop around to Shout while Paula hiccupped and looked a little shall we say out of itMaybe the best reaction of the night came oddly enough from another reject namely super-Kelly Clarkson fan Chris Bernheisel whose lackluster Since Youve Been Gone really was bes read more

Charleston Auditions

The friendliest city in the country provided an interesting collection of auditions for tonights American Idol It all started with Oliver Highman who came on his anniversary ready to sing for the judges in a suit and tie when his very-pregnant wifes water broke He rushed off to take her to the hospital but was still hoping to make it back in time to audition He got lost on the way to the hospital but it all well most of it had a happy ending Oliver didnt end up with a golden ticket but he did leave with a beautiful little girl Emma Grace Well be seeing her in 15 years quipped Simon That makes the second Idol audition baby this year but whos countingA couple of pairs provided high and low points of the night One of my definite favorites of all the auditions thus far was Jeffrey Lampkin who sang Im Your Angel with his sister Michelle The two of them pulled out some gorgeous harmonies and you just cant underestimate that oww factor that Jeffr read more

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