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D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: Will Coach Get Sacked?

Hello there, all you FNL fans!

D.W. Moffett here and guess what? This is my last blog of the season! Can you believe we're already at the end of this journey? Thankfully we're not completely done — as I'm sure you already know, Friday Night Lights has been picked up for two 13-episode seasons, thanks to the partnership of NBC with DirecTV! So I'm very glad to report that my blog won't end on a cliffhanger, and neither will the season.

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D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"

D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights

Hello there all you FNL fans!

D.W. Moffett here, and as they say so very loudly and so very proudly from the canvas rings of Las Vegas, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

This is the episode where the fireworks begin and the blaze starts.

You will see how it gets put out (or not?!) over the next few weeks.

So ... here we go!

• This week a little word pops up - "re-districting." It will have great ramifications on our little show over the next few weeks, so keep watching for that.

• Also this week, Gramma Saracen ... read more

D.W. Moffett: A Very Good Lie

Lie To Me

Guest-starring on a show is like jumping onto a moving train. You always hope there's someone on the train to help you up when your feet start dangling and it looks like you might get squashed on the tracks. A show that is up and running is like a big family. Everyone in the make-up trailer knows each other and all the camera guys and the grips and electricians know each other and have already decided which guys get kidded about what every day, and there are all kinds of inside jokes flying around and it's a bit like ... well, yeah, jumping onto a moving train. Sometimes it feels like everybody speaks ... read more

D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: "Game of the Week"

Hey FNL fans! Remember what I told you about those pregnant storylines getting ready to pop? Well brace yourself — more pops are on the way! When I got the script for this week's episode, "Game of the Week," I found out what my character was going to be up to for the final episodes of the season. I was so shocked that I think I walked around in a daze in during the filming of this episode. You will see that I'm not in it much, so I spent my time walking the streets of Austin and thanking my lucky stars for the storyline that had been placed in my lap. Are you intrigued?

All I can say is stay tuned for ... read more

D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: From Austin to New York

Hello there all you FNL fans!!!

As I reviewed the episode slated for this coming Friday ("New York, New York"), I was reminded of a few things.

First of all, I didn't have to do too much on this episode, so that freed me up to finally get a chance to explore Austin a little more.

If you want a town with personality, Austin is definitely it. When you think of Texas, you probably don't think of a town full of diverse culture and some of the hottest music you'll ever ... read more

D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: Run and Gun, Baby!

Hello there, all you FNL fans!

This week's episode puts us square in the middle of the season and the storylines are starting to show signs of pregnancy. No, there's no pregnancy this week — but you get the sense that things are going to start to go 'pop pop pop' pretty soon.  Take it from someone in the know, they do. They're going to be exploding pretty quickly here!

This week we're going to see that Coach has to continue to try to fend off the ever-present, ever-pressuring Joe McCoy again.  I thought maybe it was time to talk a little about the experience of filming FNL.

I had a wild ride in Austin when we shot the show.  I was initially expecting to play this character ... read more

D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: Riggins to the Rescue...?

After last week's chaotic mess that put J.D. McCoy in starter position and made homeowners out of Jason Street and the Riggins boys, what adventure can we get into this week?

J.D. McCoy, boy wonder. Now a starter. Still an uncool freshman. How to fix that?  Well, get Mr. Cool himself, Tim Riggins, talked into taking care of young McCoy.  As the new freshman QB is being mercilessly razzed by his teammates, only the big man on the team, Mr. Riggins himself, can ... read more

D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: A New King in the Castle

Hello there all you FNL fans!


This week's episode has some wonderful story developments for Jason Street, Matt Saracen, and of course, the Taylors.

Instead of going over plot points in these blogs, I'm going to be sharing what I thought really worked as an insider to the show. These are the things that I've found really compelling about this season and specifically, this episode.

One of my favorite parts of this week's episode is ... read more

D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: "How the Other Half Lives"

Friday Night Lights, "How the Other Half Lives"

In this Friday's episode of Friday Night Lights (9 pm/ET, NBC), the heat turns up on the coach. Everybody in town seems to want to start young Joe McCoy at quarterback ... except Coach. It doesn't help that this week is the big game with Arnett Mead, one of Dillon's arch rivals.

Katie McCoy, the bubbly and irrepressible wife of Joe McCoy Sr. (yours truly) is introduced in this episode and she gets right into the game. Oh, did I mention that she is played by the bubbly and incomparable Janine Turner? No? OK then, I just did. Mrs. McCoy, you'll find, dives right into life ... read more

D.W. Moffett, Friday Night Lights: We're Back (on NBC)!

Greetings all you Friday Night Lights fans!

This Friday, Season 3 began on NBC! Check your local listings for the time but we are back on the air and hoping you stay with us for the duration!

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I will be blogging about the season on a weekly basis and hope to hear back from many of you as to your thoughts and impressions. I play ... read more

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