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Quote of the Weekend: "I like...

Quote of the Weekend:
"I like that [Jan] had some cannolis. Wait, is that the right word? I think that's a dessert."
Jenny McCarthy, host of Still Brady After All These Years, commenting on The Brady Bunch's gutsy middle daughter. It's likely she meant to use the word "cojones."


60 Minutes
It's hard for me to watch a Mike Wallace interview without thinking every two minutes or so, "Good lord, man, he's 86 years old!" I bet the average person hovering around 90 is happy to just be independent, never mind traveling the world and grilling innovators, con men and celebrities. And arguably, his subject on this season premiere, Bill O'Reilly, is regarded by the American public as at least two of out three of those. Love him or hate him, there was something for everyone. You had the smattering of clips featuring the Fox News Channel host shouting over people (including read more


California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in talks to take on a "limited" role in a fourth Terminator flick, Variety reports. Filming is slated to begin next year with T3 director Jonathan Mostow at the helm. The working title: T4: Rise of the Girlie Men. read more


The Big Apple tabs are having a field day over news that Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda) has fallen for — holy Post-It note — a woman! In front-page stories Friday, the New York Post and the Daily News reported that the Emmy winner has been in a relationship with an unnamed woman for nearly a year. In an interview with the Daily News, Nixon — who last year split with Danny Mozes, the father of her two children — didn't deny that she had switched teams. "My private life is private," she said. "But at the same time, I have nothing to hide. So what I will say is that I am very happy." read more


Former Cheers star Bebe Neuwirth has been tapped to headline the latest Law & Order spin-off, Trial By Jury. She'll play Tracy Kibre, "a tough career Manhattan assistant district attorney," according to NBC. Jury debuts in early '05 and also stars Jerry Orbach, reprising his L&O role as Lenny Briscoe, and Candice Bergen, as a judge. read more


Controversial pop star Sinead O'Connor took out a full-page ad in a major Irish newspaper on Friday asking the press to stop picking on her. "I have been the whipping post of Ireland's media for 20 years," she wrote. "And what have I done to deserve these lashings? If ye think I am so ridiculous why do ye give me any attention?" (Tee-hee — she said "ye.") read more

Mel Gibson's "Favorite Son"

Although his boyish good looks guarantee he'll be the breakout brother from Mel Gibson's testosterone-fueled family sitcom Complete Savages (premiering tonight at 8:30 pm/ET), Erik Von Detten wants us to know that he's more than just another pretty face.

"How could you not take [being cast as 'the hot one'] as a compliment, right?" he jokes with TV Guide Online. "But my character is also gullible... and he's very dim-witted. At the same time, he thinks he's so smart that it gets him into trouble. I take more pride in playing [those qualities]."

Got it. In any case, we've known for some time that the almost-22-year-old was destined to be more than Celebrity Mole material. (Anybody else get chills remembering his portrayal of a preppie murderer on Law & Order: SVU?) However, as versatile as Von Detten is, even he came down with a case of the jitters auditioning for Savages' Oscar-winning executive producer (who also dire read more


The discredited report on President Bush's National Guard service continues to haunt CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather. A website called appears to have launched a national e-mail campaign targeting station managers at various CBS affiliates and calling for Rather to be fired from his job. read more

Chip and Kim's TAR Triumph

Boy, it's nice to see the good guys win for a change, isn't it? The stellar fifth season of The Amazing Race wrapped in grand style on Tuesday night with a nail-bitingly tense finale that saw everyone's fave fortysomething married couple, Chip and Kim, cross the finish line ahead of runners-up Colin and Christie, and Brandon and Nicole. Here, the newly-minted millionaires reflect on the race and how they'll spend their loot.

TV Guide Online: Was there a point during that final leg when you knew you had the race sewn up?
When our cab driver in Dallas pointed out where Trammell Crow Park [the location of the finish line] was. At that moment, Kim let out some tears of joy and that was just so touching for me. 'Cause she's not a crier; when Kim cries, you know it really means something. I'm never going to be stupid enough to make her cry bad tears, but whenever she cries tears of joy, it makes my day. It makes my week! read more


Taiwan's notoriously aggressive paparazzi made Elton John hoppin' mad when his private plane arrived at Taipei's Chiang Kai-shek International Airport on Thursday. An enraged John — who is currently touring the Far East — reportedly called the shutterbugs "rude, vile pigs!" and other colorful epithets. Later on, he informed his concertgoers how rude the airport photographers were and insisted he meant every word he said to them. Except "$%#@!" He now admits that was totally uncalled for. read more


The View's junior co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 27, revealed on Thursday's show that she's preggers. It's the first child for Liz and her hubby, NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck. The baby's due in March or April of next year, so between her yammering about that and Star Jones braggin' about her upcoming nuptials, this hen party is gonna be insufferable. read more

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