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Question: So where's this SVU ...

Question: So where's this SVU preview you promised us? — Kitty

Ausiello: It's right here, Kitty: Next season's eighth episode (airing in November) features a guest turn by Desperate Housewives co-star Cody Kasch (Zach/Dana) as a white supremacist who is recruiting teens. Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden also appears. Oh, and (SPOILER ALERT — more space) a major SVU player gets shot in the episode. (Hint: It's not Mariska.)

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Question: Reading your column ...

Question: Reading your column is the highlight of my week. How sad is that? — Melissa

Ausiello: Don't be so hard on yourself, Missy. It's not like you said TV Tech.

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Question: Who do you want to ...

Question: Who do you want to see at Veronica's door: Logan or Duncan? — Sturm

Ausiello: Like you even have to ask.

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Question: I am sending you, ...

Question: I am sending you, like, my 100th e-mail. I love your column, but I would love it more if you would answer me this about Alias: When is Season 4 getting released on DVD? — Phillip

Ausiello: Actually, it was your 32nd e-mail. Alias: The Complete Fourth Season streets in early October.

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Question: Got any scoop on ...

Question: Got any scoop on David Boreanaz' new Fox show Bones? Is it a Must-See or Must-Flee? — Lynn

Ausiello: It's somewhere in the middle. Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are terrific together, but the convoluted plot lost me halfway through and I ended up turning it off. Of course, as a Cingular customer service rep recently reminded me, I'm not all that bright.

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Question: Does ISWATRP stand ...

Question: Does ISWATRP stand for "I Slept With A Top Recruiting Person (Ask Ausiello 6/22)?" — Mike

Ausiello: Um, no. What kind of slut do you think I am?

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Question: "I Slept With A ...

Question: "I Slept With A Taiwanese River Person." You dawg!! — Mike K.

Ausiello: OK, now I'm getting a little angry.

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Question: I heard that Lauren ...

Question: I heard that Lauren Graham is doing a movie in San Francisco. Can you tell us anything about it? — Glenn

Ausiello: That's the first I'm hearing of it. It was my understanding that she was vacationing in Europe over the hiatus. Her TV-daughter Alexis Bledel, on the other hand, is about to start shooting I Am Reed Fish, a romantic comedy costarring Million Dollar Baby's Jay Baruchel.

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Question: Oh, my god! The ...

Question: Oh, my god! The pictures you posted last week show you sitting in a cubicle! Say it isn't so! A great talent, as yourself should have his own office, not just a stinkin' cubicle! — Cate

Ausiello: I should point out that it's a double-wide cubicle.

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Question: UPN wants more ...

Question: UPN wants more diversity in Veronica Mars (Ask Ausiello 6/22) but they cut the Latino (Weevil) role from 16 to 12 episodes? Huh? — Kate

Ausiello: I think contradictory is the word you're looking for, Kate.

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