Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great week! Thanks for voting for us!

It was great to be the first ones declared safe and we only have our fans to thank for that. Thank you so much for your votes. We're thrilled that you guys carried us through. The support has been overwhelming.

As for our score — it is what it is. I'm kind of done addressing the judges. We get a score and we take it. That's that. We are happy with our performance. We danced for Melissa. She has a lot of potential that she doesn't think she has. I'm really interested in showing what she can do. She's improving every week and she's getting the hang of the whole process. Just overall, she's clicking with everything right now. Honestly, I think my mistake is that sometimes I keep doing the same thing to get a different result. I don't know if that completely applies to only me, but I don't think I can approach Melissa the same way I have my past partners. Also, it's different with Melissa; I'm not foreseeing or predicting anything. In the past, I usually go, "We have to be in the final" or "We must make it to this week."

With Melissa, I have no idea how we will do nor am I thinking about it. I'm just enjoying my time with her. She's very cool. It's been great how she gets certain things and how she understands certain things. I think she's very smart. She lets me feel like I'm in control and I'm not. I'm not trying to figure it out. Last week was awesome. We did our thing. And now we're rehearsing for the next dance. We're going to do our best. Maybe it won't be our best dance, maybe it will. Who knows? It's all about proving to her and ourselves that we can do it and also showing our fans what she can do.

Our dance is the jive. It's storytelling week and Melissa has a great story. It's an emotional story, but not a sad one. I can relate to it. It's kind of special for both of us. I went through the same thing she went through, and I hope we'll be able to inspire others with the dance. Maybe it'll give them that extra oomph and not worry about things. When I told Melissa my concept for the dance, she started crying again! What you saw in the package is totally true — she cries at everything! She never bawls, but her eyes just well up and I'm like, "What the hell just happened? What did I do?"

Yes, I did cry at The Lion King. Who didn't? I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was 1994. Our parents put me and Val in day camp in the summer. A bus would pick us up in Brooklyn and we were driven to the camp and to hang out for the day. Val loved it right away and infiltrated his age group. I did my thing for a while, but I didn't speak English. It was an international camp, a lot of kids came from different countries. One day, we made a trip to the movies and saw The Lion King. And you know how there are certain memories in your life you can recall perfectly? This was one of them. I'm in the front row, dead center, looking up, Mufasa dies and I'm literally starting bawling. I couldn't stop crying. Thank God it was in the beginning of the movie because the tears dried by the time it was over. I think it was a combination of the scene and the fact that James Earl Jones did the voice. He and Morgan Freeman are, like, the voice of God in my opinion. The voiceovers they do are so incredible. So I think that's why I started crying. I remember the time I cried before that. I was 6 and still in the Ukraine. My mom was cleaning the house. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was sitting in the living room. We literally had two channels and on Saturdays, they would just show children movies. I was watching one and the good kid was defeating the bad guy, and the music was so happy and I just started bawling. My mom ran in, like, "What's wrong?! What's wrong?!" And I was like just like, "He's winning." It just moved me. I was that kind of kid. My dad cried recently in public too. We had a birthday celebration for me at the Hammerstein Ballroom, and they shot a montage of my dad saying, "happy birthday," and he said he cried a lot during that.

I was sad to see Martina go. She's an amazing person and athlete and is a true legend. But someone has to go every week and unfortunately it was her this week. We didn't get to spend so much time together, but from the time we did spend together, I could tell she has an incredible, warm and funny personality. I'm obviously upset for Tony too. Tony's upset for Tony. Tony loved Martina and loved spending time with her. It's a shame fans won't get to see more of them. Obviously you never know how well someone will be able to dance, perform, and process all of the information, but you always hope, after each season, to get a better shot the next season. As upset as I am for Tony, I know he's so excited about being able to see his family and to finalize everything for our Connecticut studio — so there is much more to look forward to.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!