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Question: So I just put your ...

Question: So I just put your birthday into my Outlook calendar. Is that weird? — Salena

Ausiello: Not at all. Weird would be forgetting to check my wish list on as the big day draws near.

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Question: What's the scoop on ...

Question: What's the scoop on John Spencer on The West Wing? Is he off the show for good? — Mary

Ausiello: Despite his character's heart attack last week, Spencer — and Leo — are not going anywhere. At least that's what the actor told TV Guide's Mary Murphy last week. "I am not leaving," he said. "My phone has been ringing off the hook all week. People are asking me, 'Is Leo going to die? Are you leaving the show?' I have even gotten a few job offers." Spencer added that Leo will be around for the entire season — although it may be a while before he sees the inside of the Oval Office again. "We are shooting Episode 12 and Leo is still in the hospital." I smell a Scrubs crossover.

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Question: Will you marry me? ...

Question: Will you marry me? — Sheri Odom

Ausiello: Depends. How do you feel about Smurf and Smurfette cake toppers?

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Question: Do you find it ...

Question: Do you find it insulting when people write to you just so they can see their names appear in your column? — Martha

Ausiello: As regular readers of this column know, I'm not a big fan of self-promotion in any form.

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Question: First of all, I ...

Question: First of all, I looooove your column! You are an absolute hoot! I am a 30-year-old mother of three who adored Tru Calling. Is it coming back or not? Kisses! — Heidi Vestal

Ausiello: Last I heard, the sets were still standing, so don't give up hope.

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Question: When is Wonderfalls ...

Question: When is Wonderfalls coming out on DVD? The Michael Ausiello statue I picked up in Nogales told me I must have it. — Bob Nowicki

Ausiello: But it didn't tell you when the DVD was coming out? I'm gonna have to get that thing fixed. Anyway, it drops Feb. 1.

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Question: Do you have any ...

Question: Do you have any interest in running for political office? — Gary

Ausiello: Not really. I am, however, interested in running for TV Guide office because this freakin' cubicle they have me holed up in ain't cuttin' it.

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Question: If Keri Russell ...

Question: If Keri Russell were to be convicted of a heinous murder, would you still love her? I'm trying to get an accurate measure of your obsession with her. Thanks, cheeky-poo. — Jennifer E.

Ausiello: I'm not going to play your little reindeer games, Jennifer. Nice try. I will, however, take this opportunity to plug the new issue of TV Guide magazine, which contains scoop about a new collaboration between Ms. Russell and one of her former Felicity colleagues. It's so exciting I'm actually soiling my pants as I write this.

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Question: My money's on Mrs. ...

Question: My money's on Mrs. Huber getting whacked on Desperate Housewives later this month. At least I hope she does. — Darwin

Ausiello: Well, that's, um, Darwin's theory. (Sometimes this column writes itself, folks.)

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Question: Is CBS nuts ...

Question: Is CBS nuts pulling dr. vegas?!?! We love that show! — Joani

Ausiello: Sorry Joani, but I gotta side with Les Moonves on this one.

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