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Question: What was the name ...

Question: What was the name of the show where the teenage girl had an alien father who was in a box, and she stuck her index fingers together to freeze time? — Cristy F., St. Louis, Mo.

Televisionary: I touched on the show, Out of This World, a while back, Cristy. However, in the spirit of keeping my newer readers informed, I'll add some details to the taste I provided back in 2002.

The syndicated World, 96 episodes of which were produced from 1987-91, focused on 13-year-old Evie Garland (Maureen Flannigan), whose father was an alien and whose mom (Donna Pescow) ran a private school near Carmel, Cal. (Dad headed home to the planet Antareus after Evie was born, so, voiced by Burt Reynolds, his only involvement came via a futuristic space phone.) Being a human-alien hybrid had its benefits for Evie, who was able to, as you say, stop time by touching her index fingers together and to create things simply by thinking about them.

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Question: I just wanted to ...

Question: I just wanted to say thank you very much for giving a rundown of Homefront. I loved that show and have created a website with a petition for fans to sign in hopes of raising awareness that the show is wanted on DVD by many people. I'm just thankful to you for voicing how great that show was. Please keep it up. Maybe if we keep the name of this great show in the public's mind, eventually it will be released on DVD. Thanks so very much!!!! — Sarah K.

Televisionary: No problem, Sarah. But let me just say this is a very rare time that I'm willing to publicize someone's personal site. So please don't bombard me with URLs folks, since this column's really supposed to be about questions (it has "Ask" in the title, after all) and my boss will be very cross with me if I let this happen too often.

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What's with The Apprentice's Nick Warnock and gals named Amy? Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask has hired the former copier salesman to sell 143 luxury suites at the Oakland Coliseum. Trask was reportedly impressed by Warnock's salesmanship. Rumor has it the team is also talking to Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth about managing the hot-dog stand behind Section 315. read more

Weepy Swan Laughs Last

As The Swan's surgically enhanced beauty pageant draws ever nearer (with back-to-back episodes tonight, starting at 8 pm/ET), TV Guide Online rings up last week's could've-been contender, Andrea, at home in Colorado to find out whether her foul mood has improved since the docs diminished her acne scars.

TV Guide Online: If I'm not mistaken, you cried more than any other contestant. Was your surgery secretly underwritten by Kleenex?
They sure made it look that way! Maybe Kleenex could call me, and I could do their commercials.

TVGO: Why not? Anyway, at the beginning of the show, you said your problem was insecurity. Why not consult a shrink instead of a plastic surgeon?
When I heard about the show, it said that it was a "life makeover." That's one reason I chose to do it. And it really did change my life, with all the therapy. I'm still continuing therapy here in Denver...

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Welcome to The O.C. spinoff, bitch! Fox is in talks with O.C. creator Josh Schwartz to develop an hourlong companion to his freshman hit, Variety reports. Although details are being kept hush-hush, rumor has it the project may chronicle Seth's harrowing trek from Newport Beach to Santa Monica in that cardboard dinghy. read more


Just when it seemed things couldn't get any worse for poor John Stevens, the embattled American Idol star returned to high school late last week. And if that wasn't bad enough, the principal of Williamsville East High School declared Friday "John Stevens Day" in front of 1000 students at an assembly. A good game of dodge ball would be the perfect capper to this day. read more


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's bid for world domination hit a snag over the weekend. Despite an avalanche of publicity, the wonder twins' much-hyped new comedy, New York Minute, debuted in fourth place with a dismal $6.2 million. Moviegoers instead flocked to Hugh Jackman's big-budget monster mash, Van Helsing, which opened the summer movie season at No. 1 with $54.2 million. Mean Girls, meanwhile, slipped to No. 2 in its second week with $14 million. read more


Charmed babe Holly Marie Combs gave birth to a baby boy April 26 in Los Angeles. Finley Arthur Donoho is the first child for the actress and hubby, David Donoho. read more


Hey ya, OutKast fans! Andre 3000 is developing a series for Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" block, Variety reports... Olive Osmond, the mother of Donny and Marie Osmond, died Sunday of complications from a massive stroke suffered two years ago. She was 79. read more


Legendary actor-comedian Alan King, who spent his career poking fun at the Jewish experience on stage, TV and as the longtime host of the Friars Club, died Sunday in New York of lung cancer. He was 76. read more

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