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For Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, who are set to star in Fever Pitch, the latest vehicle by Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy). The Farrelly brothers will direct the semiautobiographical memoir centered on the game of soccer. read more


Hurrah! SoapNet has acquired exclusive broadcast rights to all 10 seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210 and all 7 seasons of Melrose Place. Melrose reruns kick off Sept. 13, but for some reason, you'll have to wait until sometime in early 2005 to start reliving Shannen Doherty's golden years. read more


Sharon Stone has quietly reached an undisclosed out-of-court settlement with her disgruntled ex-personal assistant, reports. Deana Bolton, who worked at Stone's Chaos Productions for five years, filed a legal complaint with California's labor commission, alleging she'd been stiffed out of nearly $20,000 in overtime and vacation pay. Ouch! Even so, she was still earning $85,000 a year for answering Stone's phone, which makes it a teensy bit tough to sympathize... read more


Word's gotten out that David Bowie had to undergo emergency angioplasty surgery after a concert on June 25. While on his European tour, the 57-year-old British rock legend checked into a German hospital complaining of a pinched nerve — which turned out to be an acutely blocked artery in his heart. He's currently at home in New York getting in some R&#038R. "I'm so p---ed off because the last 10 months of this tour have been so fantastic," Bowie declared in a statement. "Can't wait to be fully recovered and get back to work again. I tell you what, though, I won't be writing a song about this one." read more


Hollywood power players Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg are joining forces to bring the Battle of Iwo Jima to the big screen. Eastwood will direct an adaptation of Flags of Our Fathers: Heroes of Iwo Jima for Spielberg's company DreamWorks. The story chronicles the 1945 battle on the small Japanese island, which produced the historic photograph of six American soldiers raising the nation's flag on Mount Suribachi, the island's commanding high point. read more


Wheel of Fortune letter-turner Vanna White, 47, is engaged. The lucky groom-to-be is Michael Kaye, a businessman from Orange County, Calif. This will be the second marriage for Pat Sajak's sexy sidekick, who has two kids from her previous union. No wedding date has been set yet, but guests are strongly cautioned not to buy her a vowel. She's got enough of 'em! read more


Kathleen Turner is once again Broadway-bound. The smoky-voiced actress will star opposite body contortionist Bill Irwin in the Broadway revival of Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? The searing drama will open in late March 2005. A very bare Turner last appeared on Broadway in 2002 in the stage version of The Graduate. read more

Whose Line Is It Anyway? The Great...

Whose Line Is It Anyway?
The Great Drew Carey Burn-Off of 2004 continues as ABC airs another new Whose Line, slowly getting rid of the 300 unaired episodes they've got locked away in their vault underneath Disneyland. You know, this show has its moments (I liked the sitcom parody about the model and the sumo wrestler — look for that next year on ABC), but it doesn't hold a candle to the original British series, which you can still catch in reruns on Comedy Central. Drew is a nice enough guy and that's actually part of the problem. The host of the British version was the unflappable Clive Anderson, who never met a hilarious put-down he didn't like. When he chided a player for a bad sketch, you could tell he really meant it. Half of the performers looked like they wanted to punch him out, while the other half worked their butts off to avoid giving him any ammunition. Remember this lesson kids: A scared improver is frequently a hilarious impr read more


Looks like the Iowa-based Fridley theater chain isn't the only one giving Fahrenheit 9/11 the cold shoulder. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Illinois-based GKC Theatres, which screens movies in Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, has also refused to show the film. Both companies are protesting the content of Michael Moore's controversial documentary. read more

Shatner and Nimoy Reunited

In the '60s, these intergalactic travelers were sent where no man had gone before. This year, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have re-teamed for a series of commercials that have proved an earthly delight to many Star Trek fans. Here, TV Guide Online opens hailing frequencies to question Kirk and Spock about their small-screen reunion.

TV Guide Online: Any reservations about getting together again as pitchmen?
I didn't. When they sent me the copy of that first commercial, I thought it was hilarious. Bill and I have a relationship that works well for this kind of humor. So it's been an easy decision to do the spots.
Shatner: You know, the first time I did a Priceline commercial — the one where I was singing — it was extremely risky. The ad was a success, but it could have gone the other way, where people are saying, "Isn't he a fool?" Well, they did say that [Laughs], but in addition, they a read more

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