Phelps Sets World Record for Most Career Golds!

Michael Phelps by Robert B. Stanton/

Though all sorts of athletes shined last night, the star of the evening was none other than USA's own Michael Phelps. Despite a pair of leaky goggles, the swimming sensation nabbed two more gold medals last night — the tenth and eleventh of his career — making him the winningest Olympian in history and, as the Nation Aquatics Center announcer declared, "arguably the greatest Olympian of all time." Watch the video! | More online videos read more

MTV's Donnie Klang Team's Up with Diddy

Season 3 of Making the Band 4 is right around the corner, but Diddy's golden boy, Donnie Klang, (the part-time college student who scored a solo contract during Season 1) is living up the limelight. The new video for Klang's single "Take You There" has hit the net and currently is being featured as one of MTV's top picks. The song, off Klang's Just a Rolling Stone album, is brimming with designer cloths, pretty people as far as the eye can see and, of course, Diddy himself along side his protégé Klang. read more

Sneak Peek of Christian Slater's New Drama!

Oh, how we miss Christian Slater's raspy distinctive voice. NBC has finally released a sneak peek of the new series, My Own Worst Enemy, that has everyone buzzing. Watch as Slater's character, Henry, struggles through his shrink session to try to figure out whether his dream was actually reality. Could he be living a double life, perhaps? We're sensing some definite potential with this fall newbie. read more

Tyra Banks Tries on First Lady Shoes

Could it be that supermodel-turned-mogul Tyra Banks is letting all that power go to her head? Guess that depends on who dreamed up the theme of this Harper's Bazaar photo shoot, in which the supermodel puts on her political gear to live out her presidential fantasies as she pretends to be Michelle Obama – complete with a model to play the part of Barack – in the Oval office. Check out the video to see the supermodel in action and to find out what her KMFA secret-service codename stands for. read more

Madonna Gets Early 50th Birthday Wishes in Michigan

The Material Girl is almost 50, and the artist who once sang that "experience has made me rich" is acting like a woman more worried about others' prosperity than her own.Instead of looking forward to the milestone in her adopted United Kingdom, she returned to her home state of Michigan over the weekend to screen her new documentary, I Am Because We Are. The Queen of Pop — and media manipulation — is using the film to turn attention to the plight of orphans in Malawi, the African country where she and husband Guy Ritchie adopted their son, David. Madge wrote, produced and narrates the film. She was joined at the Traverse City Film Festival screening by filmmaker Michael Moore. Of course Madonna couldn't deflect all the attention to others. At the premiere, more than 500 moviegoers joined together to sing the Queen of Pop "Happy Birthday." The big day is Aug. 16. read more

Eva Mendes' Naked CK Denied in U.S.

Warning: The following video contains a very naked Eva MendesThere really isn't much point launching a new fragrance if the commercial isn't going to show a little skin — but has Calvin Klein gone above and beyond the required sex appeal with their new commercial featuring a completely naked Eva Mendes and a bit too much of her boobage? That seems to be what the American networks must be thinking after failing to accept the commercial to air, though that shouldn't come as a shock to the heads of CK considering having their ads rejected for "mature content" is fairly old hat for the company (and potentially encouraged). Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Jessica Simpson Claims Abuse

Jessica Simpson by James Devaney/

In her recent interview with Elle magazine, pop/reality/country star Jessica Simpson said she was a victim of abuse in a past relationship. Simpson talked about the alleged abuse and the lyrics in her new song "Remember That" ("With his hands or his words…you don't deserve it…it ain't worth it…take your heart and run") for the magazine’s September issue. Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Chris Brown's New Doublemint Ad

Did you know that buried in Chris Brown's "Forever" single is a reference to the classic chewing-gum jingle for Doublemint? According to the Wall Street Journal, "Forever" is an extended version of the Doublemint jingle that Brown was commissioned to write as Wrigley strives to update its image. One thing's for certain, this kid really knows how to work a pack of gum! read more

Slain Buffy Animated Series Goes Viral

About four years ago, Buffy writer Jane Epstein dabbled with the idea of creating an animated series chronicling her The Slayer's high school days at Sunnydale High where several of the original cast members, including Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon and Anthony Head, lent their voices to reprise their roles. Though the show never quite came to be, four minutes of the aborted series is now sweeping the internet. And we apologize in advance for opening old wounds with this video. Your take: Do you think this series had potential or were they right to slay it so soon? read more

Whoopi Admits To Making Whoopee With 50 Lovers

Whoopi Goldberg by Donna Svennevik/ABC

Why Whoopi, you dirty bird, you! Of all the gals gathered around The View's table, we never would have pegged Whoopi to have slept with about 50 guys to date. Babs, maybe, but Whoopi? Check out the 1:30 minute mark when the Whoopi must resort to flashing all the fingers and toes to illustrate to audience just how many men she's slept with in her lifetime. Well, now we know Whoopi's number – your move Barbara (cuz we know that ain't in the book). Watch it now! | More online videos read more

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