Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer

For those of you who voted for couple No. 3, thank  you for helping Lacey and I make it to the next week of Dancing with the Stars. For those of you who voted for other couples, thank you for supporting the show. 

Stepping on to the stage for our premiere dance reminded me of how I felt when I was about to jump out of a plane for the first time (I've done two tandem free-falls from 12,000 ft.). It was a surreal mixture of terror and utter joy. My blood was pumping so hard in my head it was difficult for me to hear the band. 

Deep breath, exhale, smile.

We began our cha-cha in sync and with energy. We had an immediate connection with the audience. All was going well until the beginning of the last third of our routine, when, for whatever reason, I blanked out. 

Yes, I totally forgot my next moves.


Everything was now moving in slow motion. The music was distorted. I could see Lacey blink her beautiful eyes. I could see my beautiful wife mouth an " Oh, no" with her lips (she knows my part of our routine). I could see all of the female celebs and their pro-dancers smiling beautifully as I  spun on the floor with my arms bent like chicken wings, hoping that if I just kept on moving, the steps I was really supposed to be doing would somehow find their way back into my... 


Back to real time and my arms were straight and moving in unison with Lacey. I was, once again, dancing to the beat. Lacey grabbed my hand. She spun, I stepped, we were back on track.  We finished our routine with the right moves at the right time.  

Deep breath, exhale, big smile.

Len, Carrie Ann, and Bruno noticed everything. They saw that I did step out of rhythm, that I did lose my balance, and that I did have some ugly arm positions. Still, Lacey and I managed to receive a respectable score of 21. We were later awarded eight points for our Viennese waltz.

I am grateful for having a rock-solid dance partner, for not giving my wife a heat-attack, and for making it to Week 2. Monday we're dancing the quickstep. I hope to see you then.

With much aloha,
Mark Dacascos