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Question: I tried finding ...

Question: I tried finding your wish list on ("Ask Ausiello" 11/10/04) and it said "0 matches." What's the deal? — Stephanie

Ausiello: Try again, Steph.

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Question: Who's your ...

Question: Who's your favorite: Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake? — Brandi

Ausiello: Um, in case you haven't noticed, Brandi, I'm a dude.

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Question: Have you ever ...

Question: Have you ever considered starting your own website? — Jonathan

Ausiello: I pulled a little something together about a year ago, Jonathan. I'd love your feedback.

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Question: I miss my weekly ...

Question: I miss my weekly James Marsters fix so badly I'm going to be reduced to watching him on The Mountain this Sunday. The Mountain! — Mary

Ausiello: Desperate times, Mary. Desperate times. And you better pray The Mountain is still on by Sunday. Last week's episode attracted fewer than 2 million viewers. I'm pretty sure more people watched Manhunt on Bravo. (That joke has now officially gotten old.)

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Question: I can't believe I ...

Question: I can't believe I am actually posing this question, but with Smurfette being the only female Smurf, who was the lucky Smurf to get to share her bed? And when she was with said lucky Smurf, what were all the other male Smurfs up to? — Jonathan

Ausiello: Are you trying to get the FCC to shut this column down, Jonathan?

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Question: When are Joey's ...

Question: When are Joey's former Friends going to make cameos on his show? I think we all know it needs it. Also, Smurfs are so overrated. — Chase

Ausiello: Take it back. Take it back! Take it back or I won't tell you about David Schwimmer's upcoming cameo.

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Question: Is it possible The ...

Question: Is it possible The West Wing's John Spencer may be ill in real life? He seems to look very frail this year, and his heart-attack story line takes him off the main stories. Dig a little deeper. — James Lengell

Ausiello: That's quite a little conspiracy theory you've concocted there, Jimmy. But the reality is, Spencer's "frail" appearance is the result of a new diet, not some mysterious illness. Turns out, Leo's health scare served as a profound wake-up call for the actor. "Leo worked himself into a heart attack by not taking care of himself," Spencer told my colleague, Mary Murphy. "Unlike Leo, I do not want to burn out completely. I do not want to have a heart attack in the woods. Since [I shot that episode] I have taken much better care of myself. I went on a nutritional diet, I hired a cook to make health meals, and I did the thing I have been trying to do for years — I stopped smoking." Is that deep enough for you, Jimmy?

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Question: I heard a rumor ...

Question: I heard a rumor that Desperate Housewives costars Marcia Cross (Bree) and Teri Hatcher (Susan) don't get along. True? — Joey

Ausiello: Let's ask my spy on the Desperate Housewives set, shall we? "I don't see people not getting along," whispers the show's key grip, er, my anonymous source. "As soon as it happens, I'm sure you'll know, but I haven't seen anything happen." Ladies and gentleman, let's have a round of applause for my spy on the Desperate Housewives set! (And pray he, er, she doesn't get fired.)

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Question: What is your ...

Question: What is your opinion on Lost? Is it good or not? — Deanna

Ausiello: Enjoy your Guide to TV, Jason. A few seconds later and it would have gone to Deanna.

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Question: All ? OK almost all ...

Question: All — OK almost all — of your fans say how cute you are, but how can they tell? Is there a blown-up photo someplace else that I've missed 'cause I can barely make anything out in that itty-bitty "thing" at the top of the column. Or maybe I need my eyes checked. — Space Nutt

Ausiello: You're just going to have to take my word for it, Space.

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