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'Where Is Posh?'

OK folks, I know I've been MIA from blog land for quite some time now (thanks a lot, Britney), but I just had to share my latest fave from the Fug universe. Brilliant, ladies. Brilliant.Posh, you're scaring me! Jackets need friends... they're called camisoles. And it's OK to smile — hell, the other Spices are having a good time! Nevertheless, this lightened my day and made me realize that maybe those Dancing with the Stars outfits aren't all that bad. Right, Mel B.? read more

Gossip Girl Preview: Will Chuck and Blair Reunite? Ed Westwick Teases the Juicy "Climax"

Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl

For all the Gossip Girl fans out there, it comes down to tonight's episode (9 pm/ET, CW). We've seen the steamy romps, heard all the secrets and wondered who will prevail in this cat-and-mouse game. So to get some inside scoop, caught up with British native Ed Westwick, who plays GG's most evil Upper East Sider, Chuck. Will Chuck win Blair in the end? Westwick couldn't spill all the beans, but he gave us some insight into the many layers of this twisted group of friends… and enemies. I'm loving the show. It's totally addictive.
Ed Westwick:
That's fantastic, I'm really glad to hear it. Now, I've actually already seen this week's episode....
Oh, have you? A sneak preview, huh? Yeah. I thought it was the best one!
read more

One Tree Hill Preview: Sophia Bush Teases Flashbacks, Shocking Changes and More

Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

It's finally here. For One Tree Hill fans, the much-anticipated Season 5 airs tonight with a special two-hour premiere (8 pm/ET, CW). Along with a significant jump ahead in time, we'll see some rocky relationships, emotional turmoil and new faces, but many questions loom. Will there be a proposal? Will they all return home? And where did the strike make its cut? Sophia Bush talked with about the upcoming twists and turns of the Tree Hill gang and why skipping the college years might just save this show. I'm so excited for the premiere; we're four years ahead now.
Sophia Bush:
I really am, too. It's one of the neater things we've ever gotten to do, and I know it's reinvigorated the actors and the writing staff. Nobody wants to see the college years. I think you run out of interesting storylines.

TV read more

"Welcome to Kanagawa"

"Once the tornado had passed… it began…"I just knew that when all of Lynette's kids and Tom came out of the rubble, Ida wouldn't make it. I was actually surprised at how quickly that storyline was resolved, thinking we'd have to wait until at least halfway through the episode to find out if they were OK. Another surprise? Ida was a pro baseball player! Cue up A League of Their Own — I'm suddenly picturing Ida as a Georgia Peach…. But back to the reality of Wisteria Lane, Ida didn't just fall victim to the storm, she saved everyone else before leaving them behind. My mind would have been spinning just as much as Lynette's was at that moment. Plus, Ida's niece and nephew were a nightmare, but thanks to Lynette's quick thinking, some of her dignity could be salvaged. Even better was Lynette being chased while scattering Ida's ashes after they were discovered breaking into the baseball field.Meanwhile, Sylvia died, too, but we pretty much knew that after seeing her s... read more

October Road Preview: Laura Prepon Talks Wedding, Secrets and More!

Laura Prepon, October Road

Upon returning this fall, ABC's October Road (Mondays, 10 pm/ET) has stepped it up a notch by throwing an engagement into the mix. But will Hannah really marry Big Cat? caught up with Laura Prepon, who plays the bride-to-be, so we could get the details on her pending nuptials, one very big secret and the rest of the season. How are you? Excited that the show's back on?
Laura Prepon:
I'm f--ckin' awesome. Yeah, it's really cool. So with the strike going on, how many episodes have you shot?
We're on Episode 12 right now. We're gonna shoot 13 because the writers actually finished the 13-episode order, which is pretty crazy. They literally locked themselves in the writers' room and wrote for days and the network approved the scripts and they're really good. I read more Readers Take On the WGA Strike's Latest Twist

WGA picketers

In the wake of the WGA's quick dismissal of the AMPTP's recent offer, or what they call the "New Economic Partnership," readers have raised their voices about this latest development. So far, most reader responses are in favor of the producers. So, is everyone tired of the writers' demands? Below, we've gathered several comments that showed us how you, as TV viewers, are reacting.

"Break the union, fire all the people who don't want to work, and get some fresh writers. Greedy people don't need to work." — wornout

"Producers, cut the crap. Make a real offer and let's get on with it." — bravegal

"[People who think] the writers are just being greedy are just completely out of touch with reality. Writing for television is a specialized skill, and that $1.3 billion is being read more

Singing Bee Preview: Joey Fatone's Halloween Buzz

Joey Fatone vamps it up for The Singing Bee

With its colorful themes, shouting contestants and big prizes, you'd think NBC's Singing Bee had it all. But on Tuesday, Oct. 30 (8 pm/ET), host Joey Fatone and the rest of the Bee crew — plus audience — will be dressed up for Halloween, and we don't doubt it'll be a spooky and exciting night of singing. caught up with Fatone about his latest tricks and favorite treats, plus who he's rooting for on Dancing with the Stars! So what did you do at M&M World in New York recently?
Joey Fatone: I tap-danced, did backflips, it was amazing. [Laughs] Actually, I was there because M&Ms is doing a huge campaign to kick off the Halloween season — and I love Halloween because I love to go trick-or-treating read more

Pageant Place Preview: The Real Life of a Beauty Queen

Rachel Smith, Pageant Place

You've seen a beauty pageant or two: There are swimsuits, evening gowns, and questions about current events and dreams for the future. But what happens after the winner receives her crown? What are these girls really like? With MTV's newest reality show, Pageant Place (premiering tonight at 10:30 pm/ET), Miss Universe Organization co-owner Donald Trump decided to give you a peek into the lives of several 2007 titleholders during their year of glory. talked to three of them — Miss USA Rachel Smith, Miss Universe Riyo Mori and Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz — about the drama, the stereotypes and what they want to prove to America. Why did you want to do this show?
Rachel Smith:
It was actually something that was introduc read more

Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford Dishes Upcoming Drama

Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl

Spotted: S and B's common thread, N, chatting with outside school. Is B jealous when she hears her man drop S' name to the online reporter? OK, so that's not exactly how it went, but we did talk to Gossip Girl's (Wednesdays, 9 pm/ET, CW) Chace Crawford about S and B and all that comes with attending an Upper East Side private school. He also shared some scoop on Nate's heated family drama, a Thanksgiving you won't want to miss, and a guest star in tonight's episode that he's really excited about. OK, I'll admit it, I'm addicted. This show is such a guilty pleasure.
Chace Crawford: Hey, that's what I like to hear! I'm even impressed with everything that [I've seen]. It's funny to see this teenage hierarchy in Manhattan, because I live in New York, but I never went read more

Next Iron Chef Preview: Host Alton Brown Tests the Best of the Best

Alton Brown, The Next Iron Chef

If you've ever watched chef Alton Brown's show Good Eats and said to yourself, "How does he know that?" you're in for an even bigger surprise when you tune in to Food Network's new reality competition The Next Iron Chef (premiering Oct. 7 at 9 pm/ET on the Food Network). With skill tests and artistic challenges, America's best cooks will compete to be the next Iron Chef, and host Brown is sure they'll have you thinking, "How do they do that?" chatted with the all-knowing foodie about this risky new series, why you'll never see him competing and what he really thinks about reality shows. So where did you find these chefs?
Alton Brown: All over the United States. It came down to a few different read more

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