Dancing with the Stars - Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great week! Did you like our Pulp Fiction jive?

I thought Erin did an amazing job with it. I said last week we're trying to make our live performance as great as the one we have in dress rehearsal, and I think we did that this week. I think she's improved every week and this was her best performance yet, and people seemed to like it too. But there was something the judges misunderstood and didn't like — and I'm still not sure what that is.

Our audience is educated enough to know that Kate was not a great dancer and that Evan and Nicole are much better. We don't need judges to tell us that; what we need judges for is to be constructive. We don't want them to be confusing or say something without any substance. If you want to give me a certain score, tell me exactly why you're giving it. Fans tell me they're confused by the judges, but they're not the only ones.   When Carrie Ann said something about Erin's ankles in the jive — what is she talking about? Her feet weren't pointed? Her toes weren't pointed? Because in 26 years of dancing, I have never heard about the ankles in the jive — not in lessons I've taught, not in lessons I've taken. The judges aren't always constructive. I have no idea what they're talking about most of the time. Not all of the time, most of the time.

What people don't see when we dance is that Bruno's leaning over the desk and counting. He's all into it. I'm not going to say who or when, but one couple performed, and all the celebrities noticed him, like, "What is he doing?" "I don't know. Counting?" At the end of the dance, Bruno goes, "Wow, this was great! Your timing was perfect." He gave a very high score to someone who danced a terrible number. This wasn't last week, just some time in the past. We were all like, "Great timing? The pro and the star were both off-time." It was very up-and-down. There was no clarity about it, terrible footwork and terrible connection. We were like, "Are you kidding me?" All the pros were like, "OK, I don't understand how they got that score." And we've got our celebrities looking at us, going, "Um, OK, I know I'm not a professional, but that sucked." We're like, "Yeah, we know." And they go, "So... what does that mean?" How am I supposed to answer that? I don't know what that means.  If I'm counting cha-cha a certain way and they're rewarding somebody else who is off-time, then one of us isn't seeing clearly.   This is my opinion. I'm not putting this opinion as the truth of the world. This is just my opinion. Everybody's entitled to disagree.

I also need to clear up this story that's out there about me and Jake. There's some crazy report that says I criticized Jake for his cha-cha. I want to clarify that I never did. I've never criticized Jake. During Monday's press line, I said something about him taking his pants off — that was a joke! Hello! A reporter asked us about his routine and we were being funny about his pants being off. C'mon! Lighten up, people! It's a joke! Stop trying to twist it into something it's not. Bottom line is, this season, Erin and I are doing what we're doing regardless of what people think, say or whatever. People like to see what we do. I haven't heard one negative comment about what we do routine-wise. People may not get the blindfold, but they thought it was different and exciting. We're having fun and she's doing the dances we're given and she's going them great. I feel like she's improving every single week. I'm in a different place this season. It is a competition, but it's not all I think about. I think about how to have fun and to enjoy it and to make sure Erin is too and remembers this experience for a long time.

This week, we have the samba and the swing marathon. The samba's going great. The song we got is not traditional samba, so we can't just run out and shake it. I'm really happy with what I come up and how Erin's doing it. For the swing marathon, we're just re-interpreting our jive into the swing because that's what the jive is. There are a lot of swing elements in the jive, so we'll add a few lifts and repackage it. I think the couples who have already danced jive will have an easier time.

We're still having a blast together. I love working with Erin. I've been getting a lot of comments about our "fight" in our video package. Everyone seems to be amused by it. That's the thing — we are funny. Our fights aren't even real fights. They're just about dumb stuff — nothing almost — that I've been saying all along. It's not an act. On Thursday, we couldn't even understand each other. The story producer is there, dying of laughter. Half of the footage you can't even air because the camera is shaking. I shouldn't say that — don't want to get anyone in trouble! We're just hilarious from the outside. I'm glad it's this way. You kind of feel like the grass is greener sometimes, but your partnership works the way you want it to work. This is similar to what Mel and I had. She clearly wasn't a good listener either! So we always butt heads about taking orders and such. But I'm a very stubborn person. The ironic thing is, if I'm not educated in something, I ask a lot of questions, so I'm probably very annoying too! It's not like bad annoying, you know? Because I'm curious and I want to learn, but you have to withstand my 50 questions and be patient, so I have to do that too with Erin's questions.
Kate left this week, and honestly, I think that Kate left because at the end of the day it just seemed as though she wasn't able to really let loose and enjoy herself. Tony is a great teacher, one of the best in country. When he's not on the show he's in demand all around the country to teach students. He did his best with Kate and tried to get the best out of her and unfortunately it just didn't work. Dancing with the Stars is more than just a dance competition. It's a chance for celebrities to come out of their shells in a completely foreign area and unfortunately it just seemed like Kate stayed in her shell and resisted Tony's attempts to get the best out of her in his own way.  She may never have been the best dancer on the show but she could have had the best time out of anyone.  I hope that she looks back on her experience and realizes that she got the opportunity to learn the best sport from one of the best in the business.

When I was 14 and came to the U.S. and didn't speak a word of English, I realized one thing — this country's amazing. It gives you a billion and one opportunities. One thing I never wanted is to have to do something that I didn't like. Let's not exaggerate the word "like" because we all have to do things we don't want sometimes because that's called life. But if I've already achieved certain things in my life, my goal is to work and work in the industry and have a job that I love and enjoy. It can be hard and physically and mentally consuming — that's OK because I'm a hard worker. But I would never want to work on something that's not enjoyable. If my celebrity partner told me she didn't care and to just do whatever made me happy, she would've lost me as a person, as a friend and someone who gave a crap about her staying on this show. Even if I don't physically quit, I would quit mentally and you don't want me to quit mentally. 

If I sound like I'm complaining and unhappy or whatever, I'm not. This is just my opinion. I'm very happy with life. Like I said, I have a different approach this season and I'm having a lot of fun on the show and off of it. There's lots of stuff going on, lots of opportunities popping up that I'm honored to do. Everyone and everything back home is doing well — Dance with Me SoHo is thriving — and I'm working hard and enjoying it all. Life is good.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!