Narrowing It Down to 11

No big surprises tonight in terms of the bottom three Syesha and David H both gave pretty lackluster performances and Kristy was downright awfulAt least the Horton Hears a Who promo to kick off the night was a lot cuter than the Jumper one last month and Jim Carrey was a much better sport about it all including making fun of the blatant cross-promotion than Hayden Christensen The other celebrity in the audience tonight was Sanjaya Malakar who was there with his sister though they never identified him and the camera only lingered on him for a moment Oh and Danny Noriega I suppose returning the favor of Ramieles song dedication to him last night was sitting with her family and wearing a T-shirt with her face on it Its all so teenage-BFFs isnt itThe medley of All My Loving I Feel Fine Cant Buy Me Love and Help had some tough spots Amanda for one continues to stick out like a sore thumb during the group songs Oh and her hair was especially odd t read more

The Top 12 Perform

That was quite a night of ups and downs including some pretty incredible performances and a few disasters not to mention some unintentional comic relief courtesy of the judges The two biggest stories of the night were the seeming self-destruction of hitherto nearly perfect David Archuleta more on that in a bit and the heightened crabbiness of Simon who made disparaging comments not only about the singers but about several of the songs themselves and these were Beatles songs I mean come on Simon had a couple of especially cringe-inducing moments including when he said Whats the Irish girls name and Paula and Randy replied quickly Carly Carly Like a guy in the audience behind Simon I put my head in my hands after that comment Ryan who was unless Im mistaken sporting a faux-hawk talked up the new set which was you know big and impressive but not really all that He also had a couple of choice moments with Simon like when he was whisperi read more

Narrowing It Down to the Top 12

As bummed as I was after last weeks results show Im pretty OK with all of the eliminations made tonight I was puzzled by one choice among the four who went home but all in all I think this seasons top 12 is looking pretty solid No group performance tonight and instead we got Blake Lewis I was a big fan of his last season loved his You Give Love a Bad Name and it was good to see him again but his song How Many Words was totally ho-hum Speaking of ho-hum for those who didnt catch it Paulas single is not the No 1 downloaded song on iTunes as Ryan sort of implied but rather the top music video Which is only slightly less disturbing Anyway the first couple of guys to take their seats were no surprise namely David C who did some weird thing with his tongue as he was waiting to hear his fate and David A who seemed to think it was a foregone conclusion that he would be safe When it came to the girls turn it was no surprise that Brooke was t read more

Top 8 Girls

Youd think that tonights show was all about the girls but alas no the biggest divas of all were sitting behind the judges table Thats right Paula Simon and Randy were the stars of tonights episode and not in a good way I got utterly tired of Randy and Paulas self-congratulatory name-dropping Well when I worked with Oh yes I choreographed and Simons bitchy retorts not to mention the way the three of them held court just for themselves They seemingly spent forever on their own indulgent nonsense but when it came to actually critiquing the performances they gave several of the girls most notably Syesha barely a minute of attention Paula at least did seem somewhat more sober tonight though she spent a disturbing amount of time draped all over Simons lapBut unlike the judges I will not ignore the girls performances which were after all the whole point of tonight So without further ado On to the performancesAsiah Epperson read more

Top 8 Guys

What a trip down memory lane the 80s were when I discovered popular music so to hear a lot of my old favorites again was quite a treat Not just for me either Im currently eight months pregnant thank you thank you and the little one was doing some fancy dance moves along with tonights songs too I really wasnt sure about Idols decision to have the semi-final rounds be themed but Ive actually come to enjoy the decades-spanning performances Its also interesting to see who picks what in each decadeAs for the judges tonight they were back to their old ways too Ryan said of the 80s that Many of us wore our most embarrassing outfits then Like for example Randys shirt which was both shimmery and multi-colored At least he didnt come out wearing a Madonnaish lace headband single glove and jelly bracelets like I used to do back in the day Paula was also in rare form tonight stuttering over her words rambling incoherently and dropping gems li read more

