Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your comments and support. It's been great, and Debi and I really appreciate it. We got eliminated, but that's the show and the way it is. We had a great time and I'm glad I was paired with Debi. I know I have a friend for life.

Even though Tom DeLay withdrew, I wasn't surprised they still eliminated a couple. The show has an overwhelming number of couples. On paper, when they decided to go with 16 couples and double eliminations, it looked great, but not in reality. There are so many of us and we've been practicing for two months, but you only see us for a minute and a half a week. Debi and I had an amazing time together and I want to go on the record that we never fought. I still get asked about the "fight" two weeks ago, but that was nothing serious. She's always hard on herself and cried and then got it together. If you watch it closely, I didn't even know what was happening. I know I have a reputation as a bad guy, but I'm not. I just do my job. I push, but I know when to stop. It's funny because if I'm so bad, then why do people keep requesting me to be their partner? I've never made anyone cry — not Denise and especially not Debi! Our first meeting was: "Hi, how are you?" "Where are you from?" "Brooklyn." "No s---! I'm from Queens, yo! Stop busting my balls!" That's her telling me! I knew right away it will be fun.

I thought we had some good dances. I loved our tango and our foxtrot was great. I think the judges scored us low a little bit because she did the very nerve-wracking salsa, so the second dance they saw, they had the image of Debi from the salsa. We're not judged competitively. They kind of look at the person according to the ability and potential. You get excited seeing somebody do stuff that you don't think they really should be doing given their background or what they look like or where they're coming from. Then you give them a higher mark than you do to somebody you think should be a good dancer, like maybe in Debi's case. A lot of people thought she had a dance background — which she doesn't — and maybe the judges thought they would motivate her like that.

The judges have also been harsher this season. I don't really know why, but that's their choice and I respect their opinion. I thought Mya deserved a 30. Her rumba was incredible. Mya, to me, is like: "Give her the trophy and let's all do exhibitions." Natalie — Jesus Christ! What a girl! I'm not going to lie — we all came into the season thinking she will try to do well and look at her now. She has amazing lines and amazing legs. She and Alec look like they should be dancing together professionally. Sorry, Edyta! But you know what I mean. They look great and I really hope he will continue to get her to shine. She's got so much potential.

As I mentioned last week, I helped Louie with his look for the rumba. I thought he looked great. I told his parents after they asked me for help that he has to know it's a dance competition. It's not about wearing tight pants, but knowing we wear tight clothing because it shows off the body parts we want to show. You can't see hip action if you have baggy pants or a shirt that's out or ill-fitting. The hair — I told him he shouldn't cut it. It's his thing, but what a shock would it be if he came out with it styled and that's exactly what happened! His dance was good, but the shocking value of his presence was like, "Wow! We did not see that coming!"

This week, I think Kelly will come out with a good performance. Louis is able to put on a show with their Charleston. I think it's something to be looking out for. Derek is trying to make Joanna his Lambada woman. Joanna is growing on people and climbing up that ladder. I think they need to do a good routine to firmly position themselves. I think Chuck will come out with another cool performance. They're doing a bunch of tricks and stuff and lifts. Donny is so entertaining with what he's going to come up with. I don't know what Mya's doing, but I'm pretty sure she's going to come out and rock it again. Hopefully Len won't be at his worst behavior and see the best in Mya! I've gotten a lot of press recently for my comments about Aaron and Karina. I have nothing else to say about that. I stand by everything's that I've said. If people want to judge me for it, fine, but I wish them and everyone else the best.

People have been asking what I've been up to now that I'm off. Well, I thought there would be more free time — and there is — but not as much as I thought there would be! One thing I did was attend an Office Max event to give out a year's supply of materials to a school in need with Debi. It was an amazing experience — one of the most rewarding things I've done. Because of the cuts in budgets, a lot teachers pay for materials from their own pockets. I heard some ridiculous numbers, like $1 billion that teachers pay themselves. They asked us, "Who's your favorite teacher that influenced your life?" Debi was funny and said, "Well, I can't think that far back." She summarized everything. For me, it was pretty cool because I thought about it and I had some amazing teachers in my life. Looking back, they were amazing, but not during! I thought some were hard, difficult, or were not very understanding, but they pushed and the end result is who I am now and I think I'm OK! But the first thing that came to my mind is that the parents are the ultimate educator. It starts and ends with them.

On top of that, I'm planning to focus on work, especially Le Reve. My work on Le Reve has never stopped, but we're doing major things with it. I'm re-choreographing some of my numbers. It was an experiment and, luckily for me, people are loving it. I'm very proud of it and now I want to go back and really put some work and effort into it because at first it was kind of like, "Let's see if this can even survive." So I'm very happy about that. I also want to go back on Broadway so I'm figuring that out.

That's all for now. Thanks again for your support!