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Question: Desperate ...

Question: Desperate Housewives scoop? — Shirley

Ausiello: Here's something: ABC posted a spoiler-rich photo on its website that sorta reveals what's going on inside the Applewhites' house. The pic — from a scene that was cut out of the season finale — shows Alfre Woodard and her son taking a tray into a locked basement room that looks a lot like a dungeon. Click here to have a look-see.

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Question: TBDBTPTB means "To ...

Question: TBDBTPTB means "To Be Determined By The Powers That Be!" Ha! Where's my prize? Can I have that CSI coffin? — Marc

Ausiello: It's all about the free crap with you people. Sheesh.

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Question: Before anyone asks, ...

Question: Before anyone asks, I'd like to say that "TBDBTPTB" stands for "To Be Determined by the Powers That Be." — Jaclyn

Ausiello: Nice work, Jackie! (Can you believe Joanne couldn't figure that out? I mean, what an ignoramus.)

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Question: When do they ...

Question: When do they announce the Emmy nominations? — Kate

Ausiello: July 14. Prepare to be really depressed.

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Question: No Kiefer ...

Question: No Kiefer Sutherland on the Dream Emmy Ballot? What are you all smoking over there? — Jason Nackos

Ausiello: Whatever it is, it's giving me the munchies.

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Question: Can I please have ...

Question: Can I please have the nifty coffin CBS sent out to promote the CSI finale (Ask Ausiello 6/1)? I'd be willing to trade. — Erin

Ausiello: OK, make me an offer.

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Question: At the risk of ...

Question: At the risk of displaying my woeful ignorance, I must ask: What does "TBDBTPTB" mean (Ask Ausiello 6/1)? And, yes, even I know the first part, "TBD," means "To Be Determined." Please be gentle. — Joanne

Ausiello: Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, Joanne. That's a very fair question. The last five letters stand for "By The Powers That Be." Was that gentle enough?

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Question: Please, please tell ...

Question: Please, please tell me what's going to happen next season on Nip/Tuck. I can't take it anymore! — Jillian

Ausiello: Today's your lucky day, Jillian! Third-season Nip/Tuck intel finally started trickling into my cubicle last week. As first reported in Tuesday's Entertainment News, Bruno Campos — aka Dr. Costa, the Atlanta-based plastic surgeon who stitched up Sean's lacerated face — is joining the show as a full-fledged series regular. "Going with the Frankenstein theme of the show, he's a splice of both Sean and Christian," Campos explains of his character. "He is as committed to the surgical profession as Sean, and he's as committed in the sexual [arena] as Christian. So the idea is, he's gonna form a triangulation. I don't know much more beyond that." And what about rumors that the doc may actually be the Carver, as some (read: me) have speculated? "It's crossed my mind," he read more

Question: Dude! That "slut in ...

Question: Dude! That "slut in uniform" crack (Ask Ausiello 6/1) was just plain rude — even by your standards. You have just demeaned over a half million women serving this great country. More to the point, you angered one million-plus brothers in uniform. Low blow. — Bill Purcell

Ausiello: Hmmm... My brother David is a lieutenant in the Navy and he laughed. (Of course, he's also a fan of Still Standing, so his bar is set pretty low.) In any event, in no way was my comment meant to be derogatory against women or female military officers, Bill. I'm sorry if it came across that way. I was responding, in a tongue-in-cheek way, to the tendency of TV producers to use sexuality as a default to make female characters interesting — in this case, Sasha Alexander's successor on NCIS. Now, in closing, I'd just like to say: "Go Navy! Beat Army!" (That's for you, Dave.)

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Question: Hate to be a ...

Question: Hate to be a buzzkill, but your Dream Emmy Ballot has Gilmore Girls listed as a comedy when even its own website says it's a drama! Does the person who made the list actually watch TV? — Amy H.

Ausiello: Simmer yourself, Amy; that wasn't a flub. Despite subtle protests from WB execs and a certain unnamed cast member, Amy Sherman-Palladino made the bold decision to keep the show in the comedy category — where it's been since Season 2. "I personally feel like we've made our bed," she says. "It would be very strange to move back to drama because, if anything, we're funnier now. Also, if Desperate Housewives is being considered a comedy then we are a comedy. If that's the scale, then it almost ties our hands."

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