Sex and the City Trailer Premiere!

Finally! After all those pictures and rumors floating around from the upcoming Sex and the City movie, we finally have something tangible to feast our eyes on. Behold, the premiere of the coveted trailer! This should give you a nice fix until Carrie and Co. (and their various love lives, of course) hits the big screen. So, what does everything think? For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! read more

Tina Fey in Playboy, Bush on Ellen & More!

Tina Fey doesn't hold back for Playboy.

Tina Fey Does PlayboySettle down, it’s not what you think. Yes, the 30 Rock star will be in January’s issue of the risqué magazine, but the most this gal is taking off for the cameras is her glasses. In her sharp-tongued interview, Fey didn't hold back about her show and her fellow celebs — she even called Paris a “terrible role model” and “terrible young woman.” Wow, no mercy! Watch it now! | More online videosJenna Bush Calls Daddy on EllenOh, Dubya, you never cease to entertain us (and the same goes for his family). In a recent interview on the Ellen show, Jenna Bush proved to the host that her dad is always a mere phone call away for her — by calling him live on national television, that is! As much as Jenna thought she would be in deep doo-doo for this little stunt, Papa Bush seemed thrilled to hear from his little girl. Aw.More online videosThe Devastation Continues on Grey’s Between the deadly ambulance crash and the patient... read more

Top Model, Bubble 2.0 & More!

Top Model Goes to the Great WallWith Heather now a mere memory in the competition (though the fans don't seem too thrilled about that one), the final four ladies say bye-bye to Shanghai and get ready to movie into their new home in Beijing. But now these girls face their toughest photo shoot yet. Think warrior theme, Great Wall of China and Tyra playing photog! Watch it now! | More online videos"We Didn't Start the Fire" Meets Web 2.0These days, you can barely make it through a single conversation without someone throwing in the buzzword Web 2.0. But with all this Facebook-Digg-Mebo mania, doesn't that just beg the question, when is "Bubble 2.0" going to burst? What better way to address the issue than a hilarious parody of the Billy Joel classic that touches on everything from 23-year-old billionaires, blogging while you're having sex—to even blogging about this song. Please, who would waste their time blogging about that?More online videosDancing with the Stars Spin-off: Brun... read more

50 Dumbest Celebs, Janice Dickinson & More!

K-Fed makes the list as a "serial sperminator." (Denise Truscello/WireImage)

Top 50 Dumbest Celebs in HollywoodIf someone asked you to list off the dumbest stars in Tinseltown, you probably wouldn't even know where to begin considering the massive laundry list for this year alone. Well, leave it to the New York Daily News to come out with a list of the 50 dumbest stars in the sky. Whoever said nothing good would come of posing nude, creating drunken havoc in a Walgreens or, our favorite, being a "serial sperminator"?Watch it now!Janice Dickinson's 12 Days of ChristmasGranted, this video was made to promote last season's Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency as opposed to tonight's third-season premiere, but we couldn't resist sharing her performance of "The 12 Days of Christmas," done in that special way that only Janice could pull off. We won't take it from the top, but let's just say she was lucky enough get some lovely gifts from her true love — like, say, her three former husbands, two large breasts and a fledgling modeling agency. Victoria's Secret Fa... read more

Heroes, Botched Butt Jobs & More!

Sylar Stops By — For Breakfast?Wow...Heroes is really rallying in its final moments after what many people are calling a "slow" season (and that's putting their comments mildly). And guess who's dropping by Suresh's for an unexpected visit? That's right, Sylar's home! But don't worry, all he wants is some breakfast — and it looks like Maya is cookin' a feast. Watch it now!Botched Butt JobYou've heard the horror stories of plastic surgery gone awry, but this lady really got the raw end of the deal. After dropping $5,500 dollars to get a little more junk in her trunk, what she got instead was a painful, droopy mess. What's even worst is this newsanchor's attempt to report the story. Let's just say he's thrown professionalism out the door.The Closer's Two-Hour Special EventAdmit it — you're going through Brenda withdrawal. Well, now you can get your Closer fix tonight with an all new two-hour holiday special. Brenda's heading home for the holidays (with Fritz in tow, of ... read more

Ellen Apologizes to Bachelor

After blatantly calling this season's Bachelor, Brad Womack, a jerk and commitmentphobe on her show because he chose none of the bachelorettes, Ellen decided to invite the reality star as a guest not only to apologize for her "jerk" tangent (and being a little too emotionally involved in a stranger's life), but to let him explain his side of the story. What do you guys think about Brad's decision to remain solo after stringing along dozens of ladies? read more

Snoop's Ode to Pimps Past, A Tornado Hits Wisteria Lane & More!

Snoop goes retro for his latest music video.

Snoop's Music Video PremiereThe D.O. Double G is back with a hot new music video, "Sensual Seduction," but we can assure you that you've never seen him like this before. In his ode to pimps past, the Doggfather suits up in what is quite possibly the most absurdly retro video of all time. We're talkin' the whole nine here — sequins, disco balls, even Snoop rockin' full-on chops. Classic.Watch it now!A Twister Hits Wisteria Lane! Watch out, ladies, there's a tornado a-brewin' and it's headed straight for Wisteria Lane. Looks like everyone's going to have to put all those secrets and catfights on hold and take cover. ABC is calling this the "best Desperate Housewives episode ever." That's a bold statement — now let's see if they can back it up this Sunday! Watch it now!Sci Fi's Tin Man Goes Way Beyond the RainbowBrace yourselves for what looks like a seriously insane journey through the Outer Zone (O.Z.). Based on the L. Frank Baum epic tale, Tin Man gives you all the goodnes... read more

Julia Roberts' Real-life Car Chase

A seething Roberts lectures a photog

Oooo... Julia is pissed off! Soon after a photog tried to nab some pics of her kiddies at school, Roberts jumped in her car and chased the paparazzo down (driving and honking on the wrong side of the road, mind you) until he pulled over and turned his camera off. Celebs chasing the paps? Oh the irony. Watch it now! read more

Kellie Pickler, Paris & More!

Pickler: "But like...I thought Europe was a country."

Is Kellie Pickler Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?Unless she's really good playing dumb, we're gonna have to say no, she's not. In a recent appearance on the hit game show, the country singer was asked what European country Budapest was capital of (which, mind you, left her baffled, considering she thought Europe was a country). When she found out the correct answer, she didn't even, like, know Hungary was a country. Turkey she's heard of, but Hungary, not so much. Good thing for her charity, she trusted her fifth-grade teammate.Watch it now!Paris Hilton Wants to be a Mommy?During a recent one-on-one interview with Ellen, Paris Hilton revealed her secret desire on national television. And what could the girl with everything under the sun possibly want? Try a baby! Now that BFF Nicole Richie is ready to pop, the heiress wants a little nugget of her own. Watch it now!Chris Brown's New Music VideoHe's been the talk of the town with his sick dance moves that give even old pros like JT a run... read more

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