Homer's Life Flashes Before His Eyes!

Needless to say, we heart our parodies here at, so when we saw this Simpsons video, we couldn't resist sharing. In this clip that aired in yesterday’s episode, The Simpsons mimicked the Noah photo time-lapse video (see below) of the dude who took a picture of himself every day for six years and strung together a video of it. In this updated version, we see what it would look like if he took a picture of himself every day for the past 39 years. We get baby Homer, acne-ridden teen Homer — even Homer balding before your very eyes! Maybe Dove will use this for their next ad. More online videos read more

Britney's New Music Video

"OMG, That Britney’s Shameless!"Looks like the Britster’s been pretty busy at work lately (though perhaps she should be focusing on getting her trainwreck of a life together — but that’s a whole ‘nother post). In her latest video, “Piece of Me,” off her Blackout album, the pop-tart takes on the media and the paparazzi for making a spectacle of her life (no mention of how easy she makes it for us). The good news is the lip-syncing seems to be on. Bad news: her dancing leaves a lot to be desired. Come on, Brit, you used to rip it up out there! Thoughts on the video, anyone? More online videos read more

Naked Paris, New Harry Potter Peek & More!

Naked, Golden Paris HiltonNot only did Paris the heiress strip down to nada for a photo shoot, but she also lathered herself in gold to crawl across a desert. So why the risqué shots? To launch her new line of sparkling wine, which comes in a gold can, of course. Sources do say, however, that something good will come out of her bubbly sales, since a portion of the proceeds will go to the Rich Water Foundation. Aw, Paris, how humble of you to give back! Watch it now! | More online videosGet a Peek of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceListen up, all you Potter fanatics, 'cause we’ve got a very special treat for you — an awesome behind-the-scenes look at the next Potter installment, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Hear from the cast and crew about what’s to come, including Voldemort wreaking havoc across the world and a new little romance that’s sure to make Ron blush. Oh, and would you believe Neville has facial hair?!More online videosHow Kiefer&... read more

Survivor: China, Girls Dancin' On Subway Poles & More!

Five Remain on Survivor: China They’re tired, irritable and, quite frankly, really look like they need to eat a burger — or 10. With only five contestants left, time to start placing your votes as to who is actually going to be crowned Survivor: China. This week, everyone will be duking it out for a overnight trip to the Great Wall and some Mongolian BBQ. Then contestant numero 12 says bye-bye at tribal council. Who will it be? Watch it now! | More online videosSexy Pole Dancers on NYC SubwaysOh, the things people will do to make a buck. On a dare to win a cash prize, four exceptionally limber ladies showed their pole-dancing skills in a place they knew they would be appreciated — the NYC subways (the riders’ faces are priceless). Talk about ballsy! We're really hoping they win a nice chunk of change for their hard work because — take it from us — those trains aren’t exactly the cleanest things in the world to grind up against. More online videosS... read more

Crank That Kosha Boy, Top Model Finale & More!

"Crank That Kosha Boy"Just when we thought the Soulja Boy parodies had finally come to an end, we stumbled across this little gem. In honor of the close of the 2007 Hanukkah season, we give you "Crank That Kosha Boy." Not only is it hilarious (and pretty well done), it hits up just about every cultural notion there is, from matzo-ball soup to a brisk to bris. Best line? "What is this meshugena, farchadat dance?"More online videosTime to Pick a New Top ModelTonight's the night, everyone! There are three lucky young ladies left, but as Tyra so graciously puts it, "There can only be one America's Next Top Model" (well, technically tonight's would make nine, but who's counting?). So once the final two are decided, it's time for a Seventeen cover-shoot face-off and — the thing that separates the cover girls from the supermodels — the dreaded catwalk. Oh, it's on now! Watch it now! | More online videosA Mother-daughter Reality Show Is BornAnd not only is it a mommy-daughter real... read more

