Hi, everyone,

By now, many of you have probably seen last night's episode, "Imaginary Friends and Enemies"/Episode 406. We bet you were surprised! You likely have some strong opinions about it and if not concerned are at least curious and hopefully intrigued about where the story is headed. We can assure you that it's not what you're thinking; that would be too obvious. What happened last night is step one in a special journey that will only continue to get bigger and better. Keep watching next week and beyond to see were this is going. We promise you it will be a journey worth taking. Know that what's important to you is just as important to us... probably more so.

Friday's show was written by Vivian Lee and Ann Shrake, who are our writer's assistant and script coordinator. This is a big career jump for them and we are very proud of them. It was directed by Eric Lanueville, who in addition to directing a bunch of Ghost Whisperers has also won a couple of Emmys — and in fact directed the first movie we ever produced together (Stolen Babies).

This episode guest-starred Bahar Soomekh (Crash, Saw III, IV and V) Brennan Elliott (The 4400) and Ariel Winter (Speed Racer).

Musically, this show featured Angela Desveaux's "The Way You Stay" (Thrill Jockey/Sonic Unyon) and Nadia Fay's "I Could Fall in Love."

We are excited to say that our Ghost Whisperer Spirit Guide, a book about everything you could ever want to know about the GW world, hits shelves November 25. Jennifer Love Hewitt (who wrote the foreword) and the other cast members are heavily featured. A large portion of the book is dedicated to the show's parallel universe — you can find out more here.

Want insight into the character of our ghost whisperer? Then check out the interactive piece Melinda's Diary.

You can also listen to our radio interview on Roll Camera. In this discussion, we share stories form the early Ghost Whisperer days and talk about the fate of our characters.

As always, thanks for watching, and we'll see you next week. And please know that love transcends death.

Kim & Ian