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Survivor: All-Stars Color Barrier

Here's six players who didn't make Survivor: All-Stars: Original class-clown Gervase Peterson, Clarence Black (Africa), Sean Rector (Marquesas), Nick Brown (Australian Outback), Ted Rogers (Thailand) and Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands). In case you didn't notice, there were no — as in nada, zip, zero! — black male players in the championship edition. In fact, the only contestants of color were two women — Alicia Calaway and Shii Ann Huang. Does this strike anyone as odd?

Of course, the absence of some of the guys we listed can easily be explained. Although hunky, Osten was the first Survivor ever to quit the game. Hardly All-Stars material. And maybe Ghandia Johnson's sexual-harassment accusations kept Ted out of the running. But dudes like ace-plotter Sean wonder how they were forgotten. "I'm not surprised that Rob Mariano g read more

Shemar Moore's Extreme Makeover

Actor Shemar Moore — last seen in the WB's short-lived Birds of Prey — has landed himself a juicy new TV role. He plays reformed drug-peddler Collins Farwell in the two-part CBS miniseries Reversible Errors (airing Sunday and Tuesday night at 9 pm/ET). During his character's jail sentence, Moore sports a roughneck look — we're talking cornrows and tattoos! — so fans may need a sec to recognize this former Young and the Restless hunk.

Moore's extreme makeover included fake tats on his forearms, which were covered in bar-code signs and sunbursts. "I was in the [makeup] chair by 4:30 am for the two hours it took to put them on," he says. "I couldn't lean against anything, and the makeup artist was spraying me down with hair spray all day." As for his new 'do, "it's a $7000 wig made with human hair," he reveals. "It didn't take long to put on, but it still was an extensive deal with the glue and covering it with makeup."

read more


Shrek 2 grossed $11.8 million in its first day of release Wednesday, a record for an animated film. Insiders predict the much-hyped sequel could reach $80 million by Sunday. read more


Queer Eye's Carson Kressley is coming out as a thespian! Bravo's reigning fashionista has landed a small role in Hilary Duff's upcoming comedy The Perfect Man, Variety reports. Kressley will play Duff's confidant in the film, which revolves around lil' Lizzie's struggle to find her mom (Heather Locklear) the perfect guy. Speaking of gays and thespians, Kressley's sidekick Jai Rodriguez will reprise his role as Angel in the Broadway production of Rent from July 5-17. read more


UPN will move America's Next Top Model into Enterprise's 8 pm Wednesday timeslot in the fall, where it will lead into the new Taye Diggs drama Kevin Hill. Meanwhile, Variety reports that the sixth-place network may expand to six nights of original programming next year. For a glimpse at the new fall sked, click here. And don't forget to read Stephen Battaglio's Upfront commentary in The Biz. read more


We're betting Helen Hunt is mad about McKenna, the baby girl she gave birth to Thursday night in Los Angeles. This is the first child for the 40-year-old Oscar winner and her boyfriend, writer-producer Matthew Carnahan. read more


Wonder twin Mary-Kate Olsen — who's still bruising from that New York Minute wreck — was involved in a fender-bender on a Los Angeles freeway Thursday. According to Extra, Ashley's other half was rear-ended by a black Yukon driven by (yikes!) her bodyguard! Mary-Kate was not injured in the crash, but eyewitnesses say the soon-to-be-18-year-old was a little startled. A photo in today's New York Post — which shows her slightly bewildered and clutching a can of Diet Dr. Pepper — seems to back that up. read more


A seemingly delusional Miami Beach woman has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to copyright the word "Omarosa" for use on clothing items, according to The Smoking Gun. This comes just days after Oma's seemingly delusional manager bragged to the New York Post that an unnamed (and seemingly delusional) fashion company wanted to market corporate attire under the Omarosa brand name. In other Apprentice news, Amy Henry (of "Nick and Amy" fame) will reportedly share her business savvy with young women in a new book, What It Takes: Speak Up, Step Up, Move Up, to be published this fall. read more


The British creator of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? slapped the Walt Disney Co. with a lawsuit Thursday, accusing the Mouse House of cutting him out of profits from the U.S. version of the show. Paul Smith claims Disney manipulated costs to keep the series "at prices well below the fair market value." read more


Janet Leigh's shower scene in Psycho has been named the best movie death of all-time, according to a just-released critics' poll. read more

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