How Much Does Tyra Weigh?

Since her supermodel days, the paps have taken note of Tyra's body beefing up a bit, but the daytime diva could give two you-know-whats about what anyone has to say about her size. The media mogul revealed to Life & Style magazine what her weight range is, and we have to say, it's quite refreshing to see a healthy fashion icon who's not afraid to eat more than a Twizzler and a stick of gum for lunch. read more

Top Model Strikes a Dirty-Bird Pose

Where, oh, where does casting find these people? In tonight's episode of Top Model, the girls are asked to show off a fierce pose with product placement, but one model took that as an invite to wrap her leg over her head and cover up her privates with a designer bag. Well, that's one way to sell purses. read more

Niecy Nash & Jerry O'Connell's Fox Comedy

Fox has decided to go the funny route Wednesday nights, adding new sitcom Do Not Disturb to follow 'Til Death. The always sassy Niecy Nash and Jerry O'Connell (who will be forever known as the best Tom Cruise impersonator) star in the comedy about two hotel staff members who get into all sorts of laugh-inducing situations. Get a peek at the banter to come. read more

"Lucky Strike"

After scoring record-breaking ratings last week with the debut of 90210 the freshman series has returned for episode number two where we learn Silver has been hiding a doozy of a secret from her friends and family and Naomis world is turned upside down by a shocking revelation The episode begins with a frantic Wilson family running around with no time to sit down and enjoy a good old fashioned breakfast that mom made This prompts Debbie and Harry to declare a family fun night on a Friday no less at the bowling alley Lucky Strike But the kiddies are less than thrilled with spending a night on the town with the rents Dixon has plans to watch a screening of the new Bond flick at Navids place with the guys though chances are they secretly just want to get a peek of one of his pornos and Annie has a date with Ty to see a concert Despite their pleading of how family time doesnt work that way in their new zip Harry puts his foot down and simply says Well then were jus read more

Jessica Simpson's Debut Dress Offends Audience

As the new Jessica continues her Mission: Cowgirl Reinvention, the pop-turned-country singer made her Grand Ole Opry debut Saturday night, singing her first single off her new album, "Come on Over." Simpson may have been thrilled to pieces with what she felt was "like a homecoming," but a few of the more conservative country fans in the audience were a bit perturbed by her plunging neckline. Guess they don't watch cable much, huh? read more

Joshua Jackson Stars in J.J. Abrams' Fringe

Uh oh, Pacey. Look's like we're not in Capeside anymore! Yes, Joshua Jackson is all grown up from his days on the Creek and starring in J.J. Abrams' (Lost) newest project Fringe. Get sneak peek of the mysterious drama that premieres tonight on Fox, and click here to see what Josh, J.J. and the crew had to say about the new series. read more

CSI Season 9 Premiere Trailer

The new season of CSI may be a month a way, but all you die-hards can rejoice because we've found the 90-second super trailer for the premiere. Get a peek of what's to come after the shocking season finale that left one of their own for dead. and, by the looks of this trailer, we may have a bit of a sad reunion on hands. read more

Madonna Gives Shout Out to Pope

Leave it to Madonna to stir up the controversy yet again with the Catholic Church while performing in Rome for her Sticky & Sweet world tour. The 50-year-old artist took a moment during her concert to dedicate one of her songs to the Pope before performing one of her oldies. And which of her classics did she decide to send to His Holiness? Yep, you guessed it — "Like a Virgin." Oh Madge, always going out of your way to place nice with the Catholics, aren't you?! read more

Brit Cleans House at MTV's VMAs

The world waited with baited breath to see if Britney would have a repeat performance of last year's trainwreck, but instead of a crash and burn, the pop princess managed to reclaim her throne after nabbing not one, not two, but three Moonmen statues — including the coveted Video of the Year award. Brit Brit may not have performed, but at least she looked good while she was cleaning house. read more

Seinfeld Teams Up With Bill Gates for Microsoft Ad

If there's anyone in this world who could afford to hire Jerry Seinfeld to help promote its products, it's Microsoft. For its new $300 million campaign, which aired during NFL's first regular season game Thursday night, the 90 second spot featured Seinfeld, Bill Gates, shoe shopping and a churro. Though we have to admit the commercial was a bit odd (to say the least), it definitely was a bit of a surprise to see the computer guru shake his money-maker at the end. read more

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