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Michael Douglas, who gushed endlessly about Karl Malden at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, will present his mentor and former TV sidekick with the Screen Actors Guild's 40th Life Achievement Award on Feb. 22. Malden and Douglas were costars in the 1970s crime drama The Streets of San Francisco. read more


Kelly Osbourne is doing it — branching out into acting, that is. The Osbournes star has been cast in Doing It, an ABC pilot that centers around the sexual antics of three 16-year-old Seattle boys. It's based on British author Melvin Burgess' controversial young-adult novel. read more


Clint Eastwood's Oscar-nominated drama Mystic River was named the best movie for grown-ups by AARP The Magazine. The mag also singled out Bill Murray and Diane Keaton as the best actor and actress over 50 and School of Rock as the best movie for grown-ups who refuse to grow up. Gigli, meanwhile, was honored as the best movie for grown-ups who like really crappy films. read more


Newlyweds star Jessica Simpson will make her feature film debut in the ensemble baseball flick Walk On, Variety reports. It tells the true story of David Clyde, who was recruited in 1973 by the nearly bankrupt Texas Rangers when he was just 18. Simpson will play his high school sweetheart and wife. read more


One of the biggest mysteries from Sunday's Golden Globe Awards has been solved. In Tuesday's Insider, we posed the question: "What was the commotion at Johnny Depp's table during Robin Williams' introduction of the Master and Commander clip? Did someone collapse?" According to a spy seated in the ballroom, one of the show's cameramen got tangled up in his wires and Depp and Co. jumped in to help. Phew, I'm glad that's settled. read more


The return of American Idol propelled Fox to the top of the ratings heap last week. With Idol holding the top three spots, the network won the week with an average 12.8 million viewers. Wednesday's Idol ranked as the most-watched show with 29.4 million viewers, followed by Monday's and Tuesday's installments. Idol also boosted the premiere of My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance (No. 8) and lifted The O.C. to its best numbers yet. NBC, buoyed by Sunday's highly rated Golden Globe Awards, finished a close second with 12.7 million viewers. read more


R&B singer Faith Evans and her husband, record executive Todd Russaw, were arrested Wednesday in Atlanta on drug possession charges. They were allegedly caught with cocaine and marijuana. read more

Quote of the Night "Pick a character!...

Quote of the Night
"Pick a character! Either you are this scared crapless girl, or you are this attitude-having diva. You can't be both." — Xiomara calling out rival Catie's phony dramatic antics on America's Next Top Model

Gilmore Girls
Bad Gilmores! Bad! "Stan Green" may be a character we've never met, but their behavior at his funeral was still awful. Lorelai and Rory can never quit their incessant, cutesy banter, even during the singing of a kaddish (which is a Jewish mourner's prayer). Worse yet, the ladies wore matching black berets! Good grief. However, my girls do win points for referencing The Witches of Eastwick — one of my all-time fave films — and fearing they'll "take the Craziest Mother and Daughter title away from Judy and Liza."

American Idol
Idol's bad auditions often make me grab for the clicker. Karaoke cuckoo Tomomi Tamura read more

Golden Globe Questions Answered!

Some mysteries are best left unsolved. Take, for instance, the enigma that is Donald Trump's creepy coif. Other unexplained phenomena, however, warrant further investigation — especially when said perplexities occur at a major Hollywood shindig like the 61st annual Golden Globe Awards. Here's what left us scratching our comb-overs Sunday night...

Is Tyra Banks appearing in Matt LeBlanc's spin-off, Joey? The Friends himbo and Victoria's Secret model made a head-turning pair as the presenters for best actress in a TV series, musical or comedy. But when the duo was introduced, it sure sounded like the announcer said Miss Tyra was going to star on Joey. Is she?
"It's not true," says a Friends rep. Adds Banks' spokeswoman: "They said, 'The creator and executive producer of America's Next Top Model and from the upcoming NBC show Joey.' Because they said it quickly, it sounded as if she was doing both. But she's n read more

Scrubs Diagnosis: Wanderlust

Actors on godawful series thank their lucky stars every time that their audiences shrink. But, since Zach Braff headlines the cast of NBC's sublime hospital sitcom Scrubs, he's kinda eager for more viewers to tune in. Unfortunately, frequent time-slot changes have made a chore of finding his show, never mind getting hooked on it. This week, for example, the show has yet another brand-new berth: tonight at 9:30 pm/ET.

"My parents called and told me they sometimes can't figure out when we're on," the endearingly dorky 28-year-old says. "So [if we just stayed in one place] that would be two more people who would be watching every week."

On the plus side, outside of the United States, Braff and Co. are revered like the A-listers of Friends. Who knew "zany" lost so little in translation? "I had thought of Scrubs as such an American show," he notes. "There's a lot of pop-culture references to [the States]. Yet when we went on a big pre read more

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