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Gilmore Girls A Renaissance...

Gilmore Girls
A Renaissance festival-style wedding is very Stars Hollow. Cute, quirky and quaint. Of course, you know GG only did this so Lauren Graham (Lorelai) could look adorable in one of those flowery, ribbony hair wreaths. The nuptials of Luke's sister, Liz — and all TV weddings, for that matter — serve as a great umbrella for all the show's romantic issues. Liz's brother, Luke, got to bring Lorelai as his date. Yes, they're dating! It's about time 'cause the "will-they-won't-they" stuff was bordering on tired. Plus, Liz's son, Jess, came back to town for another shot at Rory. And to annoy me with more of Milo Ventimiglia's broody, James Dean-wannabe thing, of course. So glad Rory blew him off, so we can finally fuggedabout him. On the brighter side, I'm glad Lorelai's softening up Mrs. Kim so she can give Lane a break. I have a good gal pal with very strict, traditional Korean parents, so we know Lane's pain.

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Fox is reportedly launching a new syndicated reality series next month that will give people the chance to Live like a Star. Participants will enjoy such celeb perks as a private room at the Betty Ford Center, a brief stay at the L.A. County Jail and, finally, drinks at Skybar. read more


Country singer Glen Campbell pleaded guilty Monday to extreme DUI and leaving the scene of an accident last November. Under the plea agreement, he'll likely be sentenced to 10 days in jail. read more


Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ will be released on DVD Aug. 31. But in a surprising move, the disc will not carry any extra features. (So much for those rumored alternate endings.) To date, Christ has brought in $368 million in North America alone, making it one of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time. read more

Survivor's Rupert Wins Fans' Hearts

Technically speaking, Rupert Boneham came in fourth on Survivor: All-Stars. TV Guide Online sat in the audience at Sunday's finale, though, and judging by the cheers, applause and tie-dyed tees, Rupe's clearly the fan fave. That's good news for him, since this season's "big twist" allows viewers to award a second $1-million prize by voting American Idol-style. The popularity contest will be settled live on CBS Thursday night. While we think the bearded hero's got this prize in the bag, he's cautiously optimistic about his chances...

TV Guide Online: Thursday could be a big night for you!
Rupert Boneham:
I'm thrilled for Thursday. I cannot wait. I've got three hours of free time [today], and you know I'm going to go on the website and vote for myself constantly.

TVGO: Based on the audience reaction, you look like a shoo-in to win.
I sure hope so. But I thought that I was going to win Pearl Islands read more


A sprained neck has forced Celine Dion to cancel her Las Vegas dog-and-pony show this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The show will resume on Saturday, but Dion will no longer be able to perform her signature 360-degree head-spin. Thankfully, her climactic projectile-vomit-levitation stunt will stay in. read more


Kate Beckinsale, currently starring in the country's No. 1 flick, Van Helsing, married director Len Wiseman Sunday. The couple met on the set of last fall's Underworld. read more


Joseph Lawrence made TV Guide Online's day when he recently confirmed that his dreadful WB sitcom, Run of the House, would not be returning this fall for a second season. "It was really an adult show and the WB doesn't have space for a half-hour adult show," the Blossom stud-muffin tells TV Guide Online. "So I said, 'Let's all move on'." And move on he has: Lawrence will find out next week whether his ABC romantic comedy pilot, I Married Sophia, nabbed a spot on the fall schedule. read more

SVU Looker's Legal Tussle

As Law and Order: SVU's ADA Casey Novak, Diane Neal has spent nearly a year throwing the book at bad guys. Sometimes this TV legal eagle's so carried away with herself, she feels like she is an attorney. A real judge recently had to give her a reality check.

"I was in court testifying about a woman who lives in my building," she chuckles. "At one point, the judge actually yelled, 'Ms. Neal, just because you play a lawyer on TV does not mean you have license to speak whenever you feel like it in my courtroom!' It was a humbling experience."

In tonight's episode (10 pm/ET), the pretend prosecutor goes up against one tough adversary — a corrupt judge who threatens to sabotage her. "I'm asking him to recuse himself," explains the actress, who often runs plot lines by her father, a real-life federal attorney. "When I told my dad, he's like, 'Oh, you're screwed. You never ask the judge to leave a case unless it's unbelievably clear he's never read more


Los Angeles prosecutors have accused actor Tom Sizemore of violating a court order to stay away from ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss and just say no to illegal drugs. Sizemore, who was sentenced to six months in jail last year for beating and harassing Fleiss, allegedly showed up at her home and tested positive for methamphetamine. Prosecutors may ask the judge to send Sizemore back to the slammer, which could jeopardize his starring role as Pete Rose in ESPN's soon-to-shoot TV-movie Hustle. read more

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