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HBO won't be bringing back K Street, Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney's failed political reality experiment, for a second season. However, the cabler has given the duo the green light to produce another limited-run series under the condition that A) it's set in a different venue and B) it doesn't suck. read more


Tim Allen can't seem to shake the holiday spirit. The Santa Clause headliner has signed on to star in Skipping Christmas, a big-screen comedy based on the John Grisham novel. Allen will play a man who decides to — you guessed it — skip Christmas and go on a vacation with his wife instead. His plan is foiled when his daughter unexpectedly comes home for the holidays. read more

SundayA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving...


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Even though this first aired 30 years ago and, thus, isn't going to change, every darn time I watch I hope Lucy won't pull that football away. And every darn time, she does. But if you think Chuck's a loser, you have it all wrong: At least he keeps trying. Next year, I say he oughta pull a little to the side and aim for the head. Then again, I'm an angrier guy than most, so consider the source.

And am I the only one that sees Danny Partridge whenever Peppermint Patty's on screen? And where did they get all those toasters, anyway?

Fallen Angel
The wiseacre in me sees plenty of openings for smartass, inappropriate remarks. A rich guy tattoos two people with his car, then runs off into the snow in a Santa suit. The hypothermia incident. The impossibly well-timed cell phone call. But it's Christmas in small-town Maine, where a high-powered lawyer falls in love while reconnecting with h read more


Mary J. Blige plans to make good use of all those Thanksgiving leftovers. The hip-hop diva confirms on tomorrow's Ellen DeGeneres Show that she will will marry music producer Kendu Isaacs this Friday. read more

Tupac's Mom Speaks Out

In the seven years since Tupac Shakur died, several unauthorized biographies and films have been released about the slain rapper. But his mother, Afeni Shakur, executive produced the current documentary Tupac: Resurrection, which she feels is a more accurate portrayal than we've seen before.

Tupac: Resurrection uses actual sound bites from Tupac's interviews. "People who did not know him on a one-on-one basis will discover Tupac," Shakur says. "The people that knew him will sit there and think that Tupac is talking individually to them. The good thing is that you sit there and you see every aspect of Tupac's personality."

Naturally, she's a little annoyed that others jumped the gun with their own versions of Tupac's life story. For her, it was important to take the time to do it right. "It is painful that people read more

American Revolution

As 1965 approaches on NBC's superlative period piece, American Dreams, the winds of change are picking up. But neither the battle over civil rights nor the war in Vietnam will set off the fireworks in Sunday's episode (airing Sunday at 8 pm/ET); rather, this fight is sparked by a simple conflict between a parent and child. And, in this case, by "simple," we mean "really, really intense and complicated."

"When Sam (Arlen Escarpeta) openly defies Henry (Jonathan Adams), in front of [their boss], then goes to hear Malcolm X speak in Harlem after his father's told him not to, the Walker household is in full revolt," executive producer Jonathan Prince tells TV Guide Online. "This is a story about about a boy taking on his father in full-blown adolescent read more


Sporting handcuffs and a sizeable entourage, Michael Jackson surrendered to Santa Barbara authorities Thursday to face child abuse charges that could send him to the slammer for 10 years. He was booked, fingerprinted and photographed (scary!) before being released on $3 million bail. In a statement, the singer — whose arraignment was set for Jan. 9 — said, "Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court." (That reminds me: I've got to get to the gym this weekend.) Meanwhile, the King of Pop's family is speaking out in support of Mikey. In an expletive-laced tirade on CNN, Jacko's bro, G-lister Jermaine Jackson, called the accusations "nothing more than a modern-day lynching." Someone needs to simmer! read more


Patrick Swayze will join the national touring company of Chicago next month as song-and-dance lawyer Billy Flynn. This would be really exciting if it weren't so gosh darn sad. read more


The 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were announced on Thursday and they include late Beatle George Harrison, Prince, Jackson Browne, Bob Seger and ZZ Top. The induction ceremony is slated for March 15 in New York City. read more


Roughly 18.5 million viewers watched Bob Guiney pick Estella over Kelly Jo on Wednesday's Bachelor finale, making it the night's top-rated show. read more

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