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Teresa Wright, an Oscar winner for 1942's Mrs. Miniver, died Sunday of a heart attack while hospitalized in Connecticut. She was 86. read more

Gilmore Girls Don't you just love...

Gilmore Girls
Don't you just love to hate Emily Gilmore? She's got the sharp wit and magnetic presence of a true Gilmore Girl. Only she uses it to manipulate, offend and hurt everyone around her. First, she arrogantly assumes that her plan to reunite Lorelai and Luke didn't work because Lorelai didn't dutifully show up to the insufferable Friday-night dinner. Then she has the nerve to blame Luke, whom she oh-so-affectionately calls "that filthy diner owner." (So the guy doesn't like to shave. That makes him sexy, not dirty, 'kay?) And could she be more condescending? "Wasn't I clear enough? Did I need to set it to Sesame Street characters? Did I have to sing a song about it?" she screeches at poor Luke, in his diner no less. And if that weren't bad enough, Emily not only firmly believes she knows what's best for her 36-year-old-daughter (a woman who raised a teenager on her own, read more

Amazing Race's Reichen Rejected

Think fast: Which reality-TV star's sexy poster was rejected by a self-described "right-wing conservative, God-fearing Christian" printer?

That'd be Reichen Lehmkuhl Burke, who won The Amazing Race 4 with his ex-boyfriend, Chip Arndt. After signing a contract, Reichen alleges that Mark Jones of Vacaville, Calif. — who did not object to the poster photo itself — visited his website, where he learned that Reichen is gay. (We guess the guy doesn't watch much TV.) He says that's when Jones opted not to honor their agreement.

On March 16, Reichen tells, he and his attorney will hold a press conference in West Hollywood, Calif., to make an announcement. No, he's not planning to sue Jones, he says, but he does aim to bring public attention to the injustice of his situation.

Meanwhile, life goes on for the 31-year-old aspiring actor, who recently drank worm juice on Realit read more

Survivor Stud: He's Twisted

Before Survivor: Palau's Jeff Wilson twisted his ankle — by tripping over a coconut during a late-night bathroom break — he was one of the Ulong tribe's strongest members. But after that new injury flared up an old wound, the 21-year-old California boy asked his tribe mates to send him home. Not everyone agreed with his selfless decision — some even regarded it with suspicion — although Jeff insisted it would take his ankle weeks to heal. Here, gets face time with the studly personal trainer to ask why he threw in the towel. Have you fully recovered from your ankle injury?
Jeff Wilson:
I'm better than I was. Painwise, I'd say about 95 percent.

TVG: How'd you injure your ankle the first time?
I got run over by a truck. I broke my back and my pelvis and my ankle. I had stretched-out ligaments and tendons.

TVG: read more

Old Stars Back on 24

What's old is new again on 24.

Already this season, former CTU head Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard) made a surprise appearance to save Jack Bauer's life. His wife, Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth), showed up a few episodes later. And other classic 24 characters will soon pop up, namely President Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), who is expected to return in April, and then maybe even Jack's beleaguered daughter, Kim.

"We're not done writing the season," executive producer Joel Surnow says. "We may have something for [Kim] toward the end."

But as of now, Elisha Cuthbert, who plays Kim, has not been asked to set aside time. "[Producers] usually call to check availability or to gauge interest. But I haven't heard anything yet," says her agent, Chuck James.

And, as with all things 24, read more


Quentin Tarantino is looking to revive the battered Friday the 13th franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino is in early talks with New Line Cinema to write and direct a new Friday installment. The upcoming CSI helmer is apparently intrigued with the idea of playing with one of moviedom's classic horror villains. But Freddy was busy, so he went with Jason instead. read more


Fox is developing Who Wants to Live Forever?, a four-part reality series in which a team of experts will help folks add years to their lives by altering their lifestyle. Each episode of this purported "feel-good" series will begin with a participant getting a scientific estimate of the exact day he or she will drop dead. Actually, by Fox standards that does qualify as feel-good. read more


Ed McMahon was hospitalized Friday with a mild concussion after falling at his Beverly Hills home. Johnny Carson's former sidekick also suffered a gash in his head that required stitches. He's expected to go home in a few days. read more


Blessed with Oprah's magic touch (read: huge PR platform), the ABC telepic Their Eyes Were Watching God attracted a whopping 25 million viewers Sunday night. It was the most-watched TV-movie since 1999's Julie Andrews-James Garner romance, One Special Night. read more


Fred Durst is furious that half the planet has seen his (my apologies in advance) limp bizkit — and he's taking the matter to court. Durst has filed an $80 million lawsuit against several websites that posted a homemade video of him having sex with an ex-girlfriend back in 2003. Hackers apparently stole the footage from Durst's (my apologies in advance) semi-hard drive. read more

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