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Question: Do you know if Fox ...

Question: Do you know if Fox is going to air the new season of Tru Calling, or is the show just dead? — Yanira

Ausiello: I give up.

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Question: Here is a Gilmore ...

Question: Here is a Gilmore Girls question for you to ask at winter press tour: Is Christopher going to come back and ruin everything for Lorelai and Luke? Please say it isn't so! — Sarah

Ausiello: I'll ask this on Saturday when the entire GG cast shows up at WB's press tour day. There'll also be sessions with the casts of Everwood and Summerland, so if you have questions about either show — or any other WB-related issue — send them to me ASAP. (I've already got "What's the latest on those Angel TV-movies?" on my list, so no need to e-mail me about that.)

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Question: What is the purpose ...

Question: What is the purpose of Stuffed Ca-Ca (Ask Ausiello 1/12)? But more importantly, where can I get it? My husband would love it. — Sharon Swetokos

Ausiello: The New Museum of Contemporary Art sells it for $60 a clump. A local artist named Jennifer Lew came up with the idea to turn a bunch of unusual objects — animal poops, cocaine, cucumber rolls, etc. — into plush objects. And I'm not sure what purpose it serves other than my own personal amusement.

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Question: Just wanted to know ...

Question: Just wanted to know if your coverage of the Television Critics Association winter press tour will be done in the same manner as the summer press tour. I loved the time-stamp format. — Ash B

Ausiello: Sorry to disappoint you, Ash, but my Press Tour Diaries are reserved for the summer tour only. I use the abbreviated winter tour as an opportunity to score a free trip to Hollywood on TV Guide's dime. I throw in a TCA mention here and there in Entertainment News and Ask Ausiello just to keep up the illusion of work.

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Question: I second Kini's ...

Question: I second Kini's nomination of you as TV's new leader ("Ask Ausiello" 1/12). All hail to Ausiello! PS— I'm not doing this for the free gifts, but if you want to give them away, I have no problem. — Ed

Ausiello: Good thing, because there's a Jonny Zero cap and a Christmas With the Kranks Advent calendar winging their ways to your mailbox, my friend.

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Question: More Lost please! ? ...

Question: More Lost please! — Bobo

Ausiello: Robert Patrick of The X-Files fame will appear in one of Sawyer's flashbacks next month. And someone is definitely going to die before the season ends. Really die, not some dreamed-up death like Shannon's last week. For more on this (and scoop on Patrick's new character), pick up the new issue of TV Guide magazine and flip to The Ausiello Report.

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Question: What exactly is TCA ...

Question: What exactly is TCA press tour? — KC

Ausiello: It's a twice-annual convention held in Los Angeles at which the networks pitch their latest offerings to TV reporters around the country. I like to think of it as jury duty with better perks. Among them: getting your picture taken with your favorite TV characters — like 24 scene-stealer Chloe, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub (see photo, above). Right before that pic was taken, Rajskub shared with me the disturbing news that (spoiler alert!) Chloe's gonna be MIA for about nine hours this season. Turns out, prior to joining 24, Rajskub agreed to appear in several episodes of Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show, which airs later this season on Fox. But Rajskub promises that "Chloe will be back" by the end of the day. Phew. While we're on the subject of 24 spoilers, a little birdie told me at Sunday's Golden Globes that Dennis Haysbert is returning as President Pal read more

Question: Since every other ...

Question: Since every other Alias episode feels like a Felicity reunion — Jennifer Garner, Greg Grunberg, Amanda Foreman, Robert Benedict, et al. — when can we see a cameo by Keri Russell? — Becky

Ausiello: As soon as J.J. Abrams can find the right role for her. Keri seemed game when I asked her about it over dinner and digits last month. My feeling? It's more likely you'll see her pop up in a Lost flashback. Speaking of Keri, she was at CBS' press tour day Tuesday promoting The Magic of Ordinary Days, her upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. Right before the press conference started, she came over and gave me a great big hug. Suffice it to say I was the envy of the entire room. And for those keeping track at home, in the last three days I have received hugs from both Keri Russell and Mariska Hargitay. Can Lauren Graham be far behind? We'll find out this Sunday.

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Question: Don't you think ...

Question: Don't you think it's odd that Alyson Hannigan would take a supporting role in Jennifer Love Hewitt's upcoming ABC comedy In the Game (Entertainment News 1/5)? I mean, she almost had her own sitcom on NBC! — Barbara

Ausiello: I did think it odd — and apparently so did Alyson, since she has dropped out of the project. Roseanne's Sara Gilbert is replacing her. Don't know what happened there but maybe it has something to do with Hannigan guesting on Veronica Mars Feb. 22nd as Logan's half-sister.

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Question: What happened to ...

Question: What happened to ABC's The Days? Is it coming back on, and if so, when? My daughter and I watched this show every Sunday this summer and then it just disappeared! Thanks for your help. — Karen

Ausiello: ABC has an option for more episodes, but it has yet to exercise it. I'll try to find out why at ABC's press tour session on Sunday.

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