Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hey everyone!

How are you? Hope you had a great week! Thank you for voting for us! 

Now it's Week 4 and we're getting into the thick of things. I would normally say this is when things start to get serious, but it's been serious from the start! Everybody's a little confused about who's gonna get eliminated next because everybody is so good. This is probably an unprecedented season for us. Jack going last week after having a great dance is probably just how it's gonna be this season. The scoring doesn't matter at this point. There was what? A six-point spread? And it was a five-way tie for the bottom, so basically there was no bottom. Watching this unfold, you say to yourself, "I need to step up." But everyone is saying that and everybody's stepping up. Then it's a question of how far up can you go? Some couples do have limitations. Some are better, some are younger, some are more energetic, some are more prepared, but everybody's trying to step it up. The competitiveness kicks in and you go, we've gotta do something. 

And talk about pressure — we have the paso doble this week and everyone on Twitter keeps telling me that we're gonna do great because I've had success with it in the past. We're gonna be good — I hope we'll be good — but I don't want everyone to have these expectations because every season and every celebrity is different. One thing I'm happy about is that we had accomplished a lot of our routine by Thursday, so we have the weekend to polish it up. We clocked in 11 hours total in our first two rehearsals. I'm pretty sure she wants to go into a coma for a couple of days. She's so tired that she doesn't have the energy to say anything and I feel bad, but I'm not cutting her slack. But it's hard when you're pushing yourself this much. We were about to walk through the routine from the beginning and she blanked out. I wasn't even frustrated, but she was frustrated with herself. I wish I could say, "Let's take tomorrow off. Your body needs to recharge," but I can't. 

As the days go on, you feel like your nights and rest periods get smaller. I feel like it's been a 24-hour marathon. We were done at 2 o'clock on Thursday and I was ready to go to sleep!  I have to call Val and he's like, "Bro, I'm freaking out!" We call each other up and we try to keep each other's spirits up. Melissa deserves to be happy and smiling, and unfortunately it's not gonna happen on Wednesdays or Thursdays. I'm thinking about what this is like for celebrities who've never danced. It's almost like solving advanced math problems while doing a crazy physical activity. Your body and your mind are at full throttle.

As for the new dance-off twist, I don't really have an opinion of it. I'm having moments of Dancing enlightenment. I've realized things before but never really paid attention. But if our fans like what we do, we'll be good. If we are in the bottom two, it's the judges' choice. I'm just hoping to not be in the bottom, so we won't have to worry about it. I also want to take this time to thank my fans. You guys never give up on me and your support helps me through each and every season. You guys are THE best!

We are making way with our Stamford studio. It's gonna open, as of right now, April 16. You can check out for more info. My dad is so excited. He never relaxes and is amazing. I spoke to him yesterday and I can feel him smiling inside-out from over the phone. He's so excited about the studio in Connecticut. He told our other staff that they're gonna be jealous. I think we feel like in Stamford, we did everything right from A to Z. I'm so happy that he's happy. I've met with the mayor, the police department, the fire department in Stamford, and they welcomed us as business and as part of the community. Hopefully, we can give them something great in return. Honestly, I want that to be an example of what we can do in places. I want to go everywhere. That's my main focus. I'll try to be the best I can be in everything I do, but at the end of my life, I want social dance studio business and dance instructor to be high up there. April 4 was my dad's birthday, so I want to say a belated happy birthday on here to my dad. Every productive step I take is so I can someday be like him. I'm like light years away. We achieve and move on so fast that we never take time to pat ourselves on the back, but we're really trying to drink this one in.

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