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Brace yourselves: Ben and J.Lo have called off their lavish weekend wedding. But don't go collecting on that office pool just yet; Hollywood's "It" couple haven't split. According to Extra, Bennifer decided to postpone their big day because the media frenzy surrounding the nuptials was getting out of control. (Really? Hadn't noticed.) Apparently, they'd prefer to sneak off at a later date with only their immediate family present. read more


Monday's FLOM 2 finale paid off handsomely for NBC. The two-hour snoozefest notched the second-best ratings among adults 18-49 since May sweeps — behind only to the first FLOM climax in June. read more


The Federal Communications Commission ruled Tuesday that Howard Stern's randy radio show is a "bona fide news interview" program. The decision allows Stern to invite Arnold Schwarzenegger on the air without having to offer equal time to the hundreds of other candidates running for California governor. How the heck is Gary Coleman supposed to get his message out? read more


David Spade will play Santa Claus's son in an untitled holiday-themed film for Columbia Pictures.... Pirates of the Caribbean/Bend It Like Beckham star Keira Knightley has been cast opposite Oscar winner Adrien Brody in the time-travelling love story The Jacket. read more


Bill Cosby will receive the prestigious Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the 55th annual prime-time Emmy Awards on Sept. 21. The three-hour telecast airs live on Fox beginning at 8 pm/ET. read more

Whoopi Whoopi Goldberg scolding...

Whoopi Goldberg scolding her TV brother for dating a white girl who acts ghettolicious: "If it's all about ass, lips and attitude, what's wrong with a real sistah?" Tell it like it is, baby! But what's up with the chain-smoking, Whoopster? I'm just wondering which will come first: An Emmy nomination or emphysema?

Performing As...
Wow! When did E! refugee Todd Newton get so heavy? And you know things are bad when hosting glorified karaoke on Fox represents a step up in your career. Okay, but I'm loving this show, I admit it. While most average Joes only get to sing like their fave pop stars in the car or the shower, these folks get to live the fantasy on TV! I'm so beyond envious of that black chick who got to be Annie Lennox. And Garth Brooks wannabe Lenny Hirsh was surprisingly good! Hey, maybe this show can be Paula Abdul's next gig. She can impersonate her '80s self, read more


Madonna visits Oprah on Tuesday to talk about her new children's book The English Roses, which hits stores Monday... ABC has ordered a drama pilot from Alias producers Alex Kurtzman-Counter and Roberto Orci about a woman balancing married life with her career in the Secret Service. read more


Wham-O Inc., the company that produces the famous outdoor water toy Slip 'N Slide, is suing Viacom Inc., claiming its trademarked yellow water slide was used prominently in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star without its permission. In one scene, David Spade's character injures himself after jumping belly first across a dry Slip 'N Slide. Ouch! read more

Will Ben and J.Lo Give in to Temptation?

As their eagerly-anticipated wedding approaches, we can't help but think that media mainstays Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would benefit from some prenup counseling. And where better for a couple on the verge to go over the edge than on national television, right? That's why we're dying — dying! — for the soon-to-be marrieds to drop in on Mark L. Walberg and turn Temptation Island into Fantasy Island.

"There is no question in my mind that that would be a very watchable television show," the reality host tells TV Guide Online, adding with a laugh, "Bookable is another story."

On the flip side, Walberg suggests that, after seeing the Gigli co-stars smile from the covers of hundreds of magazine and walk a thousand red carpets, their public may not be ready to hear them air their true confessions. "I don't know if I would be as interested," he says, "in seeing celebrities sit there and whine abou read more


The parents of late R&B singer/actress Aaliyah have settled their negligence lawsuit against the owners of the chartered Cessna that crashed two years ago, killing their daughter and eight others. The plane was allegedly 700 pounds overloaded. Details of the settlement were not disclosed. read more

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