"You're Beautiful, Now Change"

Are you ready for some makeovers On this weeks Top Model the girls undergo the much awaited transformations where hair is dyed chopped and woven all while tears are being shed The models arrive home to find Tyra sitting the living room handing out tiaras none as big as Queen Tyras of course as she announces that its time for makeovers Just as we are about to get the rundown on whos getting what Tyra and the Jays bust out in their stellar acting skills yet again to reenact the Snow White poison apple scene And after all the hoopla we learn Tyra is just far too faint from that poison apple to tell the girls their hair fate before hand Actually for even more a twist this cycle the mirrors in the salon are covered so even the girls dont even get to know whats going on until all is said and done The audience on the other hand is lucky enough to get the play-by-play from Tyra posing as the Mirror Mirror on the Wall mystical beingThe makeovers begin with M read more

Ellen's Life as a CoverGirl

When you think of words to describe daytime talk queen Ellen DeGeneres, things like "funny" or "snazzy dresser" come to mind — not "easy, breezy, beauitful CoverGirl." But despite being an unconventional choice as make-up model, Ellen confirmed the rumors on her show that she will, in fact, be the new face for CoverGirl cosmetics. Oprah must be seething! read more

"The Bubble"

After all the speculation and over analysis of some very vague clues the mystery of the 90210 babydaddy has been put to rest on this weeks episode Little Sammys dad was the topic of much conversation as Kellys new love interest poked and prodded for any info he could get on the mystery man But the big reveal came in the final moments of the episode during a confrontation between Kelly and Brenda just like in the good ole days The argument came to a close with Brenda claiming Kelly was still hung up on Sammys father This weeks episode started out with news that Annies drama teacher was taking an indefinite leave of absence due to a family emergency But never fear Grandma Tabitha has stepped up to fill-in and share golden nuggets of acting advice as If youre not breathing from your ass and reaching to the skies the back of the room wont hear you Love it Naomi who cant accept that her mom is cool with her fathe read more

House Returns with More Doc Drama on Season 5

Last season, we were left reeling from an a-mazing two-part season finale that resulted with Cutthroat Bitch dead and House and Wilson on the outs. Oh, and Thirteen is terminal, by the way. Click here to check out what Hugh Laurie has to say about the new dynamic between him and Wilson, and hear from the cast chat about all the ethical dilemmas, medical mysteries and the always interesting relationships between the staff (which always seem to be rooted in sarcasm). read more

Tree Hill Preview: Carrie Tells Dan Her Psycho Plan

How wild is the return of One Tree Hill's "psycho Carrie," and as part of Dan's storyline no less? In this clip, Torrey DeVitto gives us shivers as Carrie lays out her utterly twisted plan to get little Jamie back. Dan is plenty worried out by her scheme as well, because in this subsequent clip the near-incapacitated dude decides to make a run for it! Ouch, that's gotta hurt. read more

Matt Damon Not Too Keen on Palin

Every time election season rolls around, videos of celebs sounding off on their political views always seem to pop up, and this controversial soap opera of an election is no exception. In an interview with The Asoociated Press, Matt Damon described John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as "a disaster," adding that the idea of a hockey mom potentially becoming president "is like a bad Disney movie." Ouch! Jason Bourne is harsh. read more

Get Ready for Hole in the Wall

What's better than watching people of all shapes and sizes jump, dive and squeeze their way through an oncoming motorized wall to avoid getting tossed in the water? Not much. Watch the first full episode of the popular international reality competition series, Hole in the Wall. Talk about crack TV. read more

Simpsons Told Through Legos

We've all seen hundreds upon hundreds of Simpsons opening sequences, thanks to the creative team behind the long-running animated series. But we have to give this Lego version of the classic opening some credit. Granted, Maggie is bigger than her mom and Lisa looks she's playing some form of a toilet instead of a sax, but it's still a lot more impressive than anything we could ever whip up with the building blocks. read more

The Ladder of Model Success

This weeks Top Model is all about unobvious poses in unobvious places But fear not for Benny Ninja will be around to educate the girls on striking some interesting positions just in time for their rope ladder challenge At the start of the episode the models meet up with Benny and a model known for his extreme posing to practice their most unconventional posing Not really what the purpose nor how effective the red sheer-fabric tube are in helping teach the gals but it definitely gives the whole thing a bit more humor Benny describes Hannah as being lost in translation and Nikeysha as looking like she either has gas or is going through labor They are however impressed with the hoochified SheenaBack at the house the girls do some bonding in the pool over a game of truth or dare which results in Sheena doing her best strip dance and Clark kissing Elina The drama kicked into high gear when Hannah pushed Isis away as she danced her way into her personal space When Hannah read more

Pam Takes it Off for Ellen

We should have known when Pam came out in a robe to do her guest appearance on Ellen that garments would go flying! The Baywatch bombshell proceeded to strip down to a tiny-weeny bikini and play pretend volleyball — but instead of looking athletic, Pammy looked like, well, a booby blonde jumping around in a bikini. Oh sure, now that Ellen is a married woman she's pulling out all the stops to get her attention. read more

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