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Michael Jackson will sit down with Fox News' Geraldo Rivera sometime in the next 10 days to respond to that graphic grand jury testimony by his accuser. The judge working Jacko's molestation trial lifted the gag order after the transcripts were broadcast on ABC's Primetime Live last week. Meanwhile, Jacko's lawyers are asking the judge to refer to his young accuser as a "complaining witness" and not a "victim." I hear Amazing Race's Jonathan is pleading with the public to do the same with Victoria. read more


The week of Feb. 7, Desperate Housewives' domestic goddesses — Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria and Nicollette Sheridan — will take turns cohosting The View for a day. Tune in to watch the stars of the Golden Globe-winning prime-time soap chat up guests such as Jay Leno and Dennis Franz and scoop up any swag that Star Jones Reynolds neglected to nail down. read more

Lost OK, who else is getting the...

OK, who else is getting the willies from Locke? He's got a stash of knives, has Boone playing his bodyguard and seems to show up whenever there's a crisis. Saving Jack from falling off the cliff, "killing" the boar and now, helping Michael rescue Walt from a crazed polar bear. And let's not forget his black pupil in Claire's dream. Could we have some kind nut-job cult guy on our hands, trying to win everyone's loyalty? Think about it. And while you do, I'll mull over whether Walt's secret powers killed mommy, the sudden arrival of Shannon's softer side, this Black Rock twist and why ABC hates us so much. Running a repeat of Sayid's episode next week, just when the missing Miss Aussie finally shows up looking like who-did-it-and-ran. That's a damn shame. Oh, and that out-of-nowhere scene of Michael getting run down? Hello, shades of Felicity's stalker going face-first into a bus. Come on, J.J. Your WB roots are showing.

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The juggernaut that is American Idol slowed a bit on Wednesday, but Simon and Co. remain a force to reckon with. Last night's episode attracted 26.4 million viewers — down from Tuesday's 33.5 million viewers. Some of that erosion can no doubt be blamed on Lost, which came in a strong No. 2 at 8 pm with 19.5 million viewers. Speaking of Lost, I can't believe they almost — spoiler alert! — killed the polar bear! read more


Lindsay Lohan's parents are finally calling it quits. Dina Lohan filed for divorce from Michael Lohan Tuesday. As you no doubt recall, Mikey has had numerous brushes with the law, including a recent assault charge for allegedly punching a sanitation worker whose truck was blocking his car. "Dina believes, for the good of her family, and, hopefully Michael's long-term goal at sobriety, that the end of this marriage should happen quickly and painlessly." Yeah, not gonna happen. read more

Question: I was excited to ...

Question: I was excited to read that a second X-Files movie is finally being made. Do you have any more info on the plot — other than that it will be a stand-alone horror flick? — Jack K.

Ausiello: Actually, it looks like David Duchovny was getting a little ahead of himself when he told USA Today last week that the film was slated to begin production later this year. "There's nothing at the moment going on," Chris Carter's agent, Elliott Webb, says. "There is no negotiation, there's no script written, there's nothing other than a desire for people to get together." Bummer.

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Question: When will the U.S. ...

Question: When will the U.S. version of The Office air? Is there any chance in hell it could be as subtle, smart and hilarious as the BBC original? — Corey

Ausiello: After watching the first two episodes, I can say it comes pretty damn close. Unlike Coupling, this U.S. remake is actually funny — and surprisingly faithful to the original. That said, as good as the new cast is — and The Daily Show's Steve Carell is pretty freakin' good — it kinda made me miss Ricky Gervais and Co. I mean, is there any tougher act to follow? I don't think so. As far as an air date goes, NBC is saying spring.

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Question: I really would like ...

Question: I really would like to know your opinion on this season's 24. And which is your favorite new character? — Paula

Ausiello: I'm love, love, loving 24 so far this season. And my fave new character is, of course, Mommie Dearest. She gives me chills — the good kind. The actress behind the terrorist, Shohreh Aghdashloo, isn't nearly as creepy — as I discovered at Sunday's Globes when we met on the red carpet. Although relishing being "a villain for the first time in my life," Aghdashloo admits playing someone who poisons little girls to death has its drawbacks. "I was worried that my daughter's friends wouldn't come to my house to eat anymore," she told me. "I'm a good cook — and I like to cook for them. They especially love my rice. But they understand that it's fiction." Plus, everyone knows it's her iced tea you have to watch out for.

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Question: Any possibility of ...

Question: Any possibility of a Lost soundtrack featuring the music of Charlie's band, Driveshaft? — David

Ausiello: Nothing in the works yet, but it seems inevitable — especially in light of Driveshaft's Alias cameo last week.

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Question: I'll take the 24 ...

Question: I'll take the 24 shirt. Was I the first to e-mail? — Carol

Ausiello: More like the 91st. Sorry.

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