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Reese Witherspoon is poised to star in and produce a remake of Otto Preminger's 1965 film Bunny Lake Is Missing, Variety reports. The original pic starred Noel Coward and Laurence Olivier and revolved around a young girl who goes missing, but in reality, may not actually exist. read more


NBC is overhauling its struggling Friday night lineup, and that's bad news for fans of Boomtown. The network is pulling the critically acclaimed drama off the air and replacing it with reruns of Law & Order: SVU. Also, Miss Match is shifting to 9 pm, where it will follow a repeat of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy this week and Dateline next week. read more


Former Dharma & Greg star Jenna Elfman's Broadway debut in the musical Nine has been postponed. According to the New York Post, the actress was slated to replace Tony Award-winner Jane Krakowski last night in the role of sexpot Carla, but got the hook at the last minute because she needed more "rehearsal time." Elfman's understudy took her place on stage. read more

8 Simple Rules Poor Katey Sagal....

8 Simple Rules
Poor Katey Sagal. They make her do this "heartfelt introduction" to John Ritter's final episode, and the woman just looks, well, uncomfortable. She's clearly in a tough position. That said, Ritter's charmingly goofy, as always, in his last TV outing. Loved the part where he freaks out over "a noise downstairs," then pummels "prowler" Thad Luckenbill with a toilet-bowl brush! This guy's been such comfort food, ever since I started catching him in Three's Company reruns after school as a kid. I'm really going to miss him.

Gilmore Girls
Okay, someone just needs to call it out: The Gilmore girls are a pair of ungrateful churls! Don't get me wrong, I adore Lorelai and Rory. But their snarky reaction to Grandma Emily's gift was absurd. (In case you missed it, she surprised Rory by outfitting her Yale dorm room with posh furnishings, a home entertainment center — complete with plasma screen TV! — read more

Dave Punked Out in Paradise

The nail-biting season finale of Fox's Paradise Hotel was full of surprises, but none more eye-popping than Charla's final decision: Faced with $250,000 in prize money, she opted not to split it with her kindly roommate, Dave. Nope, she kept it all for her greedy self. Huh? That Barbie girl would never have made it to the final four without him! Alas, the 26-year-old may've flown back to Boston sans the cash — or the girl — but he does get props for loyalty.

As Dave tells TV Guide Online: "I would have split the money with Toni if she was my final partner, if she had, in any way, helped me get to the end. I think almost everyone there would have split the money."

That's doubtful, considering Paradise's pit of vipers. Don't forget, Toni mercilessly teased and taunted Dave about his appearance. (Hey, so what if the dude has large ears!) Anyway, it had to sting when Dave's crush refused to sh read more


Rumor has it Ed O'Neill may reunite with former Married... with Children wife Katey Sagal on her ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules. According to today's New York Post, O'Neill — who currently stars in ABC's L.A. Dragnet — may play the brother of Sagal's soon-to-be-widowed character. read more


It seems Shannen Doherty is ready to laugh about her bad-girl persona. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former 90210/Charmed hellraiser has inked a deal with NBC to star in a sitcom about a "young woman who is stuck with a rep of being headstrong and nasty but is nice and fragile at heart." Okay, so it's loosely based on Doherty's life. read more

Peter Gallagher Raises an Eyebrow

This week, The O.C.'s Peter Gallagher moonlights as the lead in Oxygen's A Tale of Two Wives, a made-for-cable comedy about a psychiatrist living life as a bigamist. "That, to me, is unfathomable," says Gallagher, who has been married to his college sweetheart, Paula, for 20 years. "It's a lot of work to be married to one person and have a family," he adds. "I can't imagine what it would be like doing double duty." He also can't imagine life without his infamous eyebrows. And don't laugh. We actually asked.

TV Guide Online: OK, so you've never tried to date two women at once?
Two women? God, man. (Laughs) Well, I'm still living. So, clearly I must've gotten away with it, when I did do it. But I don't think it's time to blow my cover now.

TVGO: Ah, 'cause you're happily married.

TVGO: And you've got two kids [Jamey, 13 and Kathryn, 10]. Are you the cool dad now that yo read more

NYPD Blue Wedding Off?

Now that NYPD Blue gunshot victim Rodriguez is back on his feet, there's nothing keeping affianced detectives Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) and McDowell (Charlotte Ross) from walking down the aisle. Well, almost nothing. "Let me just put it this way," executive producer Mark Tinker tells TV Guide Online. "There's some dissention in the ranks as to what we should do with that story."

He can say that again. His colleague, co-producer Bill Clark, talks like he's already stocking up on rice. "We sure hope [the wedding will happen]," he insists. "We have it on hold probably at least through about half the season."

So what's the sticking point? Bennifer could put together a ceremony quicker than this! Heck, J. Lo could even get hitched and divorced faster! "It's a delicate situation," Clark explains, "because we don't want to get into marital bliss with [Sipowicz], and he's had so much tragedy in read more


Hercules and Andromeda hunk Kevin Sorbo is preparing to become a daddy again. "My wife [Sam] is four months pregnant," he tells TV Guide Online. "We have a 2-year-old boy [Braedon Cooper], and we have another one on the way. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet. We'll find out in about a week!" Keep us posted, Sorbs! (He lets me call him that.) read more

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