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Question: When is Amazing ...

Question: When is Amazing Race 6 going to premiere? — Amy

Ausiello: You read it here in "Ask Ausiello" first, Amy: After two false starts, Amazing Race 6 will air Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET beginning Nov. 16. Race replaces the struggling Clubhouse, which is being moved to Saturday.

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Get Lost: The Mystery Solved!

Is it just us, or is watching ABC's plane-crash smash, Lost (Wednesdays, 9 pm/ET), a little bit like driving on the New Jersey Turnpike? You never know where the heck it's going to take you, and yet you can't escape it, either. In any case, while we may never find our way on Garden State thoroughfares, we can make sense of the trippiest series since Twin Peaks. Consider, if you will, the following scenarios to explain the weird occurrences on the ultimate survivor island, then click at the bottom of this story to vote for the option you find most plausible.

The survivors are all dead. Think about it! Where else but in heaven could an individual walk away from a plane wreck looking as yummy as Kate (Evangeline Lilly) or Boone (Ian Somerhalder)? Plus, only divine intervention would allow paralyzed Locke (Terry O'Quinn) to suddenly walk. On the other hand, would even a vengeful God trap sinners with a tree-shaking beastie, no read more


Yankees fans, take heart. Something good has come out of tonight's Game 7 of the American League Championship Series: It has forced CBS to delay (for the umpteenth time) the series premiere of the ghastly John Goodman sitcom Center of the Universe. Fearing a Nielsen bloodbath, the network has also pushed back the season premiere of King Of Queens as well as tonight's original CSI: NY. Repeat airings of CSI and CSI: Miami will air from 9-11 pm instead. NBC and ABC are not expected to rejigger their schedules. read more


The Fox News Channel producer accusing Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment filed new charges Tuesday, claiming she lost her job because she complained to network execs about the alleged mistreatment. Lawyers for Fox and O'Reilly deny that Andrea Mackris has been fired, insisting she's still being paid her full salary and receiving her 10 percent discount downstairs at Au Bon Pain. read more


Sinclair Broadcast Group, which has come under intense fire over its plans to air a documentary critical of Sen. John Kerry's Vietnam war record just prior to the election, now says it will air only snippets of the 42-minute film on Friday. The excerpts will air as part of a one-hour "news" special, A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media. read more


This could be the big break Janet Jackson's been waiting for. Creative Production Group has acquired feature rights to Norman Lear's classic '70s sitcom, Good Times. read more


Tina Majorino, the breakout star of the indie smash Napoleon Dynamite, will guest on the Nov. 23 episode of UPN's Veronica Mars. Who's she gonna play? You're gonna have to read the latest edition of "Ask Ausiello" for the scoop. Sorry, but I gotta shamelessly cross-promote... Oh, just go read the damn thing. read more


ABC has renewed Jimmy Kimmel Live through early 2006, Variety reports... As predicted in last week's "Ask Ausiello," USA Network has ordered a second season of The 4400... The Sci Fi Channel is producing Tin Man, a four-hour miniseries inspired by The Wizard of Oz in which Dorothy finds herself in an alternate universe patrolled by heartless folks made of tin... Jennifer Garner is in talks to play a woman facing the sudden death of her husband in the, um, romantic comedy Catch and Release. Yeah, that sounds like a real knee-slapper. read more

Question: I was reading your ...

Question: I was reading your answer to Sanket and noticed that we love the same shows: The Apprentice, Survivor, Nip/Tuck and especially The Shield. Speaking of which, do you know when the new season will start up? I am having withdrawal! — Sharon

Ausiello: Help is on the way, Sharon! Season 4 starts in March.

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David Letterman is doing the unthinkable: He's appearing on someone else's show. On Nov. 8, the Late Show host will be a guest on Live With Regis and Kelly. "I think it's nice that he visits our show once every 10 years," Reege told the Associated Press. read more

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