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Sci Fi Channel is moving forward with plans to turn its recent Battlestar Galactica miniseries into a full-fledged weekly series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network plans to shoot six new episodes to air in late 2004. read more


David Gest claims the National Enquirer ended his marriage to Liza Minnelli. In a Dateline interview airing Friday, Gest says his estranged wife pulled the plug on the union after the tabloid published an article that portrayed her as a raging alcoholic and him as a devoted husband. Gest says his ex was convinced he planted the item. read more


Luther Vandross is too ill to attend Sunday's Grammy Awards, where he's up for five awards including song of the year for "Dance With My Father." Vandross, 52, suffered a severe stroke last April and remains in a wheelchair. read more

Question: When does NYPD Blue ...

Question: When does NYPD Blue come back? Line of Fire is OK, but it ain't no Blue! Thanks a heap! — T.W.S., Asheboro, N.C.

Televisionary: You're welcome a heap. NYPD Blue returns to ABC's schedule next Tuesday (Feb. 10) at 10 pm/ET.

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Barry Manilow was released from a Palm Springs, Calif., hospital Monday following a brief stay for stress-related chest pains. "After a series of tests and procedures, his heart rate returned to normal and doctors allowed the superstar to return home," says his spokesman. read more


Janet Jackson admits she acted like a boob during Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show. In a statement released Monday night, the Nasty songstress admitted her breast-baring duet with Justin Timberlake was an escapade gone awry. "The decision to have a costume reveal at the end of my halftime show performance was made after final rehearsals. MTV was completely unaware of it," she said. "It was not my intention that it go as far as it did. I apologize to anyone offended — including the audience, MTV, CBS and the NFL." Jackson's camp claims a red lace bra was supposed to remain when Timberlake tore off the black leather bustier. FCC chief Michael Powell, meanwhile, is investigating whether CBS violated any decency laws. (Fines could reach into the millions.) And CBS, which is launching its own probe into breast-gate, is threatening to ban Janet and Justin from Sun read more


Departing Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has signed on to headline a musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol for NBC. Slated to air in November, the telepic will be based on the Madison Square Garden stage production of the Dickens classic. read more


Investigators who searched Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch made off with computers, legal documents and videotapes. The heavily edited list of confiscated items was released Monday and also included a digital camera, a note on Jacko's bedroom nightstand, a calendar found in the closet and a piece of the big "C" that crushed Mary McCormick to death on NBC's late, great Santa Barbara. read more


NBC has picked up Foster Hall, a comedy pilot produced by Conan O'Brien that revolves around a brother and a sister who reunite after years of being bumped from foster home to foster home. The WB, meanwhile, has ordered Global Frequency, a drama pilot based on the comic book about a rogue intelligence agency. read more

Office Space Guess what's on Comedy...

Office Space
Guess what's on Comedy Central again tonight. For, like the thousandth time. If I'd known they were going to play this cubicle classic at least once a week, I wouldn't have rented it last year then accidentally left the tape on the train and had to pay $100 to replace it. That's all I'm saying. Well, that and "Where's my stapler?"

My Big Fat Obnoxious Fianc&#233
OK. I'm just going to put this out there, then I'm gon' change the channel. Steve, the fake fianc&#233, has nice eyes. (Oooh, yuck. Did I just type that?)

Two and a Half Men
Finally somebody addresses the question of how, since he never seems to actually work or whatever, Charlie the jingle writer can afford to live so well. And I was loving it — until Charlie played the mom card. Followed by the wealthy stalker card. Wait, I take that back. Having Rose the Stalker be loaded and ha read more

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