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Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is developing a half-hour anthology series for Fox, per Variety. Twisted Tales will focus on horror, fantasy and sci-fi stories. read more


State prosecutors in Tennessee will not pursue rape charges against actor/comedian Anthony Anderson. The Barbershop star was accused of attacking an extra last summer on the set of the film Hustle & Flow, but a judge threw out the case last fall. read more


Producers of ABC's Lost may pack up and leave Hawaii unless state officials make it cheaper for them to film there. According to the New York Post, the Aloha State's hefty production costs have led to an annual $11 million loss for ABC/Touchstone. "Nobody wants to move," says producer Jean Higgins, "but this is a business, and we must consider options to cut expenses." Ahhh, that explains the cheap polar bear effects. Now it all makes sense. read more


Turns out there's a perfectly logical explanation why Leroy Wells' Tuesday-night American Idol audition was so bad, it was criminal: The gibberish-speaking 21-year-old is a criminal. As a matter of fact, he watched his moment of, er, glory behind bars with fellow inmates at Mobile (Ala.) Metro Jail. Arrested seven times already in his young life, this go-round Jabberjaws was in the hole for failure to appear in court after allegedly discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle and in so doing, shooting somebody. Thus far, no charges have been filed against the youth for his sad, sad Idol appearance. read more


The wife of former Brady Bunch kid Barry Williams (aka Greg) has filed for divorce. Ella Williams seeks sole custody of the couple's 2-year-old son and asks that her hubby have visits only with a nanny present. And if the nanny is busy, Alice will do. read more

InStyle Celebrity Weddings Three...

InStyle Celebrity Weddings
Three things:
1. Nas and Kelis are the cutest couple ever! But Kelis takes the trophy for bravest bride. Girlfriend got married in a lettuce, lime and some other shade of green gown. Green! At least she was not trying to front with some shade of white.
2. After Kelly Limp did Real World: New Orleans, she stayed in NOLA to date a doctor. Flash-forward a year and she'd upgraded to a TV star. Of course they're not mentioning that in this wedding special (nor should they). But you know I'm thinking it — especially when Mr. Scott Party of Five Wolf says, "The moment when I saw Kelly, when the church doors opened, was the greatest moment of my life." Hey, don't hate the player. Appreciate her game.
3. No Star Jones didn't! Fifteen bridesmaids. A 27-foot train. Four ministers. Four! I'd heard her corporate-sponsored/partially subsidized nuptials were ov read more


Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jim Capaldi, a founding member of psychedelic rock group Traffic, died Friday of stomach cancer. He was 60. read more


MTV has big plans for this year's Super Bowl half-time show — and it doesn't involve the words "Janet", "Jackson" or "nipple." While the official half-time show (starring Paul McCartney) is taking place over on Fox, MTV's sister station MTV2 will unveil a whole new look, featuring a mix of music videos, fresh programming and graphics — but nary a nip. "Our audience is looking for an alternative to the Super Bowl half-time show," says MTV president Van Toffler, "and we felt that the new MTV2 fit the bill perfectly." Actually, I think your audience is looking for nips. read more


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may want to add Media Moguldom 101 to their NYU class schedule. The teen titans have decided to take control of their billion-dollar empire, Dualstar LLC, a few years ahead of schedule by buying out their longtime lawyer-CEO Robert Thorne. In a statement, the twins said they are "very thankful that we are able to enjoy our college experience, run a business, and live our lives." And, time permitting, eat. read more


Now this is what I call an emergency: A scheduling conflict has forced Sissy Spacek to drop out of the Feb. 10 episode of ER, where she was slated to play the long-lost birth mother of Dr. Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes). Frances Fisher (Titanic) will replace her. read more

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