Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your comments again. I've been busy the last couple days, so I haven't been able to write, but there's a lot to cover now.

I'm a little upset Joanna's out, but it's the nature of the show. People vote for their favorite to stay in. I am happy for Kelly. I think Kelly had a huge comeback week. Huge! She was kind of losing steam and she came back with a vengeance. I'm not going to say her dances were the dances of the night - clearly they weren't - but I think it was a very big step for herself. I'm not sure if I loved her rumba, but it was cool to see Kelly do something that she would probably never do in her life. There are certain dances that she looks like she's more comfortable with and the rumba is certainly not one of those. But she pulled it off. Her second dance, the quickstep, was awesome. It was very fast. There was a lot of footwork, she didn't miss a beat, she kept her frame, she didn't trip forward or anything. I thought it was a lot more complicated than the rumba. Combined with the emotional package they put together, showing her journey, that's the way to win the audience and the voters. I think it was great. I'm very happy for her.

I'll be honest — I didn't like anybody's first dance. They were fine, but not spectacular. I liked Mya's first dance, but not like, "Oh my God! I'm falling head over heels!" It was better than anyone else's, but the first round, I didn't like in general. Mya's pretty flawless. What else can you say? Her salsa was unbelievable. Fantastic. She really stepped it up the past two weeks, which is great to see. They had me worried there for a little bit, but now they're back with their A game. They're bringing the cheekiness and everything's pretty clever in their choreography, so kudos to Dima. I think Mya is a special little dancer we have on the show.

Donny had a mishap in his tango. I think Kym got caught in her dress. He skipped a step, but for reason he just never recovered. If you watch closely, he was doing the routine, but he was doing it a step ahead or a step behind. I know from experience celebrities — usually non-dancers — when they have to perform and something goes wrong, they tense up. When they tense up, it's difficult dancing with them. For the male pros, we, for the lack of a better word, shove them back into place. But female pros have a tougher time doing that with their partners. Imagine Chuck Liddell tensing up. There's nothing you can do about it. Donny is a strong guy. He tightened up completely and Kym wasn't able to yank him back into place and he never recovered. I felt really bad. I was like, "Oh, no! This can't be happening!" His second one was great. Donny's done enough to reach the final. I'm curious to see what they will come up with. His fan base is there. He got a low score and got into the final and has never been in the bottom two.

Donny was quite vocal afterward about messing up and I applaud him for that. There was nothing to hide. There was also nothing to admit. He messed up. It was obvious. It was not like a little boo-boo that he pointed it out and everyone went, "What are you talking about?" Everyone saw it. The only thing I didn't get was him falling on the floor.

Joanna had a great night as well. She had great hold and posture in her Viennese waltz and did a very good cha-cha. I think her scores were reflective of that. It's a shame she missed out on the final, but I think everyone, including her, needs to remember that she wasn't supposed to make it in the semifinals in the beginning. She's spunky and sassy. She was coming off a Superstars performance where she was very vocal. She's not your typical female type of vote-getter and females are our predominant fan base. That worked against her. For her to get to the semis is great. She built a fan base. Like I said last time, in the beginning she put up good scores. If she hadn't, maybe she wouldn't have made it this far. But she did get good scores and I think little by little people started liking her.

Joanna's package was great. I thought it was a little hard on the whole Communistic issue. We all came out from behind the iron curtain. I certainly felt it. We all felt it. But you know what? I had an amazing childhood. But I loved her story and I loved the struggle. I love the fact that she is able to walk away from this with a great experience. Even though she's not in the final, I think you can consider her the biggest success of the show.

I thought the judges were fair. I didn't get Carrie Ann once again with her nitpicking. I mean, I get it, but it's like the judges are trying to influence the viewers' decisions. Maybe they'll play up somebody mediocre and over-criticize about somebody big — not necessarily trash them, but say something that draws negative attention. The knockout dances were for the judges. It was for them to put their stamp on what they think the results should be. If you're a casual viewer and you don't necessarily know what's going on, you hear somebody say, "Wow! This was amazing! Best dance of the night! You guys should be in the finals!" you're kind of like, "Oh, they were good? Well, I'm going to vote for the couple who should be in the final." The judges do influence it a little bit, but it is what it is.

I want to briefly mention a golf event I went to earlier this week. Tony and I played at the Scott Medlock Invitational Golf Classic to benefit Pat Tillman Foundation. For anyone who doesn't know, Pat Tillman was a football player who died in combat in Afghanistan. I had a great time. It was amazing. We came in and played with different teams. There were about 200 people. There were people from every industry — actors, athletes, models. Everybody was an avid golfer. I actually got a brand new set of TaylorMade golf clubs. They're not in stores yet, so they're state-of-the-art and everything. This was my eighth or ninth time playing golf and I've never taken lessons in my life, but I scored an 85. If I'm going to score 85 consistently, I'm going to quit whatever I'm doing and play professional golf! It was a pretty incredible experience.

I can't believe the finale is already upon us. As the season wears down, I've realized this has been the hardest few months of my life with everything that happened and everything that didn't happen. It was so long and it was so overwhelming. Everything's been a rollercoaster ride. I'm not going to lie - I'm tired. I just want to sleep, but I'm not going to relax. After the finale is over, I'm going straight to New York with Kym to start rehearsals for Burn the Floor. It's going to be rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and next Friday will be our first double show.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!