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In other O.C. news, Schwartz reveals in the new issue of TV Guide magazine (on sale tomorrow) that he has scrapped plans to introduce Summer's oft-referred-to but-never-seen evil Step Monster in the flesh. Schwartz now says the character will remain in the shadows, adding, "it's much funnier if you never get to meet her." Actually, it would be much funnier if that's who Marissa ended up crushing on. read more


Scrubs star Zach Braff has persuaded good friend Colin Farrell to guest-star on my favorite NBC comedy this January. In a story first reported by E! Online (damn you Kristin Veitch!) and later expanded by USA Today (damn you Will Keck!), Farrell will play a hard-partying Irishman (can he pull it off!?) who shakes things up for our friends at Sacred Heart. read more


Disney and Pixar have delayed the release of their final CGI collaboration Cars from November 2005 to June 2006 because it's "the quintessential summer film"... The tabloid show that started it all, A Current Affair, is returning to TV next year, per The Hollywood Reporter... Finally, don't forget to check out the latest "Ask Ausiello," featuring scoop on Mariska, Tru Calling, Dead Like Me, The Bachelor and — last but not least — "bacne"! read more


So this is how it's done on The O.C. when the ratings start to dip: Marissa comes out as a lesbian! Series creator Josh Schwartz is confirming rumors that Mischa Barton's lovelorn alter ego will fall for another girl in early '05. "Marissa is at a point in her life where she's trying to find herself and her true identity," Schwartz tells "There's another character who she really connects with. It's a girl, which is not something Marissa may have anticipated. But she's willing and game to explore and experiment with that." Schwartz denies that the same-sex plot is just a stunt to boost the show's lagging Nielsens (last Thursday's episode hit a series-low 6.5 million viewers). "We cooked it up well before the show ever premiered this year," he says. "We're constantly looking at evolving and growing these characters. And challenging them. They're at that age where they're open to it. It was either that or Oliver's return." There he goes using that drea read more


Star Jones, er, I mean Star Jones Reynolds will grace the red carpet once again to helm E!'s coverage of the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 16. In what should prove an interesting matchup, Madame Freebie will go head-to-head with ex-E! staffers Joan and Melissa Rivers, who will make their red-carpet comeback the same day via the TV Guide Channel. Let the games begin! read more


Here's some more scoop from the new TV Guide: Despite a last-ditch effort by CBS to lengthen its final season, Everybody Loves Raymond will stick to Plan A and produce just 16 original episodes before signing off in May. "We honestly couldn't think of any more [ideas]," says series creator Phil Rosenthal. "We brought in a couple of people to pitch stories, but everything either reminded us of stuff we've done before or wasn't good enough." Damn you creative integrity. Damn you! read more


Age may finally be catching up with the World's Oldest Teenager. Dick Clark was hospitalized in Los Angeles earlier this week after suffering a minor stroke. The 75-year-old American Bandstand icon is on the mend and looking forward to his annual New Year's Rockin' Eve duties on ABC. "The doctors tell me I should be back in the swing of things before too long," he said in a statement, "so I'm hopeful to be able to make it to Times Square to help lead the country in ringing in the new year once again." read more

Gilmore Girls Uh-oh! It's a rerun...

Gilmore Girls
Uh-oh! It's a rerun of the season opener, where Lorelai caught Rory bein' a Gilmore Whore with Dean, her recently married ex. That was a good one. Rory, you dirty.

High School Reunion
It's no Desperate Housewives, but HSR sure has the right recipe for a cheap, trashy, fun nighttime soap opera: Start with an exotic locale (Hawaii), stir in some hot hunks (Gianni), tragic heroines (Nikol, Nikki), and add one man-eating psycho vixen (Jaime). Honestly, I've previously ignored this series. (If you read my weekly Insider interviews with Top Model castoffs, y'all know this TV Guide boy endures way too much reality TV.) But once I learned this season's classmates were Catholic-school grads, I was too intrigued. Those repressed parochial schools usually turn out more sinners than saints, right? Herewith, my fave High School highlights...

1. " read more


It's official: Martha Stewart has reached a deal with reality guru Mark Burnett and NBC to host an hour-long, daily syndicated homemaking show after she gets out of prison. The program — slated to launch next fall — will be taped in front of a live audience and cover such topics as cooking, entertaining, decorating and home renovating. Again, this project is in addition to the NBC reality show that Burnett is developing for Stewart. You know, the one that looks like The Apprentice, sounds like The Apprentice and, according to a number of sources, is The Apprentice. That one. read more


Kevin Spacey is finally admitting that he is a big ol' (drumroll please) egotist. (What did you think I was going to say?) In an interview on tonight's 60 Minutes, the Oscar winner tells Lesley Stahl that he has a "huge ego," adding that it got in the way of his career in the beginning. "I think, in my case, I really wasn't very good at that point. I just wasn't good enough to play in the leagues that I wanted to play in, and yet I was pretending like I was." He must be so relieved to finally get that off his chest. read more

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