Vanessa Hudgens Christmas in Washington Performance

It’s that time of year again: when the POTUS, First Lady and other D.C. bigwigs attend the annual holiday Christmas in Washington concert. With hosts Dr. Phil and wifey Robin (who even gives you TV Guide users a shout-out), the concert is a musical celebration benefiting the National Children’s Medical Center. So who’s on the roster? Let’s see… there’s Ne-Yo, Alan Jackson, Andrea Bocelli and Katharine McPhee (talk about a wide assortment). Even High School Musical celeb Vanessa Hudgens will be doing a little number. Get a peek of her belting out the classic Christmas tune “Angels We Have Heard On High.” Watch it now! | More online videosThe special airs tonight at 10 pm on TNT. read more

What's Up Bush's A- - ?, Sabrina's Xmas List & More

Dancing's Sabrina Bryan's Xmas ListAw, how cute… it's Sabrina and Mark's first Christmas together. And that can only mean one thing — lots of presents! The Dancing with the Stars contestant has made a wish list for her new honey. So what does this Cheetah Girl want under the tree this season? Try a mini Yorkie pup. And if all else fails… a Nintendo Wii. Come on, Mark, you can afford both for your boo, no? Watch it now! | More online videosLewis Black Ventures Up Bush's A- -In Comedy Central's Last Laugh '07, Lewis Black and "the squad" ventured to solve the biggest mystery of the year for their opening animation — what's up Bush's a--! And you'll never guess what they found there: Let's see, his brain for starters… Cheney's wedding ring ("from operating Bush like a puppet"), a satisfying conclusion to The Sopranos and, saving the best for last, a singing and dancing David Hasselhoff.More online videosAmy Winehouse's New VideoShe may be viewed as one the yea... read more

Janice Dickinson Calls Tyra "Fat"

Looks like Janice Dickinson's big mouth has got her into a boatload of trouble yet again. During and interview with Al Roker yesterday on the Today Show, the self-proclaimed supermodel stuck up for Jennifer Love Hewitt stating she looked "healthy." But rather than leaving it at that, Dickinson definitely stuck her foot in her mouth when she continued on to say "You want to see someone who's fat, I'm sorry, Tyra, Tyra Banks is fat." When Roker stopped her mid sentence to call her out on that comment, she unconvincingly explained she was kidding. See for yourself.Dickinson's publicist more than likely sat her down in an attempt to run some damage control because when she appeared later on The Star Jones Show, she managed to bring up her "stupid comment" towards the end of her interview, re-emphasizing that she was just kidding. Do you buy it? Or do you think she's just trying to cover her behind? read more

Samantha Who?, Oprah Backs Obama & More!

Samantha Tries to Match Her Carpet and DrapesAll Samantha wants to do is get everything ready for her big night with Kevin, but when her well-intentioned friend Dena suggests she have her "carpet match her drapes," she mistakenly assumes that all this innocent phrase means is to match your bra and panties. Whoops. Hopefully Sam doesn't share her fun new term with anyone else — like, say, her ex — cuz that'd be really embarrassing. Oh wait, she does!Watch it now! | More online videosOprah Backs ObamaWell, it's no mystery who Oprah will be voting for in '08! At a campaign rally in Iowa on Saturday, the talk-show queen described campaigning for this presidential candidate as "very, very personal." With Winfrey appearing at rallies in South Carolina and New Hampshire as well, the only question now is will this "Double O" tour take the nation by storm? In less than a year we'll find out. More online videosSay Bye-Bye to Ted's Tramp-Stamp So sad… after all the joy everyone ... read more

Adam Sandler, George Clooney & More

Adam Sandler's "The Hanukkah Song"Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that Adam Sandler was on SNL performing his hit "The Hanukkah Song?" Oh, how we miss those days. But thanks to the power of online video, we're resurrecting this holiday classic now that the Hanukkah season is upon us. Not that Part II and III aren't fabulous, but we're still going on record to say that this one is by far the most genius. Watch it now! | More online videosBest Wedding Dance — Ever!You all know the drill: Attend wedding reception, newlyweds are announced for the first time, then watch as they revert back to seventh grade and slow-dance in a circle to some sappy love song. But alas, one couple has dared to break the mold! Check out these lovebirds as they pull the whoop-dee-whoop on their guests and bust out to "Baby Got Back," complete with all your favorite old-skool moves. More online videosGeorge Clooney Propositioned in Bathroom Stall?The parodies just keep getting better and better (a... read more

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