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Gossip Girl by KC Bailey/The CW

Gossip Girl Breaks the RulesUh, oh… looks like the gang is in some serious doo-doo after these mischievous teens decide to break into the school for a little late-night swim. When it comes time to fess up as to who’s responsible, mum's the word — especially since they're facing expulsion! Get ready for what they’re calling the first of the “two best episodes yet” of the freshman series. All we know is we’re thankful there are two new episodes, period! Watch it now! | More online videosLaw & Order Hits the 18th Season MarkIt’s baaack… and for the 18th season no less. Law & Order returns just as strong as ever with two newbies, the attractive Det. Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto of Six Feet Under) and the stubborn chief assistant DA, Michael Cutter (Linus Roache). In tonight’s two-episode premiere, you can look forward to deadly drug cocktails, a killer nicknamed Dr. Death, a blackout kidnapping and more! Who's pumped for tonight?! ... read more

MTV's Artist of the Week

Cobra Starship: "The City Is at War”You may remember Cobra Starship from their “Snakes on a Plane” single in association with the awesomely bad movie. But unlike the Samuel L. Jackson flick, this group is doing pretty well for themselves considering they are currently MTV’s first "Artist of the Week" for the new year. The group even made an appearance on Tila Tequila’s New Year’s Eve Masquerade 2008 to promote their newest video, “The City Is at War.”< For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! read more

Mischa Barton Busted

Mischa Barton by Kevin Mazur/

Why, oh why, won’t these celebs just hire drivers if they insist on going out and getting hammered? The newest edition to the celebrity DUI list of fun is none other than 21 year-old O.C. starlet, Mischa Barton. The actress was arrested in West Hollywood when police noticed Barton was straddling two lanes of traffic. The least she could have done is pony up for a cab!Watch it now! | More online videos read more

New Knight Rider Teaser

Knight Rider Gets a MakeoverForget the Hoff, there’s a new mustang-driving badass in town come the New Year. NBC has recently released the official teaser for the upcoming two-hour Knight Rider TV movie. Looks like KITT is moving up in the world now that he’s been upgraded to a sick 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR (click here to check out the ride), and has a new manly voice (Arrested Development’s Will Arnett). A word of advice: the teaser is only a whopping 15 seconds long, so whatever you do, don’t blink!For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! read more

Danny Bonaduce to the Rescue!

Bonaduce Helps Out Amy WinehouseYes, we realize Christmas is over, but this video still deserves to be viewed well through the New Year. After all, it’s not everyday we stumble across an animated, shirtless Danny Bonaduce in a Santa hat providing words of wisdom to the hot mess that is Amy Winehouse. Oh, we’re not joking...see for yourself.More online videos read more

Jamie Lynn Speaks!

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Speaks OutIt may be poor form to be poking fun at the situation with Jamie Lynn and the entire Spears family for that matter, but we couldn’t resist sharing this video spoofing both gossip site TMZ and Jamie Lynn’s age (honestly, we just couldn’t get over this kid in those ridiculous sun glasses!). Look out Will Ferrell, looks like we may have a new Pearl on our hands! For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! read more

Where's Jessica?

Wait, it that Jessica Simpson? Must be having a really rough week!

Jessica Simpson MIA at Romo’s Cowboy’s GameAfter proving to be the bad luck charm of all back luck charms last week for her honey Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson appeared to be a no-show at Sunday’s big game. But doesn’t mean there weren’t imposters in the stands. Panthers fans sported Simpson masks and even long, blonde wigs to mess with the QB’s head. Romo did manage to rally quite nicely from what was called “the worst game of his professional career” with a 20-13 win over the Panthers. Watch it now! | More online videosSo do we think he was just having an off day last week, or was the blonde bombshell more of a distraction in the stands than Romo could handle?For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! read more

Katherine Heigl Gets Hitched

Katherine Heigl by John Sciulli/

Katherine Heigl Ties the KnotSorry fellas, this year’s “It” girl is officially off the market. Grey’s star Katherine Heigl and musical artist Josh Kelley exchanged vows over the holiday weekend in Deer Valley, Utah. The now Mrs. Kelley walked down in the aisle donning an Oscar de la Renta original with costars of her hit series present to share in her special day (Heigl’s BFF T.R. Knight was even one of groomsmen). The two lovebirds met back in 2005 during a cameo Heigl made in Kelley’s music video for his hit song “Only You.” Aww. Who would have guessed a teeney, tiny appearance in music video would lead to a 3-carat ring!?Watch it now! | More online videosFor more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! read more

Sopranos Stop by Sesame Street

The Sopranos Hit Up Sesame StreetLeave it to Bert and Ernie to get all Hollywood on us. Our favorite puppet duo has moved behind the camera to direct their own sketches, and guess who they managed to get to play their parts? The Sopranos' Tony Sirico and Steve Schirripa. How can you resist seeing Paulie Walnuts with a bushy unibrow and Bobby Bacala with a tri-colored, striped sweater? We can just hear it now: “Ey, Ernie, you talkin’ to me?” Hmm...wonder what their rendition of “Rubber Duckie” would be like. Watch it now! | More online videosFor more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! read more

"Christmas for Jews"

SNL’s “Christmas for Jews” SongWhoever said Christmas is a Christian holiday clearly didn’t realize what a magical time it is for Jews around the world. But fear not, for SNL clearly took note: When the gentiles disappear to do their Xmas thing, the Jewish folk are out and about, taking advantage of that one night a year they “control the town.” Of course, the best way to go about explaining this would be through a black-and-white, claymation music video led by what looks like one of The Supremes. And somehow it works! read more

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