Entourage Returns With Killer Guest Star Roster

Bow Wow and Kevin Connolly on Entourage by Doug Hyun/HBO

Vinny Chase may be in a bit of a slump ever since his Medellin flop, but the same doesn't ring true for the boys behind Entourage. The hit HBO series is coming back Sunday for its Season 5 premiere, and the list of guest stars is pretty extensive with Giovanni Ribisi, Tony Bennett, Mark Walberg, Bow Wow, among others, scheduled to pop up. Can't wait to see Ari raise some hell! Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Star Jones Plays Kissy Face With New Man

The former View co-host may have recently called it quits with hubby Al Reynolds, but now that the media madness around the divorce has settled, Star Jones has been spotted with a new man, executive chef Herb Wilson, at the U.S. Open in New York. And based on the PDA's that went down, it's pretty safe to say the two are more than just buddies. read more

HBO Vamps Up Show Line-Up with True Blood

True Blood by Prashant Gupta/HBO

There's a new vampire series in town, and instead of your usual "let's kill the blood-sucker" version of the series, HBO is giving us a new spin on the goth genre. From the creator of Six Feet Under comes True Blood, which takes place in a world where the vamps have come forth to live amongst the rest of the population now that a synthetic blood drink (Tru Blood) has been created as a substitute for the human kind. But for some reason, the humans and vampires just can't seem to get along. Watch it now! | More online videos read more

The Notorious Fierce Fourteen; Top Model Inauguration

Top Model has hit the Cycle 11 with its two hour season premiere and based on the first half of the episode its fairly clear Tyra Co really want to emphasize the whole looking toward the future theme of the show At the start of the episode the new batch of girls are greeted at the Top Model Institute of Technology by the Js or shall we say Alpha Jay and Beta J mdash sporting some seriously tight silver metallic jackets and white hair When the girls finally relax with their squealing of excitement they all put on some exceptionally flattering spandex outfits and wait to be photographed A few ridiculously cheesetastic special affect later Tyra appears in some black bra-dress type get-up and gives us her Oscar-winning Tyrabot performanceWe finally get to meet the models and see what their stories are and I have to say casting really may have out-done themselves this season As far as the girls who make the cut here were the ones that s read more

Booth and Bones Stare Down a Brit

You've heard the show is kicking its season off with a bang in London, but who knew Booth would be heading over to have a stare-down with one of the ever-unflinching Queen's Guards? Watch a snippet of tonight's episode, as well as an interview with David Boreanaz himself to get the scoop on what we can expect in the new season of Bones. read more

Which Actress Is Fattening Up for New Role?

When it comes to landing a role in movie, celebs have no problem doing whatever it takes to look the part. But one thing you don't see everyday is Hollywood's leading ladies plumping up for their roles, considering how much effort they put into looking trim and fit. So can you guess which actress is putting vanity aside for a role in the new film French Women Don't Get Fat (based on the bestselling book)? Hint: She won an Oscar for a role that had working out like a mad woman. read more

Top Model Takes on Hollywood

Tyra Banks by Michael Desmond/The CW

Cycle 11 of the model-making show is taking things back to the olden days (and by olden, we mean Tyra and Co. taking over Tinseltown). In tonight's two-hour season premiere, the gals will be shooting for the stars and aren't exactly shy about much — especially the one that can't seem to keep her top on. Get a sneak peek of what's to come now! Watch it now! | More online videos read more

We're Not in Kansas Anymore; The Jet Set

The new 90210 debuted Tuesday with some of the best-ever ratings for a CW series debut and a new generation of questions to keep fans on-board Whos the babys daddy Wheres the principals secret son And why are there pigs on a porn set With no advance copies made available for critics pretty much everyone saw the new show at the same time And heres my rundown of what we sawJust like its predecessor the series starts out with a family arriving at their new home in Beverly Hills Dad Harry Wilson West Beverly Highs new principal mom Debbie adopted son Dixon and daughter Annie survey their swanky new mansion We find out it belongs to Harrys booze-hound former television star mother Tabitha when she tells them to move the crapwagon they drove up in We cut to the opening credits The fact that the theme song stays true to the original made me smile It pulls just enough from the classic theme because clearly I would have had to draw the line at the Brandon air-p read more

90210's Jennie Garth Talks Return of Kelly Taylor

90210's Jennie Garth by Michael Desmond/The CW

The CW is calling the new 90210 one of the most anticipated premieres of the season, and now that we know Kelly and Brenda will be sharing many scenes together, we couldn’t agree more. Hear from West Beverly babe and DWTS alum, Jennie Garth, as she talks about what it's like reprising her role, how she's going out of her way to keep the original fans happy and how her character's role evolved to fit into the new remake. Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Aniston Set to Return to TV

Looks like America's sweetheart is returning to primetime television. Jennifer Aniston is putting the John Mayer drama behind her and heading back to work with a guest appearance for the hit NBC series, 30 Rock. No word yet on what character the former Friend will be playing, but how awesome would it be if she played Kenneth's new love interest?! read more

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