Narrowing It Down to the Sweet 16

All right Ill admit it Im disappointed In fact Im seriously bummed I know that Alexandra didnt have the best performance last night but did she deserve to go Not even close I dont think that her If You Leave Me Now was bad at all in fact I thought it was a far bit better than several of the other girls efforts and when she sang it again tonight I was reminded of just how gifted she isDid anyone else notice David Archuleta weeping during Alexandras swan song and then sharing that touching moment with her when she finished singing Could there have been some little sparks flying there perhaps Or were they just really good friends [Update These two have been friends since competing against each other on Star Search years ago] Regardless it was sweet Alexandra showed poise and good humor in her departure even though it was clear how disappointed she was I sincerely hope that she keeps singing because Id love to see how she read more

Top 10 Girls

Well this was definitely a letdown from last night I mean there were a few really good performances by the girls tonight but the vast majority were just so-so just there in a way that didnt make them memorable And I hate to be petty but my first impression when the girls filed by in the intro was Yikes Amandas hair yikes Bride of Frankensteins got nothin on this gal And why Ryan felt the need to talk about the fact that Randy wears a size 13 12 shoe I cannot explain Also Ryans silly thing of not thanking Simon at the end of the show is just annoying now He needs to stop I guess it might have been amusing to him the first time but at this point its just foolishThe two high points of the night came courtesy of Carly and Brooke I kept rooting for some of my other favorites to pull out show-stoppers but alas it never happenedOn to the performancesCarly Smithson Crazy on You Clearly Carly likes herself some Heart as this is the second song by read more

Top 10 Guys

Ah the 70s Like the judges I love this era of music and I was glad no one was tempted to sing disco This is going to sound crazy but I think I actually agreed with Paula most of all the judges tonight She was dare I say it sane wise and insightful Simon meanwhile went on the record Tuesday afternoon even before last nights show to tout David Archuleta as the one to beat this season You can read the full news story in our Great American Idol blog Young Davids take on Imagine perhaps only cemented that opinion But more on that in a bitAll in all this was a more successful performance night than the boys had last week and there were a few standouts But there are still more than two of these fellas who should definitely get the ax before American Idol heads to the big stage and the eliminations get harder and harderAs for the performancesMichael Johns Go Your Own Way Im trying to figure out what it is about Michael I really enjo read more

Narrowing It Down to 20

Only one surprise tonight and not one that boiled my blood much In general a pretty ho-hum episode for having lost a good slice of the finalists but the four who left were really pretty expendable no tears shed here The group performance was sort of cheerful but also unremarkable although Michael for one looked uncannily natural in the 60s boy-band getupGarrett was the first to go no surprise there but it was such a fast execution it didnt seem very kind Though its really far crueler when Ryan draws it out endlessly as he did later in the evening When they zoomed in on him Danny looked like a deer caught in headlights after Garretts had a bad day moment was announcedAs for the girls Amy was the first to go thank goodness Im sorry but I literally had to fast-forward through her Where the Boys Are it hurt my aesthetic sensibilities that much Paula tried to keep things positive with the advice Youve got to go paint that door and that knob and go read more

Top 12 Girls

I have to say right off the bat that I like several of the girls who sang tonight have the flu The judges didnt have much sympathy for them but let me just say I can barely write about them and they were actually up there singing their hearts out Thats pretty darn amazing Some of the performances really were impressive even if they generally didnt blow me away As Randy put it Season 7 is turning out to be the year of the young ones I couldnt agree more three of my faves thus far Alaina Whitaker Alexandrea Lushington and David Archuleta are all under the age of 18 Though I felt like smacking Ryan when he commented on the fact that Alaina was sweating after her performance he used to do that all the time to Elliott Yamin Its like one of his favorite man-handling comments Is that really the most interesting thing he can talk about in those few seconds of banter He is so very very oddOn to the performancesKristy Lee Cook Rescue Me I read more

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