Friday Night Lights, "How the Other Half Lives"

In this Friday's episode of Friday Night Lights (9 pm/ET, NBC), the heat turns up on the coach. Everybody in town seems to want to start young Joe McCoy at quarterback ... except Coach. It doesn't help that this week is the big game with Arnett Mead, one of Dillon's arch rivals.

Katie McCoy, the bubbly and irrepressible wife of Joe McCoy Sr. (yours truly) is introduced in this episode and she gets right into the game. Oh, did I mention that she is played by the bubbly and incomparable Janine Turner? No? OK then, I just did. Mrs. McCoy, you'll find, dives right into life as a Dillon Panther Mom with the passion of a football mom! This causes some strife in a local Dillon custom, when the coach and his wife end up on opposite sides of the "Panther tradition." Watch how many times Kyle Chandler blinks when he and Connie Britton are facing off. I can't count that high!

The young folk are hooking up. Or not, depending on who you're talking about. Riggins and Lila are on again. Or off again? Never can tell with those two. We'll go for 50/50 on which it is this week.

Saracen and Julie make some nice goo-goo eyes at each other, and I'm sitting there making goo-goo eyes at the screen watching them make goo-goo eyes. Why would I do that? I have only one answer:

How adorable is Aimee Teegarden?!

There's a scene in this episode that has Julie so ... so ... well, you'll have to see. It's great.

For those who love the Williams family, there's an amazing scene at the end of this episode that you'll never forget, between Smash and his Mom. Be ready for it. And that's all I'm going to say about that one.

I'll end with this: The threads are starting to weave the big tapestry of the season. There's a lot going on in Dillon these days. It's going to be very interesting to watch it all come together.

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Thanks for watching! See ya next week! Clear eyes ... full heart ... can't lose!